Mass Effect 3: Retaliation DLC download requires live patch

Only last week we spoke about the latest Mass Effect 3 patch and today we inform our readers that the new add-on known as Retaliation DLC requires a live patch. In addition, we aim to see what is involved in this downloadable content, as it expected to expand the multiplayer experience.

In Mass Effect 3: Retaliation gamers will get the opportunity to take their challenge further with more environmental hazards to existing maps and Worth Playing highlight the new enemy faction in multiplayer known as the Collectors. Mass Effect 3: Retaliation DLC releases for download on October 9 on Xbox Live and the Origin client software as well as the PSN in North America on the same day with Europe getting theirs a day later on October 10.

Those expecting to install their Retaliation pack will also be required to download the latest patch and extensive details of what is involved in the whole pack is documented through the Worth Playing link above. Last week when we spoke about the resolution of Mass Effect 3 with the latest patch, we mentioned a vast array of fixes that are expected and this massive patch will sort out issues including gameplay balances. It came out last Thursday and many changes are available such as improvements to multiplayer powers and enemy behaviors.

It seems that many game crashing issues have been addressed which include a horrible Bionic Charge glitch that in some cases have made a match unplayable due to a redesign of the Singularity power. Other than informing PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners to install the patch, there are also requirements for PC users to install theirs via Origin. In other ME3 news, Gamer Syndrome report on the Volus multiplayer characters that have been leaked. Retaliation will add new classes of multiple races such as the Batarians, Turians, Asari, Drell, Batarians, Turians, Geth, and Vorcha, and they show images of the new character classes concerning the Volus race.

Has Mass Effect 3: Retaliation given you reason to re-ignite your relationship with the game? What other aspects or issues would you like to see addressed with the patch?

  • me3

    not entirely correct. it releases at the same time worldwide apart from the european ps3. xbox and pc are the same day as north america =]

  • Nervous Nelly

    “re-ignite your relationship with the game” My first ignition with the game is still goin strong. Best game ever!

    • Truth

      lol really?

  • Luciano De Almeida Peruci

    Shadow N7 character had his power slash decreased. This fact affected very much my game experience. I think Bioware privileges gamers which likes “shoter” and damages gamers which have other styles.

    Mass Effect becomes repetitive even if considerer the new DLC: Multiplayer mode keep being like a ‘box’ (yes, maps are like boxes where the players run) with 4 players competing – but it shouldn’t be COOPERATED? – for some points (if you help another soldier, do you get some points?).

    The missions are very snore (to escort drones is the worst mission!). I think the multiplayer mode should have another plot in the future; Actually a new multiplayer. The frequent bugs are terrible and I don’t think this dlc is going to resolve these frustrating experiences.