New GTA 5 animation isn’t gameplay video

With it almost being a year since the release of the first (and only) Grand Theft Auto trailer we had hoped to see some more juicy details in regards to the game. Okay, we’ve had a selection of screenshots, but nothing that will indicate what the GTA V story will be along with the protagonist either.As always so many of us fall into a trap when we hear that there’s a GTA 5 gameplay video that shows off some of the animation. However, it isn’t real, but not a bad attempt.

After watching the video we can see what the animator has done because the way the helicopter maneuvers is very similar to how it did in GTA IV. The animator knew what they was doing and the number of clicks on YouTube proves just this. However, for those of you who still feel that this could be a genuine Grand Theft Auto V gameplay video, then just visit their YouTube page and look at the other fake videos.

Firstly there’s one for the iPhone 5, which as you can see is way off the mark, then there are three GTA gameplay videos including the one we have for you below. Do you really think Rockstar would allow a gameplay video of the most-anticipated game for years to just end up on YouTube without them telling us about it first? We know that there are many websites out there (including us) who try to foresee when the release date will be, but this is something completely different and is a way to try and mislead us.

Looking at the animation on this fake GTA V video it’s clear to see that a high-end PC was used and if this were in fact the real deal, then we’re looking at a next-gen release because of how detailed and fluid it all looks. Good try, but let’s wait until Rockstar share more with us instead of trying to get our hopes up once again.

In regards to the Grand Theft Auto V plot, this is something that has been discussed on a number of occasions and while we know nothing about it yet, it will be focused on the dollar just as it has been with previous versions of the game. So whoever the main character will be they will be in pursuit of making money no matter how they have to come by it, but we’re wondering if the current economy will have more of an impact and make the shady characters within the game even more desperate?