WWE 13 roster, superstars MIA

Although WWE 13 is set to contain an extensive roster, we are interested in some the superstars that seem to be missing in action. Fans of wrestling in general may remember a few that they feel could be included not only as DLC, but in the actual game.

Some gamers have suggested that not just the high profile contenders that should be involved, as there were quite a few middle of the range wrestlers that were favorites as far as fans were concerned. Highlighting ten snubbed Superstars What Culture also mentions how they would’ve added to the biggest game of the franchise and we are sure that our readers could come up with a few more.

Without including those under TNA contract, they do mention how the likes of Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy would make a decent addition. First up is Val Venis who was quite popular in the Attitude era, winning the intercontinental title and challenging some of the best. Then there is Terry Funk who some would describe as a hardcore legend, and The Headbangers may seem like a strange choice but they also had a part to play in the mid 90s.

Steve Blackman is one that many fans expected along with Taka Michinoku and Goldust, as well as both Luna Vachon and Chyna. Some wondered about Tyson Kidd’s inclusion in WWE 12, so why not put him in this edition along with Ryback who is set to be involved as DLC, but should be included in the game. Out of all these mentioned some fans may disagree with certain members being involved although there are many suggestions for others like Sable, Ahmed Johnson and Dan Severn, although we can understand no one really wants to see Chris Benoit and cannot see WWE featuring a killer.

Many of the suggestions above will be expected as DLC and in an article on Gamepur they write about the confirmation by THQ that players will be able to create up to 50 characters in WWE 13 according to designer Bryan William’s Twitter account. With a number of fifty slots available this is more than enough giving fans the opportunity to create loads of superstars. In relation to the amount of DLC that is expected last week we spoke about the WWE 13 roster inflating to maintain the interest of fans who want more characters.

We also compared WWE 13 to WWE 12 and other than the added features, this upcoming wrestling title is viewed to a smoother and glossier attempt. Do you want see certain superstars involved in the game? What others would you like to see as DLC?