XCOM: Enemy Unknown download size preparation

XCOM: Enemy Unknown launches tomorrow in North America and universally sometime on Friday the 12th of October, and although it is available pre-load on Steam the download size is expected to be around 12 GB for those preparing to obtain this. Classed as a turn-based tactical RPG strategy game, this is a remake of the 1994 classic UFO: Enemy Unknown, and this edition also plays out the problems that come with a worldwide alien invasion.

To get a head start in your preparation for the game it is well worth you initializing this as soon as possible and Games.on.net.com highlight news of the imminent launch of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Some may feel this is exceptionally large, heightening their overall expectations of the game, and those who have played the demo seem impressed regarding it as a return to form, with plenty of attention on this becoming one of the best PC games to be released for sometime.

In an article regarding the questions and concerns GameSpy report on the skepticism surrounding Enemy Unknown as there seems to be nothing in the way of randomized maps, and the unpredictability of this feature in the past added to the replayabilty. Additionally there will be about 80 maps to encounter so there is a fair amount of quantity to be getting on with. It seems that the tech tree is one of the aspects that many fans would like to be more expansive, and this game has additions that were not experienced in the first game. Such as sniper rifles, shotguns and Skeleton armor that builds in a grappling hook, although the overall weapon selection seems to be quite limited.

It also appears that Firaxis are holding a few alien types back as well as the latter stages of the game, which has intrigued many, and in our most recent XCOM post, we looked at a surprising good early Enemy Unknown review that highlights the great atmosphere that are not usually found in other turn-based strategies. The creepy surroundings and limited view of your squad make this all the more intense, and building up your team that involves more consequences to your actions adds to the great experience. When it comes to the Unreal Engine XCOM: Enemy Unknown shows that it is not just good for shooters and the gameplay is what makes this an enjoyable title.

To check out the gameplay action for yourself, watch the footage below and let us know what you think. Do you hope XCOM: Enemy Unknown is more like the original?