Black Ops 2 Nuketown 2025 eye candy disappoints

A recent image (postcard) has been released that is a teaser to the upcoming Black Ops 2 Nuketown 2025 map, which as we know will be made available (for free) to those who pre-order the game. We had hoped that Treyarch would release more than one image, but looking at the image it might not be as futuristic as some fans had hoped for.

Personally we don’t think that the layout of the map will change that much, because while a few gamers did not warm to the map, most of them thought that it played pretty well. Because it is called 2025 we had assumed that they would update it with a more near-future look, but the postcard seems to dispel those hopes.

We shouldn’t read too much into this image as it is only a postcard for Black Ops 2 Nuketown 2025, there’s a good chance that this doesn’t even represent the map, which as you know there will also be a zombies version as well. We’d like to know if you would rather the map be the same size as the previous version, or if you would prefer it to be much larger?

There is also the matter of Easter Eggs because there was a bunch of them in the previous version of this map, so it’s hoped that Treyarch will make even more available. Going back to the more futuristic setting with this map, it’s almost certain that it will be a little more modern than the previous version because of Treyarch saying sometime back that it would represent the time-frame of the Black Ops 2 setting, so maybe this disappointment is a little premature?

Not only will Nuketown 2025 be free to those who pre-order the standard version from selected stores, but also with the Black Ops 2 Hardened Edition and Prestige Edition. As you know there is to be a Black Ops 2 Declassified version for the Vita and we find it strange that there is to be no Zombies mode, as the developer has decided to put more effort into the multiplayer aspect of the game instead. Do you feel that this could affect sales of not only the Vita version of this title but also the handheld games console as well?

In the past a new Call of Duty title has broken sales records year-on-year, but could this be a different case considering Halo 4 will be released around the same period as well. Okay, we know that Black Ops 2 will have a larger install base, but we also know that many gamers who would normally purchase a new COD title each year might hold off and spend that cash on the much more anticipated new Halo title instead?

  • John Trollsten

    Gtfo you don’t know anything about COD troll

  • guest1234557

    Who writes these articles? The level of English is awful… putting it as nice as I can.

  • exCODPlayer

    You COD clowns always show your age with your fits. The author is absolutely right. The COD series is dead. There has not been any significant changes since the COD4/5 releases. Same engine release after release.
    As long as you clowns keep giving them your Money they will never change.

    • James1811

      I think Black Ops 2 demonstrates more innovation than what we saw with dismal MW3 – if anything; Treyarch are probably the only thing keeping the franchise going with their creative approach whilst working in a limited timeframe and with dated technology.

      • exCODPlayer

        You are right about Treyarch I will give you that. They always try to improve but in the end the technology is lacking. Graphics were good back in the day but are not so good anymore. Black ops was a good example. The graphics and especially the sound was weak. The weapons sounded like toys and it sounded like the characters were wearing slippers when they were running. I could go on but I won’t. I used to be a loyal COD fan t’s too bad.

        • James1811

          I value gameplay more than graphics and COD for me offers that and great value for money. Black Ops 2 stands toe to toe graphically with even the most modern engines and it’s a credit to Treyarch for their texture design and maintaining 60fps whilst working with a maxed engine basis.

          Activision need to urgently turn their attention towards working with longevity to ensure CoD goes into the next gen transition with an engine capable of holding the existing player base. If they acquire the Unreal4 tech; the franchise will continue to dominate gaming whilst offering a completely fresh opportunity with potential of epic proportions.

          • exCODPlayer

            Well said James…Finally someone with an intelligent comment…You are bang on with the longevity of the game…
            I just believe that they should’ve started that earlier in the games life…If they would’ve I would’ve stayed loyal. Up until this version we were just buying updates for 60.00 bucks.
            You can blame Activision for that not the developers.

          • James1811

            Absolutely! Activision are so focused on the present; they haven’t demonstrated on how they will take the franchise forward into the next generation of consoles. They are very aggressive in their annual releases to keep the shareholders happy along with the board but with no clear evidence of them utilising long-term next gen basises which doesn’t give me confidence and I think Vivendi will push to remove themselves from CoD if they see the series is spent which will harm financial capital.

            The player base is bursting at the seems and with inconsistent live tech and persistent lag, it is critical that new tech is utilised to keep up with demand and for a more consistent and reliable performance. Treyarch have been incredible under the extreme pressure but we need assurance that the interests are in the gamers eyes and not just the thousands of shareholders of CoD.

    • dandan101

      Lol. Yeah. It will sell millions and millions of copies worldwide which people will play for months and years to come…..yeah. the COD franchise is really dead.

      • exCODPlayer

        Are you talking about the millions and millions of kids that are gonna buy it then you are right. Good luck with Sesame street.

        • cheeseburger eddy

          you cant be blaming both call of duty as a series and the kids for all the troubles. sure i play with 7 year olds, its annoying, but there are so many more lobbies with people my age or older. ( 19 ) and call of duty isnt dead, sure its gon down hill thanks to mw3, but BOII if you have been following all info and vidoes about the game is the best cod so far. i do agree once again kids do really ruin some experience but you cant judge BOII unfairly until you play the game

          • exCODPlayer

            That’s true you cannot truly judge BO2 until you play but that doesn’t mean you have to like playing with the kids.

          • cheeseburger eddy

            you are absolutely right. you dont have to enjoy the high squeeks of children, but my main point is not to hate on a game that isnt out yet, just unfair to Treyarch really

    • Dec

      Right, a series that breaks records year upon year is dead?
      Same engine? Of course its the same freaking engine, why would they want to mess with the formula that gets records broken year upon year?
      Cod is not the only game to re-use engines.

  • Ibrahim Disu

    Zombies on Nuketown….how will they pull it off. Post card looks great. This map will change the mood when your playing zombies.