Borderlands 2 Mechromancer DLC download eagerness

With the news last week that gearbox is not thinking about Borderlands 3 just yet and are concentrating on delivering new content to the game, it’s no surprise that they are to make the Borderlands 2 Mechromancer DLC download available later today. This new content was not due until October 16th, so just shows the developers eagerness to bring Gaige to us because she is awesome.

There was already speculation of an early release because of a tweet by Randy Pitchford, as he said that there could be a surprise coming, well he was certainly correct on that one, and what a nice surprise it was for the fans. Now that we have had timed to look back it isn’t a surprise really because Gearbox were offering a barrage of details in regards to this new character.

If you’re considering downloading the Borderlands 2 Mechromancer DLC (which we advise you should do) then you’ll be pleased to know that the skill tree for this new content has been released just before the download goes live. Three are three different skill trees, which you can read more about here and they have suggested that their best ability is The Stare, but we’d love to know yours once you have started to play this new content.

The Borderlands 2 characters are already diverse, but it’s nice to get one like Gaige, and because she’s a Mechromancer she has a lot of attitude and has the power to back up that attitude as well. Borderlands 2 easter eggs were already plentiful but Gaige brings more to the game, which is plan to see by looking at the new skill trees from the source above.

It’s nice to see a new class brought into the game, and we hope to see more soon. However, we’ve heard that because some fans have seen Gaige’s skill tree they are not that excited as they once were. However, others would disagree and suggest that she is a key character in the solo game, but would you agree?

A couple of weeks ago a graphics settings guide for Borderlands 2 surfaced, which had been hoped to rectify the delayed texture spawning. However, there was a number of players who had said that making these changes did not make any significant improvements. Sometimes it’s better to leave well alone and wait for a fix to come instead.