Dishonored review harmony: Gameplay extremely rewarding

With gamers now being able to enjoy playing Dishonored a little early thanks to steam they will now be able to gauge if that almost perfect score from an early review was justified, or if it was just a biased view. Well from what we have seen all over the Internet there seems to be a Dishonored review harmony going on because most critics and players believe that the gameplay is extremely rewarding.

More critics are now publishing their reviews for Arkane Studios latest title and so many of them are giving it high scores, with the lowest being an 8 out of 10, which is very good even for a low score. The reason why a few reviewers decided to give it a lower score than others is because they feel as though Arkane Studios was not able to offer us the potential that Dishonored could have had. Eurogamer suggests that tighter control was needed, but is still a worthy title for GOTY.

However, apart from those couple of issues Dishonored is a game that offers you more options because of the freedom of choice. There are so many other positives that helps this game stand out above the current market, which is flooded with sequels.

So what makes Dishonored such a game that it could define this generation? – Well apart from the freedom of choice there’s also being a different kind of assassin to what we have seen in other games, as you not only have your weapons, there are also gadgets and magic is the icing on the cake.

Because this is a new IP you get a new world to explore, and it’s certainly that, it often feels as though we are walking around a Victorian setting that has been designed by Tim Burton, as it all feels a little strange. The NPC have been giving a far greater importance in this game because they have more depth to them.

It’s for those reasons above that the likes of The Escapist: and Mature-Gaming have given Dishonored a perfect review score, with the former concluding that Arkane Studios has managed to balance a game full of information with plenty of action, while the latter believes becasue this is such a memorable game it has paved the way for a great future for this new franchise.

We’re certainly pleased that a game like this has been receiving praise considering that we are entering the time of year when the big franchises are released. Dishonored is a new IP and it’s a pleasant surprise for the game to not be treated harshly like we have seen with so many other new IPs in the past.

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