Forza Horizon demo release time, pinpointing download

With only two weeks to go before the scheduled launch of Forza Horizon a demo of the game is expected sometime today, although we are not sure exactly what time this download will be available, so we are looking for insight through various sources to pinpoint when it will actually arrive.

As we try to put our finger on the time this download will go live one of the best places to look is Forza, which is the ideal forum to get news from gamers themselves as it happens. Some are suggesting that it is usually around 10-11am GMT, although we don’t know where they are getting their information from. If that is the correct time mentioned above we hope there is no delay like there was with the Medal of Honor: Warfighter beta, because last Tuesday we wrote a post counting down to the Medal Of Honor: Warfighter beta, with a date scheduled but days later there was still no sign of this.

In other news, Electronic Theatre highlight how epic this game is in every way, and we are interested in the Forza Horizon map size, as we understand it is going to be pretty big, but not as large as we hoped. Creative Director, Dan Greenawalt comments about how this game will break down the restrictions between both arcade and simulation creating an action-racer in the world of Forza. The opportunity to paint cars in your own unique design and take pictures to share online is ideal for those of you who want Forza Horizon car customization and this also goes for competition between players through high score and time trial leaderboards.

Those of you wanting to know what’s in store as far as the Forza Horizon car list is concerned will find our June post interesting as we looked at potential cars released back then. With only a dozen or so vehicles confirmed, we expected just as many experienced in Forza Motorsport 4, and even though we acknowledge they are two different games fans will still require a vast amount of cars to try out. Are there any particular motors you expect to see in Forza Horizon?

  • Rhodes

    I’ve just spent ALL day playing this demo.Words cannot describe the joy of joy I’ve felt driving around this incredible Forza World.Best demo I’ve ever downloaded.Hands down.And it’s just a tiny sliver of what the full game is gonna be.Long tall Sally,she got everything Uncle John need.Gonna have me some fun tonight…