iPod touch 5G now shipping, cases still MIA

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 5 last month they also announced a new iPod Touch as well, but only gave a vague release for the month of October. Then a few days ago we got news that Apple were preparing to ship, so you’ll be pleased to learn that the iPod Touch 5G is now shipping, although Apple has yet to update their website.

However, it’s more than likely that supplies will be limited and only those who pre-ordered early will begin to see theirs in the coming days, well that’s according to the source. That’s not the only limited item either, as the iPod Touch 5G cases seem to be MIA, which is because manufacturers have yet to come up with the goods, unlike they did with the iPhone 5, as they were certainly on the ball with that release.

The demand for a new case for the latest iPod Touch might not be that great because of the new design of the back, which incorporates funky new colors. There is the possibility that because of this new colored back it could affect sales of after market cases, although there will still be consumers who still wish to protect their devices because it’s not all about making the device look cool with colors is it?

One of the most obvious case providers is Speck, but all they have on their website at the moment is that the new iPod Touch 5G cases are coming. Another big supplier is Griffin. It’s the same story as they have no cases for the latest iPod Touch, not even Mobile Fun in the UK has any cases for the iPod Touch 5G. So now that Apple is finally shipping their latest iOS device we wonder how long it will be before we will get to see some cases?

As for the 5th-generation iPhone 5, benchmark tests shows that it performs pretty much the same as the iPhone 4S, which must have something to do with using the same A5 chip as the previous iPhone – were we really that surprised?

  • katyy

    I preordered mine on 15th september and recieved an email saying my ipod will be dispatched on 12th october :)