Skyrim: Dawnguard PS3 reprieve following Dishonored release

Over the past few months those of you with the PS3 version of Skyrim have felt a little hard done by because of the lack of support. Not being able to play Skyrim: Dawnguard on the PlayStation 3 has been a huge issue for Bethesda and have been working hard to try and solve the issues. It was only obvious that seeing as though Peter Hines is head of the PR department he has been overwhelmed with the questions and comments coming in on his Twitter account, but we have noticed that he has had a reprieve following the release of Dishonored.

While we know that Bethesda did not develop the game, they are the publisher and would have had a decent amount of input. From the huge number of comments that Hines and ourselves had received in regards to Bethesda being a part of Dishonored, we had assumed that Hines would have been given a hard time, but it looks as though he has been getting some positive feedback instead.

During the past few days we have not seen one tweet that mentions Skyrim: Dawnguard in any way on Peter Hines’s account, but one tweet did compare Dishonored with Resident Evil, saying “12-15 hours of a great, replayable game is way better than a 30 hr bag of rat crap pretending to be a game.” Which does seem to bolster most of the reviews for RE6, which is the total opposite for Dishonored.

Are you surprised that PS3 owners have left Peter Hines alone for a few days? Personally I’m now at the stage where I’ll just wait and if the DLC comes it comes, and if it don’t it don’t. However, not all PlayStation 3 owners hoping to get the first expansion for Skyrim feels the same way as myself because they have asked if Bethesda have “>breached the Good Sales Act contract.” This does seem a little harsh and we’re not even certain if they would have a case to begin with, what are your thoughts?

Were you more shocked that some gamers said that they would not purchase Dishonored because of Bethesda’s involvement, or are you more shocked that PS3 owners with Skyrim have left Hines alone for a few days?

  • Zach

    Maybe they’ve gotten over it. Here’s hoping it comes out soon though (y)

  • Kazi

    Bullsh&* I posted on Pete Hines’ twitter yesterday about dawnguard.. asking if it would the dlc issues still be issues if they released a GOTY edition of skyrim…

  • reasonably angry person

    I am not over it and we are completely justified in feeling cheated. I would exchange the game in a second for the 360 version except for the fact that I would have to start over whilst losing all of my saves. The only way I would ever be convinced to buy another Bethesda game for the ps3 is if they offered the DLC for free and sent a letter of apology to everyone who bought the game in good faith, understanding that a month delay was no big deal, only to be told that it would never happen. Owners of the PS3 version are owed a refund, period.

    • Xbox360 Dawnguard Owner

      You are a taking this far too out of proportion. Infact, as both a PS3 owner and xbox360 owner I remember when Oblivion came out on Xbox but we had to wait like half a year for it to come out on PS3. Your whining about a few months? You think you deserve a full a full refund? You are a joke. You bought the game at the same time as the people with an xbox 360 so the refund for that would be invalid. Otherwise we could ask for a refund too. How about you blame Sony? Bethesda are having problems in the development of the game addon. How about you try to make a game and get off your high horse.

      • Silent

        It is not a fair statement to say that Sony is to blame for this. The game system and it’s developer are not at fault here, because the system is, by comparison of specifications, superior to the Xbox at the moment, though it is a constant race of one-ups with each generation. The fault here lies in the fact that Bethesda has yet to modify its base game engine to compensate for the differences between the systems. It is geared toward creating games for Xbox, and this is not a secret. Porting games to the PC from Xbox is easy, but porting it to the PS3 with the current engine Bethesda is using is a programming nightmare. It is mostly the fault of Bethesda for not updating the engine, but we have to also understand that doing that would cost an enormous amount of money, and would slow any other productions they have. It is however quite unsettling that a company with so many people working for it and so much to loose in this industry is not able to repair this problem in a timely manner, when the likelihood of it was so high after the fiasco of oblivion that happened before it.

        • The Future of Sega

          Quality trumps quantity my friend. It would have been best for Bethesda to shove out the money and make sure Skyrim runs perfect on PS3 then to try and get by deceitfully releasing a defective product to customers. Which in the end will lead to returns, lost future sales, and resentment from the customers…costing Bethesda MORE than what they would have originally paid.

          Had they released Skyrim in top quality form for PS3 they would have had a surplus in sales with extra cash to spend, share, and save on their next projects. But I guess Bethesda doesn’t see it that way. Microsoft’s money must be more important to them than our money…

          • Silent

            I agree and I believe they should have, but what I’m saying is that there is mildly reasonable cause for this, no that what they did was at all the correct method.

    • start_rek

      Had skyrim on ps3,just pre-ordered dishonored for x-box.Not going to be stung again

    • Dude

      You are blowing this way out of proportion. First off, you say you want Bethesda to mail an apology letter to every person who bought a copy of skyrim for PS3, do you know how many letters that is, and how long of a process that would be? An apology letter is out of the question. Secondly, DLC is optional. You paid 60 dollars for a game like everyone else who bought a copy. Unless you’ve somehow paid 20 dollars in advance for Dawnguard, you don’t deserve any sort of refund. Skyrim in and of its self is worth the 60 dollars you paid at purchase. If 200+ hours doesn’t satisfy you, then certainly a 20 hour DLC will not either. Third, the problem with the DLC is NOT on Bethesda’s part. The problem is with the PS3. The way memory on the console is portioned makes a huge problem for a game with thousands of small objects. The fact that Skyrim even came out for the PS3 was a miracle, and Hines has even said that. The only reason that Hines rebuked his statement that Sony was not to blame for the Dawnguard issues is because it ruins their reputation, and lets face it Sony is a much bigger company than Bethesda.

      As a buyer of the game, you got what you paid for, nothing more nothing less. DLC is not mandatory. It is an optional product. Every single person who has repeated the same gripes about the DLC and asking for a refund needs to understand that their their claims are completely unfounded.

      Do I think that PS3 users should receive Dawnguard? Absolutely. But if due to technical limitations of the PS3 the consumers cannot receive Dawnguard, then you have to accept that fact and move on.

      • Hey-Ho-KaBOOM

        Who cares! They still need to work on a freaking DLC for that “WORKS”. If I get a lame ass excuse of a DLC then I am going to sell all my Bethesda games that I have (Fallout 3, Skyrim, Oblivion blah blah blah all of these games were crap on the PS3 console)

      • Smd

        Actually DLC was promised it says it on the back of skyrim’s case that’s false advertising and they can be sued

      • Platinum Royale

        dammmmmmn I love and totally agree with your comment, “Dude”! There’s always a justification for everything, but not all justifications are valid and I’m sure deep down you understand that too. Being angry/disappointed is very understandable, but being irrational about it…. Meh, not so much. You’re an adult (I assume, Skyrim is rated for M after all), don’t mix anger/disappointment with irrational judgment. “Offered the DLC for free, sent an apology to everyone”… Not to sound like a douche, but I really think you need a sanity check. Just like what Dude said, move on.

      • skotie

        Ps3 has been out how many years now?? Its Sony’s fault that Bethesda got greedy and sold a broken product on a system that they knew ahead of time, with plenty of time to work out issues on it??

        How can you honestly say its not their fault for releaseing a game such as this knowing the problems it had ahead of time, with add on content right on the box to then lie to thier customers by saying “Well its the way the Ps3 operates and saves data not our game.”. Then add insult to injury by giving the additional content to two platforms you sold the game on but not the third?!?

        Give me one GOOD reason to not be upset by Bethesda’s actions so far. Give me one GOOD reason to spend my money on anything they produce or publish in the future. I’m not saying Bethesda owes ps3 customers anything more than to be treated fairly, but they have not been treated fairly by far!!!

    • reasonably angry person

      I would have bought Skyrim for 360 had I known the dlc would most likely never be available and had I known that the initial game was broken from the beginning. I would have expected to be informed of the shortcomings of the PS3 version so that i could make an educated decision on where to spend the money that I work very hard to earn. how is that an unreasonable expectation? Several commentators on here are correct. It does say that additional content is coming soon on the back of the package. Am I now to understand that that merely means downloadable patches to fix an already broken game? I stand by my previous statement.

  • Very PI%(ed of person

    Technically ps3 could sue bethesda as it states on the back of the skyrim cover ‘dlc coming soon’ there for they have lied to ps3 players and could be sued for false publicity

    • PH

      no your statement is completly false because bethesda didnt account for the ingame issues and errors that have become of the game causing them to not release dawnguard, please dont post in this forum if you have nothing but negative things to say about bethesda thanks have a great day.

      • waleed ahmad

        freedom of speech!! we can do anything we want !! stupid idiot!! bethesda suks !! there are stupid idiots just like u !!i have lost my respect with bethesda and im never going to buy a game from them !!

        • MiniSharpy

          You cant say bethesda suck because of one issue that’s like saying your favourite football team suck because they lost once

          • MiniSharpy

            Now if you take away all the PS3 fanboys downs i got 1 like.

        • Phuk Yu

          Chill out there Habeeb. We don’t need another 9/11 over a video game.

        • Hungry Dragon

          Can’t believe you have that many likes on your comment

          • Model 1887 to the face!

            Can’t believe how retarded you are.

          • Hungry Dragon

            I love it when you sweet talk me :)

      • Silent

        At the same time they must release the dlc or they will fall under the legal ramifications of false advertisement because they did offer the dlc. Though, as you have said, they can do this at practically any time, since no time is specified. Either way, the dlc MUST be released, but no specifications on time are stated.
        Oh and waleed ahmad, please don’t post on he forum if you have no reasonable statements that actually contribute. I appreciate that you’re mad, so am I, but there’s no reason to lose grasp of reason.

      • Factnotopinion

        You said it there, they didn’t account for it, when the memory differences are something the majority of gamers know about. This shows poor business sense, poor management skills, and poor judgement on the part of Bethesda to make a promise about dlc they couldn’t keep. The truth is they have made this kind of game for ps3 before, they knew it would be a problem going in, and they made a promise they weren’t certain they could keep. Bethesda used deceitful business practices plain and simple. When people make a promise they need to be held accountable for not keeping it, period. It doesn’t matter if after they made it they found out it wasn’t possible, they should have ascertained that it was viable before they made it. Sony didn’t make a promise that it would happen, Bethesda did. Case and point gents.

      • Boycott Bethesda

        Negative? i’ll never again touch anything with bethesda’s name on it

        • Bethesda rocks

          I’ll just have to get a decent graphics card for my computer and trade in the game for the pc version. Even through all it’s problems, Skyrim is a pretty epic game…

  • whatever

    i just dont care anymore. i got my 60 bucks out of skyrim. yeah i could go for a reason to play it again but whatever.

  • Stu

    Some part of what Bethesda has done must come under some kind of trading standards law! From day one, they knew the game was broke, but still put a faulty product on sale! No other industry would ever stand for that!

    • Dude

      And what would have happened if the game was never even shipped for PS3? You would be complaining even more. It’s DLC people. It’s an optional product. The game had bugs at launch for both systems, though granted the PS3 suffered more. Nevertheless, you paid 60 dollars for Skyrim, and Skyrim you have.

      • spiritreaver

        You like being blatantly lied to i take it? Oh and after being lied to, i also assume you enjoy being told by the liar and everyone else you meet to essentially ‘suck it up’?

        Now if you don’t fall into the above groups, you are pretty much condemning a customer for being upset that he/she was sold a shoddy product under false pretense. And that is just so unfortunate imo.

        Take about 5 min of research on this whole DLC issue and its attending back-story, then come back and honestly clear Bethesda of any wrong doing.

        • Hungry Dragon

          You don’t know that guy so I don’t know how you could assume anything about him.

      • Christopher Bordelon

        it’s not optional content for us PS3 users. We’ve been stripped of that option thus far due to bethesda’s inadequate programing and porting skills. I will never make the mistake of buying one of their games again until they start making independent engines for each console. Porting from one console to another is just a cheap, lazy, and ultimately a neglegant business call. All of these issues could have been avoided if they simply created a seperate game engine for the PS3 version.

    • Dovahkiin

      Actually lots of faulty games are released all the time, the problem with dawnguard is that they’re trying to convert an XBox game to PS3 which is very difficult

  • Chuck

    Personally, I love Bethesda’s games and buy them for both my 360 and PS3, however, I’ve decided to boycott anything that Bethesda has their name on including being the publisher, until they make good at bringing the Skyrim DLC to the PS3. I figure by the time they release the PS3 DLC for Skyrim, I’ll be able to pick up Dishonored for about $10. Dishonored looks like a great game and in normal circumstances I would buy it on day one, but I’ll pass on it for now. Bethesda needs to take a serious look at how the Skyrim DLC/PS3 ordeal is tarnishing their reputation.

  • spiritreaver

    I don’t do Twitter, but from just looking at Hines’ feed over the last few months, in my opinion anyways, its obvious he can choose which tweets he acknowledges. And i don’t think we see every tweet he gets and refuses to comment on.

  • James

    I would prefer if they just said that dawnguard is coming out so i would have to wait anymore and check every day to see if there is any news

    • Dovahkiin

      They won’t say it because of the chance it never comes out.

  • –_–

    Implied conditions as to quality or fitness18
    Subject to this and any other Act, there is no implied warranty or
    condition as to the quality or fitness for any particular purpose of
    goods supplied under a contract of sale or lease, except as follows:(a) if
    the buyer or lessee, expressly or by implication, makes known to the
    seller or lessor the particular purpose for which the goods are
    required, so as to show that the buyer or lessee relies on the seller’s
    or lessor’s skill or judgment, and the goods are of a description that
    it is in the course of the seller’s or lessor’s business to supply,
    whether the seller or lessor is the manufacturer or not, there is an
    implied condition that the goods are reasonably fit for that purpose;
    except that in the case of a contract for the sale or lease of a
    specified article under its patent or other trade name, there is no
    implied condition as to its fitness for any particular purpose;(b) if
    goods are bought by description from a seller or lessor who deals in
    goods of that description, whether the seller or lessor is the
    manufacturer or not, there is an implied condition that the goods are of
    merchantable quality; but if the buyer or lessee has examined the goods
    there is no implied condition as regards defects that the examination
    ought to have revealed;(c) there
    is an implied condition that the goods will be durable for a reasonable
    period of time having regard to the use to which they would normally be
    put and to all the surrounding circumstances of the sale or lease;(d) an implied warranty or condition as to quality or fitness for a particular purpose may be annexed by the usage of trade;(e) an express warranty or condition does not negative a warranty or condition implied by this Act unless inconsistent with it.
    i think section b and c comply

    • Dude

      Wrong. B and C comply with the original copy of the game. There is nothing in the contract about DLC, nor will there ever be. DLC is optional, not mandatory. Whether promised, advertised, or not, there is nothing to stop a company from publishing DLC for one platform and not the other regardless of the reasons.

      • azorean

        wrong if dlcs were an issue than those of use who had the options to purchase for differnent consoles could of had that choice. however; they stated as the case on the backs states that dlcs would be made available to ps3 owners. this is text book false advertising. if the product is flawed then it should be made to have a full recall and people given the opiton to return their product for refunds or face false advertisement lawsuits.

        • MiniSharpy

          Yes but they have said there working on if someone files a lawsuit Bethesda will simple say were working on it show evidence and walk a way fine.

  • Daniel Kutz

    Honestly If you look at the case it will tell ya Expansion packs will be released on PS3. If they come out and say No they will not, THEN they have violated that contract, because then it would be a lie that it was going to happen. Until they come out and say No it will not come out,il keep my mouth shut.

    • Dude

      That is NOT a violation of contract. Read the back of your instruction manual. The part where it says that the company reserves the right to cancel this agreement at their discretion.

  • Silent

    At this point Bethesda has failed its customers, mostly because they lacked the ability and foresight to compensate for a pre-existing problem, and have now fallen back on a stall tactic, which, with any other type of business, would obviously result in loss of sales. Public response at this point is about par for the course, considering the size of the gaming industry and the fact that this is not the fist time this problem has occurred. A case against the good sales act would be difficult, but is not impossible, ignoring the fact that the public is against a multi-billion dollar company and would likely never win. I would say that not purchasing Dishonored because of this is not really reasonable, as Dishonored has no relation to the Elder Scrolls series of games at all, and is even designed based on an entirely different base system and game engine. This means that the game will not have the same problems, and since Bethesda is not the developer, you would only be hurting the developers by not purchasing the game, which seems hardly fair, seeing as they have shown capability, originality, and talent with this latest game. At this point I think most people have begun to simply ignore bethesda, and while the release of the repaired dlc’s would be great, at this point I doubt it would fix the situation, as Bethesda has shown a failure as a company and a designer. It is unfortunate, but as a company they have managed to perform several extremely dangerous mistakes and repeat them.

    • The Future of Sega

      Where there’s a will… there’s a way. I don’t care if one shred of evidence is sufficient enough for a lawsuit, if there’s any minute chance of filing a successful lawsuit then we the PS3 gamers will!… One of us will rise up to meet the challenge…

      • Dovahkiin

        Wow, you sound stupid… how could you file a lawsuit? They didn’t sign a contract stating PS3 will recieve all Skyrim DLC’s. You sir are a derp!

      • Razgriz

        No its a law that they HAVE to put it on ALL 3 consoles if its advertised for all of them and if it isn’t given to all of the consoles they are breaking the law so sega is right you are wrong. YOU LOSE GOOD DAY.

        • Hungry Dragon

          I love how the ps3 hoards its exclusives but every other console is expected to share. Double standards

          • MiniSharpy

            If that happens i recon Bethesda should give them a crappy DLC its a DLC they dint specify if the’ll have all of them MWAHAHAHA.

    • Dovahkiin

      They didn’t fail, the DLC is optional, not required.

  • MiniSharpy

    Why is every one complaing I bet quite a few people who bought the game on Xbox (Maybe PS3) don’t have XBOX live(PSN) and they have to play without any DLC’s on anygame.

    • I’m Just Saying…

      What!? Don’t compare XBOX live to PSN. PSN is totally free.

      • MiniSharpy

        I wasent comparing Xbox live to PSN quote anything that even implies im comparing Xbox live to PSN all i said is that some people might not have PSN or xbox live for some reason so they dont have DLC’s on any games.

        • cchiu

          wut?! u need xboxlive to buy dlc’s? wow another reason NOT to buy a xbox

          • Iron Dragon

            Um it’s the same for ps3. No Internet= no downloads

          • MiniSharpy

            Ye but if you notice we get DLC’s 1 month earlier and you need PSN to get DLC’s the only difference is we pay and get more benefits.

  • Givingtwo Cents

    When I hold a product in my hand and if it says “Bethesda” on it even in the smallest print, I know I’m holding a shoddy third rated piece of crap I would never take home for free. Never will Bethesda touch my PS3. Skyrim is the last. Just ecstatic that Rockstar Games with all it’s Stars and Stripes produced a more exciting open world game bethesda could never hold a candle too.

  • Phuk Yu

    I feel that most of the people complaining on here should take a little time away from the video games and learn some basic English grammar and spelling. Anyways, I sold my Skyrim for PS3 due to the shitty memory dump that caused my game to lag. Then, I got a used copy for Xbox for cheap. Voila!

  • Ysil

    It’s not just the DLC. It’s how long we’ve had to wait for patches, bug fixes and updates. The DLC is just the icing on the cake. This coming just after brink (Bethesda production not development) is making me wary of anything with Bethesda on it.

  • Captain Obvious

    Why would anyone buy a Bethesda game for either console? It always ends up
    running best on PC (partially due to power, partially due to
    user-created bug fixes). Plus you have access to about 50 DLCs worth of
    mod content. Anyone who bought Skyrim for a console deserves what they get for their bad decision making, and TBH you should have expected problems beyond normal Bethesda release bugs when trying to play a modern game on 4+ year old designs and equipment.

    • Hungry Dragon

      You can always count on a PC gamer to play the ” better than you” card

  • $60.00 broker…

    There’s no reason not to play Bethesda’s games, but you also don’t have to pay for them either. Isn’t that what torrents are for? Besides, there’s a bigger problem at hand than just Bethesda not listening to us, if you’ve ever been given the run around by a telephone menu only to have your call dropped; it’s clear the customer really doesn’t matter that much anymore.

  • Shayne

    I pirated Dishonored, just as I will with all Bethesda titles. I have to say, I was satisfied with the game I didn’t purchase lol.

    Either way, PS3 deserves the DLC. Us PC gamers have your backs!

    • Dovahkiin

      Finally someone who isn’t b****ing!


    Don’t give a damn of both options. I bought skyrim for dlc content.. I ain’t got none. Now I am very selective of Bethesda games. All I want after skyrim is fallout 4. PC players got it good tho. I got a ps3

  • Tussk Dragonbane(X-Box Child)

    Lol the angry ps3 newbs makes me smile 😀

    • cchiu

      care to explain how we are newbs?

      • Cchiu

        Hi I’m cchiu and ill be playing with your weiner today

    • cchiu

      care to explain how we are newbs?

  • IH8U

    Bethesda is evil! How dare they work miracles to prouce a gmae on a system that won’t support it! The only way to make them know we are serious in boycotting them is for all of you, er…us, is for a mass suicide attempt!! Everyone drink Drain-O right now!

  • humble 1

    Bethesda is bogus i feel like i got rob,i don’t trust them to make any games for the ps3,case close.

  • Peter Chubb’s Sweet Lips

    All of you shut up. Peter Chubb will fix this by giving out blowjobs to all.

  • DragonSlayer

    wut the hell is wrong with you bethesda

    • Dovahkiin

      Its not all Bethesda, sure they didn’t upgrade there stuff after Oblivion, but PS3 is way harder than XBox to code/program.

  • Razgriz

    Quite honestly I have both a PS3 and xbox i initially though oh hey it has good graphics on PS3 then i ecnountered bugs which they made my gameplay kind of more enjoyable because of all teh funny crazy and wacky things that happen when they patched the bugs its kinda made my gameply sort of norma with minimal bugs on Ps3 but now i bought it for xbox for the DLC’s and im just going to sell my PS3 copy to my friend because i know that PS3 will most likely not get the DLC so i just gave up on bethesda and got the xbox version. Yeah i know some of u guys are thinkin wow what a chump for buying it for ps3 then getting it for xbox. I dont really see the difference they have somewhat the same graphics same game same weapons and all of that but the xbox fanboys think “oh look guys we have the DLC first and u have to wait haha” I took one look at the guy told him to screw off because i dont care the game is still enjoyable.

  • Razgriz

    and sorry for my crappy spelling

  • Hey-Ho-KaBOOM

    I can’t buy Dishonored because i preordered AC3. We are still not happy with this crap as we are still feeling cheated for something that Bethesda has been working on for months! Who cares if Dishonored is good and crap, we still haven’t gotten our DLC and I am not praising Bethesda in any single way or form until Dawnguard comes out.

  • Azorean

    They have breached the Good Sales Act contract. One of the best part of the elder scrolls games have been the DLC. The ps3 case on the back says that DLCs would be available to those who have purchased the game. I really don’t care that they are having problems that’s not my fault however, as ps3 owner I feel like I have been mislead becasue if they had said that there was no DLCs for the ps3 I would of bought it for the pc. Also I do not know about other’s but I kept my word I will never ever purchase anything else that bethseda has had its hands on. So the entire company can be blown to hell for the two shits I could give about it.

    • cchiu

      1. patches for the bugged games count as add-ons because well, they are adding on patches
      2. they probably did it that way so they get a excuse to not release a dlc cause patches count as add ons, i see wut u did there beth

    • cchiu

      1. patches for the bugged games count as add-ons because well, they are adding on patches
      2. they probably did it that way so they get a excuse to not release a dlc cause patches count as add ons, i see wut u did there beth

  • Uniformfyler

    Coming from a person who owns a PS3 and a fucked up version of skyrim words cannot explain what Bethesda is doing. But for Xbox 360 supporters claiming that we are blowing this situation out of proportion. Sadly you’re mistaken we aren’t you have content while we don’t if you have forgotten let me remind you hearthfire is now on PC and Xbox 360 have it. So how about this PS3 puts out extra money on a huge multi platform rpg gets hands on 2 months before Xbox 360 then when its time for your share to come out let the release date be pushed back to no ends. Then we’ll see who will blow things out of proportion.

  • The Future of Sega

    t’s a little too late for apologies. Bethesda should have apologized 30 days after Dawnguard’s release on Xbox 360. Those impenitent remarks are nothing more than publicity stunts. You can keep your unsympathetic nonchalant apologies Bethesda… we’re not buying it.
    But if you really want to answer some questions and TRUTHFULLY I might add, then answer this:
    1. Bethesda… why didn’t you develope Skyrim on Playstation 3 first given how complicated porting can be from Xbox 360 to Playstation 3?
    2. Any viable entity projects a rate of successes and a rate of failures with their business plan. By assuming you adhere to the law and pretest your products for the lawful required amount of time, why weren’t Playstation 3 users given a fair notice or a delayed release of Skyrim to maximize quality and fair usage for current and forthcoming content of Skyrim?
    3. Given the amount of complaints and faulty replicas of your design why hasn’t your company requested a recall of the Playstation 3 version of Skyrim? Are you unaware that you can be held liable in the court of law for false advertising, mental anguish, and bad faith business dealings?
    4. Bethesda, Playstation 3 users have proof that:
    a. Skyrim was defective before they purchased it.
    b. The un-obvious defects of Skyrim on Playstation 3 could not have been seen before purchasing.
    c. You did not for-warn or notify them about Skyrim’s defects before the sale or that you actually lied about it.
    d. Playstation 3 users relied on your lies or non-disclosures of the the Playstation 3 version of Skyrim.
    e. Playstation 3 users have suffered monetary damage due to your negligent misrepresentation of Skyrim on Playstation 3.What is your response to that?

  • Givingtwo Cents

    This article was written 10 days ago saying that Bugsthesda’s DLCs will be coming out like 9 days ago. If Glitchesda weren’t passing out Microsoft Salts, I would be playing Dawnguard already.

  • Guest

    I do have a heavy heart for PS3 gamers even though I don’t have a PS3 anymore now and Chuck is right. Bethesda Studios is great. Every gamer knows that played almost any game they ever made. BUT Bethesda needs to get the release dates right. At least a hint of when Dawnguard’s release would becoming out when Dawnguard came out onto the PC and Xbox 360. I hope you will get it soon.

    Twitter: @MakeMeAGamer Email:

  • GamesThatMakeMeAGamer

    I do have a heavy heart for PS3 gamers even though I don’t have a PS3 anymore now and Chuck (below me) is right. Bethesda Studios is great. Every gamer knows that played almost any game they ever made. BUT Bethesda needs to get the release dates right. At least a hint of when Dawnguard’s release would becoming out when Dawnguard came out onto the PC and Xbox 360. I hope you will get it soon.
    Twitter: @MakeMeAGamer