WWE 13 creative suite improves arena customization

It seems that there are many new enhancements to the upcoming WWE 13 title and the creative suite involved is also said to improve arena customization. Many gamers will be pleased with the amount of effort THQ have put into this title along with more attention paid to the online aspects in comparison to the last game.

The power involved in this title will be plain to see this time around with the company behind this focusing on plenty of areas, and IGN report on the online details along with insightful information about the creative suite. When it comes to creating arenas, this aspect of the game not only lets the user easily customize a ring and the initial surroundings, but also gives players the opportunity to detail a show’s stage, with everything from logos and color to the audience and venue size. Apparently, these can be implemented into online and in Universe modes, with rewards for those taking the time to build them.

In addition, THQ has given players the chance to construct narratives that last from one show to one year and over 300 new scenes are accessible for the mode’s cutscene designer, and this will benefit with different outcomes and consequential decision-making. The opportunity to constantly tweak masterpieces made in the creation modes can be done through downloads on THQ’s servers, which will result in a community-driven collaboration.

Our most recent WWE post highlighted the roster and those missing in action, although we expect a fair amount of those mentioned to appear via DLC, so we are also interested in those that gamers would like to see in the actual WWE 13 title. We also spoke about a few that we do not expect along with some that should have been put in right from the start. Do you feel that everyone involved in some form of wrestling in the past should have been included? What about those with a more colorful past?