FIFA 13 update: Fixes confirmed, release date unknown

Those who have experienced issues with the popular FIFA 13 game will be pleased to know that Electronic Arts have acknowledged the numerous problems and an update has been confirmed, although the release date is unknown. The fixes are expected on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in relation to the online play, Ultimate Team and career mode, so our main concern is when this will be sorted.

A recent tweet by FIFA community manager Rob Hodson replied to a question as to when this will become available and he said that “no specific timeline” has been confirmed, but they are currently working on it as we speak. Looking at all the issues involved Now Gamer mention problems with bugs, glitches and freezing since its release and have a few tips that could help rectify this prior to the update. When is comes to the Xbox 360 version online pass codes can be re-downloaded and deleted, and those who are unable to play FUT with friends are informed that they can clear their cache to fix the issue by entering the dashboard, proceeding to the System Settings > Storage > Press Y.

EA also conceive the issues found with the free-kick stat freezing, and Hodson also mentions that this will be fixed, along with stacked bids in FUT and lost currency. They are also investigating the watch list, trade pile and auction search issues in FUT. In relation to the issues concerning the game, last week we wrote about the incompatibility being a probable cause for crashes on FIFA 13 with problems occurring with the PC version freezing upon start up and the Xbox and PlayStation crashes in the Career mode.

In other FIFA 13 news, Video Gamer inform their readers with some valuable insight into quick and useful strategies that can assist your journey through the Career modes, which will help players in the transfer market and on the pitch. As far as the transfer market goes they highlight the requirement to buy numbers not names referring to players of certain positions with high vision, passing and ball control stats for midfielders, and agility, balance and finishing for strikers, along with defenders that are high on standing tackle, interception and heading stats.

When building a player there is not need to continually put them up front to get goals, as the man of the match title can be awarded in any position. They also highlight that winning every game is not what it is all about, and replaying those loses can drag out your season, as it is more of a marathon than a sprint. Going back to the original source, do you have any useful tips for fixing certain problems in FIFA 13? Additionally, do you know of any useful tricks to get the best out of your career?

  • dhiru

    i have fifa 2013 pc game i already downloaded it, first day it was working properly now when ever m trying to start it. at the time when i pressed play match it automatically closed..
    is this problem of game or any issues with my laptop?? as m using Samsung i5, 4gb ram, 1gb nvidia, windows 7 if any one knows wats the problem plz help me..

    • alex

      my brother had the same problem and it was fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Hope this helps :)

      • dhiru

        no dude its still not working.. m just tired with this fifa.. :(


      same here, i had this problem since 5 days ago.. asked for EA’s help, waiting for their reply..

    • v_key101

      Try running it from the fifaconfig.exe file from the Game folder. Have the same problem running it directly as well.. Worked for me

  • jordan

    at least they have finally got an update to fix these problems