Halo 4 Forge maps and mod tools detailed

The Halo 4 Forge Mode has been vastly improved and a recent video gives gamers the opportunity to check out some the great Forge maps and mod tools on offer. With some insight from the developers, we also get to see some extensive options that are accessible for those map-making enthusiasts among us.

Only a few days ago, a video of Halo 3’s amazing Valhalla multiplayer map was shown, now known as Ragnarok, and to add to you quest for knowledge 343 Industries’ Kynan Pearson and Certain Affinity’s Lori Zawada walk you through the three Forge maps and all the new custom map making tools. The video is highlighted on CVG, giving gamers the chance to see the Forge mode prior to next months highly anticipated release.

In addition to this, director of The Social Network, David Fincher is under the impression Halo 4 is cooler than a $100 million movie regarding it as a $500 million videogame. In an article on The Daily Beast, they discuss how Fincher has flown to Prague with the intention of making a two-minute teaser for Halo 4, and the fact that he is a big fan accounts for his thoughts expecting this to be the biggest entertainment launch of this year.

It seems that Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter have also jumped on board voicing two of the game’s characters. Due to come out on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon next Thursday this trailer is expected to add something to the world of gaming, especially since mobiles have done so well over the consoles in this aspect. When you look at the success of movies and music, the fact that a game like Halo 3 made $300 million in its opening week back in 2007 shows that some video games still have plenty of power, and this figure exceeds The Avengers first week, more than The Social Network’s total gross.

Last Friday we wrote about the early release of Halo 4 Meltdown map gameplay trailer and with under a month left until the game releases the excitement is starting to gather momentum. It seems that the Meltdown map gameplay was leaked by a credible site and this premature action was surprising to say the least. We are now hoping that this trailer will be officially released soon giving an idea of what is going on, while we countdown for the November 6th release. Are you hoping Halo 4 will live up to the hype and be the biggest entertainment launch of this year? Will you be watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday the 18th of October?