Medal of Honor Warfighter longevity questioned

Medal of Honor Warfighter releases on October 23rd and not long after we can expect Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, so with this in mind the longevity of this fourteenth entry in the long-running Medal of Honor series has been questioned. With many new improvements noted, we are interested how this edition will fair, especially once Black Ops 2 enters the frame.

Many great improvements are documented for both games and it seems Electronic Arts are also using access to Battlefield 4 beta to entice more custom, and those dying to get hold of the beta may contemplate giving Warfighter a go for this reason. In an article on Gaming Illustrated, they also question whether this game can stand out, especially if the option of the B4 beta was taken away. They are under the impression that the series has lost its way over the years and the amount of realism that is touted to be involved in Warfighter may not be enough to make this a worthy addition to world of shooters.

There is an expectation that Warfighter could be the best Medal of Honor game and if this is so then it looks like the Call of Duty franchise have a fight on their hands. With Black Op 2 coming out and Battlefield 4 on the horizon, some gamers cannot see the community lasting longer than a year, and with longevity being a big concern, this could be tiresome after a short time. Some have suggested that EA should consolidate their efforts and work solely on Battlefield titles.

The next couple of months are going to be congested with great games and this will cause many gamers to watch their bank account balance and make some vital decisions, so those wanting to prioritize their spending may be holding out for other titles. Keeping on the subject of Medal of Honor Warfighter, Gameranx report on the latest images uncovered in Battlelog, which could be maps included in the multiplayer. Apparently the exclusive beta for the Xbox 360 has only one map and the experience is very limited, so recent unearthed images have given cause to speculate whether they will be in the final game.

In our last MoH post, we spoke about the Warfighter protagonist chase in the gameplay trailer, and in this, we show footage of the Tier 1 Operator Preacher in action. Have you played the beta version of Medal of Honor: Warfighter yet? If so what are your thoughts?

  • James1811

    MoH Warfighter is pretty dismal IMO. EA shouldn’t have rejuvenated the classic as the FPS market is crammed with the likes of CoD and their very own Battlefield. MoH failed to deliver debt-ridden EA a return on their investment a couple of years ago and they would’ve been better of concentrating solely on BF3/4 as that is where their highest revenue streams lie.

    With Halo 4, BO2 and even BF4 on the horizon, this effort will be gone and forgotten soon. It’s nice to see the engine progressing but the gameplay remains mediocre at best. EA should stick to Battlefield as the name is current and not a rehash and that title alone is still behind their competitors.

    • ardee

      Thoroughly agree! And the thought of playing a Medal of Honor game set in the modern era is off putting for me! After playing and loving so many games set in the past, I cant stand the thought of modern era MoH!

      • NlTESHADE

        medal of honor already had a modern era version with the last release MOH, which also had a tier 1 edition and it was a great game just needed more content and weapons

      • James1811

        Yep! EA undertook an agressive line as they thought two Frostbite powered titles would oust CoD but the MoH arm of the franchise incurred a massive loss. I’d love to see a toned-down old school MoH as an alternative to the modern day shooters that are already out there. EA has Battlefield on its portfolio and they would’ve been better hitting the market from a different angle with MoH.

        It’s like buying a Red Ferrari and then buying an worse one in yellow:- not viable! It great to see people on here appreciating the old Medal of Honors which were brilliant and offered a challenging and detailed campaign based on real and significant battles.

  • hahahaha580

    i don’t think enough people are actually giving this game a chance. i was and i mean “WAS” a cod fan a big one at that, and my friend got me to play battlefield 3. after playing he game i was instantly hooked. as soon as i beat it i moved on to play more of dice studios games and i’ve yet to find one i didn’t like. i think these games to be more life like war games rather than just another fps and they deliver that. i for one look forward to this game and i know i wont be disappointed as for cod bo2 i think treyarch needs to give it a rest..

  • Damienc1985

    If EA had actually made this game like the original MOH games but in a modern setting, and released a Beta/Demo for all platforms this could have easily beaten COD in the sales charts on the PC platform.
    Medal Of Honor use to be exactly like COD but better, and then when they decided to rehash it in 2010 they made it to much like Battlefield Bad Company 2 which, put off allot of the older MOH fans because it wasn’t the same feeling game.
    This new one has had a Beta released but only on the Xbox and I have tried it and it is to much of a mash up between COD and BF, but more of BF and while it is fun to play I cannot see myself buying it because it simply does not take me back to the good old, MOH AA days and that is what I want from a new MOH game.

  • Danielle Summers

    I have playes the beta and I feel they tried to do too much woth it. If they drew off of the good from the 2010 edition they could have made a great game. In my opinion it aeems like they went for another revamp and to me it didnt really pan out. The graphics arwnt very high quality and I feel the layout of customizing classes or whatever you want to call them is confusing the mechagame like i nics arent that great and it just isnt an overall GREAT game like I was anticipating. They tries too hard to do to much to bring in call of duty and battlefield fans and it just didnt work unfortunately.

  • wargamer1969

    Why no PC beta. That really sucks. Naturally the crapbox demo is going to look awful. Hopefully the full version on PC will pan out with good reviews. See if its worth $60.