New BF3 Aftermath and End Game weapons removed

It seems that some content has been removed for the new Battlefield 3 DLC, according to recent reports from the official BF3 Twitter account both Aftermath and End Game have had the weapons removed. These add-ons were supposed to include new weapons, although confirmation by EA shows that this will not be the case.

A similar situation was experienced with the Armored Kill DLC as 5 vehicles unlocks were promised and the recent news will just rile gamers up even more. In an article on DSO Gaming, they highlight how EA and DICE continue to make errors that upset fans, although they do mention the large amount of weapons already available within the game. DICE have delivered on their promise of 20 weapons for Premium owners with 10 in both Karkand and Close Quarters, but those expecting more for Aftermath will be disheartened to know that they have been removed, because many gamers who bought the Premium service done so with the intention of all the features announced.

Many fans feel this is unacceptable and were expecting weapons like the XM8 in one of the packs, and some are asking what is next. Will we soon be buying added content for already purchased DLC? With some suggesting that the Premium was only worth getting for the weapons, there are some skeptical about buying any form of pass when the quantity is unknown.

In other BF3 news, last week we looked at a Battlefield 3 enhancement mod, which makes enemies more visible and we understand that although this brings some well-needed color to the game, there is a feeling that the visibility lends an advantage. DICE are concerned that this is a form of cheating regarding it as a hack, and they will impose a permanent ban on the users account. Some gamers may feel that this is a bit harsh considering this game and many other shooters out there could do with a bit of color.

Classing modders as cheaters is not fair according to Games Beat and they shouldn’t be banned for being a fan of color, as a recent video showing this gives us reason the believe this actually looks better. It seems that there have been some bans already issued and this is due to the opposition being more noticeable, but we feel that if this makes the game more visibly appealing. There is a suggestion that DICE are trying to nip it in the bud and put a stop to those searching further into the core mechanics to obtain cheating tools.

Do you like playing shooters in fifty shades of grey? Alternatively, do you think this type of mod should be confined to the single-player experience?

  • Sean Swalve

    Well it could be that the new weapons would be released for premium only as an incentive to buy premium

  • GamesThatMakeMeAGamer

    This is what I saw as a problem for BF3. Don’t get me wrong I love Battlefield but I wasn’t going to buy something that Dice says basically “Oh you’ll find out when it comes out.” Thats NOT HOW YOU SELL A DLC PACK! You tell us whats coming out, then you give us what we need to know about the dlc THEN you give it to us knowing~what it it all about. So I didn’t think paying what $60 to get a dlc pack that I didn’t know what it was entirely. ~Food for thought~

    Twitter: @MakeMeAGamer

  • bob

    They were never planning on having new weapons in aftermath…so this article is bull