XCOM: Enemy Unknown PC errors, Fixes listed

This month has seen the arrival of XCOM: Enemy Unknown on the PC, and although this game has had a great reception like many top titles nowadays there have been some issues. Those experiencing PC errors will be pleased to know that they have been acknowledged and thanks to some insight from users on various forums, a list of fixes are accessible.

Some of the problems that have been encountered include everything from the inability to zoom and no voice to corrupt game files and other minor errors. On the Crash Wiki, they have compiled an exclusive fix list that offers solutions to the various issues mentioned along with some others that you may not be aware of. To help those along who require help with their survival skills Game Spy document the XCOM: Enemy Unknown Starter Guide, which has plenty of tips to ensure you get the best possible performance out of you team.

Insightful information amounts to making sure those in your command stay alive a bit longer and one example refers to players who rush ahead of their group every chance they get. This is not a good idea, as dashing should be restricted to the times when you need it the most, like when you need to run for cover or when you are required to position an Assault trooper using Run and Gun to fire whilst aiming his shotgun at an alien enemy.

Only a few days ago we wrote about preparing for the download size in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, as it is 12 GB and those wanting to get a head start are informed to initialize this as soon as possible. With some regarding this game as the best title to be released on the PC for a while it boasts a different take on regular turn-based strategies, and Enemy Unknown also makes the most out the Unreal Engine. There is a creepier nature to this game and there are consequences for your actions making this even more enjoyable.

We also showed a gameplay video in our previous post for those wanting to see XCOM: Enemy Unknown in action. Have you any useful tips to get the most out of your experience? What about issues encountered, do have any fixes that have not been documented?