Countdown to new BioShock Infinite trailer release

Going by recent reports, in just over a week we will get the chance to see the new BioShock Infinite trailer giving us more insight into this delayed title. This is welcome news for fans anticipating its February release, and us gamers will get the opportunity to see how this long-awaited action RPG is shaping up.

As we begin as countdown to the new trailer we can only refer back to May when publisher Take-Two announced the delay would see the arrival of BioShock Infinite being taken from this month to February 2013, and news of this trailer releasing will wet the appetite of those waiting patiently. Highlighting the date of this video CVG also mention comments by creative director Ken Levine regarding this game not being seen until it is ready to put in the box, when he mentioned a new addition many started to speculate whether this could be a multiplayer mode.

The countdown for BioShock: Infinite has been noticed on the official Facebook page, and a new trailer release is scheduled for Sunday the 21st of October at midday BST (7am EST). In an article on Gaming Blend, they highlight a new art-book, which is now available for pre-order. Known as The Art Of BioShock Infinite, this 184-page hardcover book will come out on March 12th courtesy of Dark Horse Comics, and shows evolution of the city of floating Columbia and those who reside there. Available on Amazon for $39.99 The Art Of BioShock Infinite is currently accessible for $26.39.

Around the time of the announcement that BioShock Infinite was going to be delayed, we wrote about the revealing of another boss and a trailer showing the Boys of Silence. During this period, many gamers were concerned that they were seeing too much of the game, considering how long it will be until it is released, and they were worried there would be no surprises nearer the launch date. Therefore, we are hoping they have left something aside to bowl us over during the next couple of months. Have you been waiting for BioShock Infinite to come out for ages?