Latest Black Ops 2 Zombie Mode eye candy

As far as information about the zombie mode goes, the company behind Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 are not giving much away, and as we try to piece together what has been on offer there is not a lot to go on. Going by the recent images the zombie bus is quite a prominent fixture, so it will be interesting to see if any other aspects of this mode will start appearing over the next couple of weeks.

With just under a month to go Treyarch are drip-feeding us minor details of Black Ops 2 and the latest image seen on Gameranx shows a picture of a form of carrier that is tied with something that resembles tape or rope. The device looks similar to that thing they used to drag out Antony Hopkins in the Silence of the Lambs and even those with the wildest imagination will still rack their brains working out what this could be. Some have suggested it could be used for carrying a super weapon, but minus the wheels, it looks like something you use in the removal business. Other than a few previous images that seem to divulge more, this eye candy is a teaser that will accumulate plenty of guesses.

Our most recent Black Ops 2 post spoke about another image of a postcard of the upcoming Nuketown 2025 map, which is set to brace those who preorder the game. The eye candy on offer is disappointing and it doesn’t seem like it is the right setting, in fact, it looks more like the 60s. Although we inform our readers that this may not even represent the map, yet we are still interested to know what size it will be, as this will also be available in the zombies’ mode.

In other news, Official Xbox Magazine report on the mystified reactions from the developers about the contempt for the Call of Duty engine. While they highlight how good it looks and that it runs at 60, they are perplexed about those who are questioning Call of Duty’s long-serving engine technology. Treyarch’s David Vondehaar feels that “people are too hard” on this and inform fans that there have been significant upgrades to the Infinity Ward engine and over the years and more improvements have been made concerning the approach, pipeline and lighting rendering.

He feels that many people have the perception this is six years old, but near enough everything has been adapted and improved over time. What are your thoughts on this? Alternatively, are you reserving judgment until you’ve played the game?

  • Jamed1811

    I played Black Ops 2 at the Eurogamer Expo and it’s excellent. If the end-product is technically reliable and stable; it will be the best in the franchise. Treyarch have also done extremely well in promoting the game considering they had a weaker promotional budget than IW got with last years MW3. I prefer being spoon-fed info here and there as it makes the final product on the day a more pleasurable experience with surprises along the way.