Possible Xbox 720 controller differs from Kinect

We know what you’re thinking after reading this title, and surely there will be no need for a controller if Microsoft can improve the Kinect feature for the next gen Xbox. Well some of the issues found with the current Kinect device show that it is less responsive than we desire, and Microsoft’s latest invention is intended to work via a wristband controller.

The controller in question is known as the Digitis and this clever device looks set to move motion control gaming up a notch. Showing an image of this invention on their site CVG refers this to the familiarity of a Nintendo Power Glove and although the Microsoft Research team is trying out new implements this controller looks a bit fragile at the moment. It is designed to track hand and finger movements with the use of various infrared signals and cameras and is currently being described as “freehand 3D computer interaction without gloves.”

A video of it in action is shown on the Microsoft Research website, and in this you get an idea of how this would work in a fighting game. With the Kinect you need a direct line of sight with the screen, but this clever device will not require this, although the image at the moment shows a quite cumbersome controller. Project leader David Kim is hoping to produce this down to the size of a wireless wristwatch. Therefore, we are hoping this will be adapted to accommodate the Xbox 720 in the future.

Back in August, The Verge wrote about a leaked Kinect 2 image that highlighted enhanced details and extensive data. A sample was shown by a Twitter user, which claimed to be the new Kinect 2 feature running on a next gen Xbox dev kit, and highlighting two users there is plenty of movement data and depth seen. This has caused more speculation suggesting that this may not be real, but they have it on good authority that it is a genuine test sample.

Only last week we spoke about leaks causing the security of the Xbox 720 to be a priority and plenty of seeping details have been running free over the last few months. This has given Microsoft reason to heighten their security measures further and employees will have limited access, with the development side being limited to just four key buildings. Their relaxed approach has seen many leaks and the tightening of the new security measure will commence next month. Going back to the original source, what do you think about having a motion sensor controller the size of a watch?

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    i guess i just dont care what xbox is doing idk why but im putting my cards on nintendo for the 8th gen