Skyrim Dawnguard PS3: Punished for choosing wrong console

We all know the problems Skyrim fans owning a PlayStation 3 have been experiencing not having the opportunity to play Dawnguard PS3, and although Bethesda have been working hard to solve this we feel that gamers are being punished for choosing wrong console. This has led to some people choosing to abandon Dishonored, and even though this looks like a brilliant game Bethesda’s involvement is the main reason for this.

Many gamers like myself feel that when Dawnguard comes it comes and any hope of this diminished a while back, but we also expect Peter Hines and Bethesda to continue getting negative feedback because this has been expected for sometime now. In our most recent post, we spoke about a reprieve following the release of Dishonored and this title has gained plenty of positive responses giving us reason to believe Dawnguard is not featuring as highly in peoples thoughts anymore. The response for Dishonored has been great, although we understand this is a brilliant game, and maybe people are differentiating the fact that Bethesda did not develop the game.

Their involvement is with the publishing and we are sure they have plenty of input, so the likes of Peter Hinesis probably relishing the opportunity to relax from the continuous complaints from PS3 owners, for the time being anyway. In relation to this, some feel that the only leverage they have as a consumer is to disregard any games that Bethesda are involved with, until the issue with Skyrim is resolved. Those who own PlayStation 3 may feel that the similar priced Xbox 360 has the same price of game but PS3 owners are not getting the same.

Those lucky enough to have both consoles may feel that buying Skyrim on the PS3 was a wrong choice and many would demand an exchange for an Xbox version if they hadn’t invested so much time in the game, the same gamers will also be more likely to buy Dishonored on the Xbox. Therefore, we can see why PlayStation 3 owners feel they are owed something along the lines of free DLC or a discount for titles like Dishonored. The trouble with DLC is that it is an extra and those who originally bought Skyrim got what they paid for, but the expectation of decent added content is in the minds of the consumer nowadays, especially when it is promised on the back of the case.

Additionally, some feel that when one console receives it and another doesn’t, this is viewed as unfair, as well as false advertising. When it comes to PS3 gamers boycotting Dishonored because of Bethesda, do you feel this is a case of cutting of your nose despite your face? Or maybe you feel this is a stance that has to be made.

  • On2thenextone

    I feel a pattern has developed with Bethesda. I wish them the best but if I buy Dishonored it will be used. They take their kickbacks from Microsoft and I will take mine from Gamestop.

    • jack

      i dont know what dishonored has to do with skyrim but o well.

      • Robert Perez

        It has nothing to do with Skyrim, but is a form of protest against Bethesda for their discriminatory practice of releasing a below average game to PS3 users.

        • C.

          People want to boycott NOW? Are you f*cking kidding me? You could boycott, Activision, EA, Bioware, Ubiosft, but you want to boycott Bethesda for making a deal with Microsoft? If you don’t buy Dishonored you’re not only boycotting Bethesda, you’re boycotting Arkane Studios. They deserve the money for the effort they put into that game.

          • Dawnguard awesome


    • Mugfacekilla

      Microsoft is Superior so ofcourse people want to take kickbacks from them

      • Joseph Micheli

        sony will always have 50 years more experience than microsoft.

        • BoyHitsTroll

          50 years making video games? Um definately not.

          • Dawid Bartel

            Tell me more about your brilliant spelling ability.

    • Agent_Blade

      Screw that. Bethesda is not getring another cent from me. Im pirating Skyrim for 360 from my ps3 version., and Dishonored. Yeah i know ill get dislikes but after this BS thats going on with Bethesda, Im sorry but I just cant see myself giving them any more of my money.

  • casper13rocks

    the fact that dawnguard is extra content so there for not owed to ps3 owners is crap skyrim is a multiplatform game and all platforms have as much right to any and all content as each other to release content to one platform and not others is rude to release content to 2 platfroms and not the 3rd is not only rude but outright disgusting and a compleat slap in the face to all who miss out the only statment from bathesda that wont bring anger now is a imiediate release date for ps3 owners we deserve the same respect other platforms are given

    • Bill


      • Kim

        Christ, dude! Grammar and punctuation, please! 😛

      • Josh

        Lol!!! thank you for finally calling him out on that. after reading that, I sincerely thought my head was going to explode after mentally trying to navigate through that clusterf#ck of run-on idiocy …

    • joshua

      It says on the back of the case that we get add on content, so it WAS promised to us.

      • MiniSharpy

        Do you see a promised release date for it on the back?No? Of course not games run into bugs that can stall the release date people are moaning about skyrim being “unfinished” but do you want a unfinished dlc as well?

    • TyrannousTurtle

      Its not that they aren’t releasing, its that there having troubles getting it on the PS3 to a satisfactory level.

  • SonOfSony

    I think its good Ps3 users are boycotting bethesda, maybe it would make bethesda work harder. Sometimes I have wetdreams of bethesda being closed down because of the dlc lol

    • Majin_Romulus

      Oh, Hell Yeah!

    • BethesDerp

      But… then we’ll never see Fallout 4, with it’s 25 megaton super-glitch that will literally blow up the console it’s played on.

  • Mike Fraser

    It is very noticeable that the amount of shelf space given over to PS3 games has shrunk dramatically in high street stores, in the same way that PC games slowly shrank to a small rump of second hand boxes, usually with the label Sim on them somewhere. Sony dropped the ball with the PS3 when the Kinnect came out and is paying the price. It is making me think twice about sticking with Sony when the PS4 comes out and switching to XBox rather than being lumbered with a dying console environment.

    • mr. tits

      Kinect is a joke. And have fun with faulty hardware and mediocre games :)

  • josh

    It would be better if bethesda would work a little harder, and some people say to switch to an xbox… why? its just one game, plenty of others to play, like BF3

  • Rob

    Also had issues with dlc from the fallout series. Im noticing a pattern with bethesda dlc. Its not just an isolated incident.

  • DragonSlayer


  • Him

    I take it English isn’t your first language… This aritcle is completely unreadable due to errors in spelling, grammar and sentance structure. There are parts which make absolutely no sense. Must try harder, or go back to school…

    • Josh

      You spelled sentence wrong!!!

      • Sunny

        2 thumbs up 😉

  • mr. tits

    Already sold skyrim. Even if DG comes out I’m not buying again. And I’m surely not getting an Xbox just for dawn guard…

    • Thatoneguy

      If you were gonna switch gaming machine for Skyrim, I would say go for pc at least you will get mods. 😛 though they need to fix the current problems with pc before anything should be considered.

      • MiniSharpy

        There’s a mod that fixes bugs if thats what your talking about.

  • Owen Skinner

    OK first of all the phrase is “cutting off your nose to spite your face” not despite, and no that is not the case. We are waiting not just for Dawnguard but Hearthfire now too. Meanwhile they have no trouble releasing a brand new game on the PS3. A game which we will be able to buy used.

    • jack

      you mean Arkane has no trouble releasing a brand new game on the ps3

      • Robert Perez

        Bethesda may not be the developer, but they are the publisher, and as such they make money as well.

  • Givingtwo Cents

    In the beginning, I bought the PS3 for Rockstar Games GTA 4 with a fun free online shootouts. From start to finish, Rockstar Games ran without a slightest problem and it was an amazing experience. Then along came Bethesda with it’s fantasy world of two moons. I play everything from Oblivion, Fallouts, to Skyrim. All of Bethesda’s has crashed on me with glitches and bugs flying around it. Bethesda has never ever fixed those perpetual problems, instead they work on another game, trying to put out Quantity instead of Quality. I could never reach level 100 in any of Bethesda’s game before it started to jerked, looped, and crashed. I’ll keep my PS3 for Rockstar Games and get rid of anything Bethesda. Avoid Bethesda at any cost. A fool and his money are soon separated if you don’t.

    • jack

      i doubt that in every single bethesda game that you have bought came with game crashing glitches and bugs.

      • Rick

        Look at this guy right here. He obviously doesn’t play Bethesda games very often.

        • jesse vandle

          all mine worked fine with minor glitches thats all nothing game changing for me

          • Dawnguard awesome

            What a great dlc. Thank you for making it so fun!

          • MiniSharpy

            Lol look at all the Down comments get for even the slightest remark about how they had no bugs, PS3 funboys are moaning little 10 years and thats coming from a 12 year old.You guys dint moan about bugs before, you just saying it now for your cause(The PS3 fanboys).

    • Prince Mo

      your dam to right man iv herd the same thing but, well said trust me Skyrim is my first and should defoo be my LAST.FULL STOP (Bethesda are XBOX ASS LICKERS END OFF)

  • Witchdoctor

    They could be adding extra contentt for ps3

  • Jack

    I feel that by the time dawnguard comes out for the ps3 I will have moved on to something else. Wouldn’t mind playing it but what’s the point? Bethesda doesn’t care enoulf to make it available for the PS3.

    • Zermel

      How could you say they don’t care enough to make it for the PS3?They have been working endlessly to make it available for PS3. I think the problem is that now that the players of PS3 are growing impatient our true colors are showing,whining brats.Be glad you have Skyrim to begin with.There are other games you can happily waste away life on instead of 20 hours that is Dawnguard.

      • Screw Bethesda

        Get out of here you disguised Bethesda affiliate. Everyone knows that Bethesda is bullshitting until Christmas so they can say “After 6 months of careful consideration we will unfortunately not release Dawnguard and further Skyrim DLC on PS3.”

        We all know that’s what they’re up too! So FUQ them!!!!

      • cchiu

        these *showing, whining brats* want some RESPECT p.s. i want some PROOF not a typed statement, i don’t think i can trust beth without proof

        • jesse vandle

          how can we get respect when we dont give any all everyone is doing is complaining they could stop trying to make it for us if they want but atleast they are still trying to make it work for us. im just happy that they havent given up

          • Fingle hime

            hmmmmm any one want to play dishonored

    • cchiu

      i’m gonna move onto assassin creed 3

      • Ell

        I think I’ll do the same thing and apparently the PS3 version has 60 minutes of exclusive content

        • Dawnguard awesome

          Omgosh the dlc is amazing tho if you like assassin gameplay

  • TheChosenOne

    First of all I’d like to point out that the Skyrim game case on the back absolutely says ADD-ON CONTENT. AND the manual inside has a section explaining the main menu and downloadable content. Writing that it lets you view all downloadable content. Let me point just one fact out- BETHESDA cant use the patches we have gotten as an excuse or validation that PS3 users have gotten ADD-ON CONTENT,thereby avoiding a lawsuit, why? Because downloadable content was stated to be in the game both on the box and in the manual it clarifies it to be viewable i.e. Dawnguard,Hearthfire,etc. After you have downloaded it. But we PS3 owners dont have it. Also to further cement the fact none of the patches or updates have been viewable in the downloadable content menu,ever on any platform. the only things that are there is the Actual ADD-ON’s. Go look for yourselves people. Fallout 3 downloadable content menu shows Broken Steel,OA,Point Lookout,MZ,and The Pitt only. Fallout:New Vegas- Dead Money,HH,OWB,Lonesome Road, Couriers Package, and Gun Runners Arsenal Only. No patches were ever in the downloadable content menus ever. i.e ADD-ON CONTENT and downloadable content are one and the same. So yes BETHESDA CAN GET SUED. Out

    • Zermel

      They are doing their best to get it working,they might have success if we could be patient and not thrive on the hard labour of others.

      • casper13rocks

        if they were doing there best they would of maid skyrim on a ps3 engin insted of porting it and we’d not be haveing the trouble we do now and law says we shouldnt have to wight that ps3 owners are intitled to all content released

        • jesse vandle

          1. learn to spell
          2. they should have yes but they didnt
          3. they are still trying to get us the dlc’s are they not?

      • Model-1887

        Hard Labour? It’s been three months and nothing has come out, not even a proper apology or statement that is at least 50 words long. Bethesda sucks and Pete Hines is actually going to relax about the complaints. I’m not getting Dishonored when AC3 is coming out. Now that’s a game made by a company that actually makes proper DLCs

        • Frank

          The thing is, it isn’t. Ubisoft nickel and dimed the gamers with the last AC game, not to mention ACB and ACR were a ripoff to begin with. AC3 should just be called American Revolution Naval Battles, it’s not going to be a proper AC game.

          • MiniSharpy

            Ha say sorry assassins creed 3 is legendary and I’ve went though the entire game without doing a naval mission that isn’t related to the main mission which is like 2 main missions.

      • cchiu

        hard work is working for a very long time, not smoke crack sitting on the couch

    • casper13rocks

      what you think they call the mounted combat but there provided dlc

      • Tom

        Mounted combat was intended to be in the original release of the game, however the game was rushed, so technically, the release of it in a patch was to fix where they had already dropped the ball.

        • PRAFT

          4 years of development is not “rushed”.

          • spiritreaver

            Go play a base Skyrim session on PS3 without any of the patches loaded if you can, then say the game wasn’t rushed to meet an arbitrary 11/11/11 release date

          • max

            Should of bought a 360, never had problems with Skyrim, deffo not rushed.

          • spiritreaver

            No, Bethesda should not have given every impression that the PS3 version was going to be made and released at a lvl of quality at least equal to PC and 360.

            This isn’t a situation where platform wars have any relevance at all. This is about a company that has been shipping unfinished product for years and now they are finally getting called on it.

          • MiniSharpy

            Bugs might not be noticed before release what about the ps3 beta testers they were suppose to report bugs, its not down to just Bethesda. it not unfinished an unfinished game is were the story stops halfway and there no sequel.

          • spiritreaver

            What the hell are you talking about? That was so much gibberish i don’t get your point.

          • MiniSharpy

            You obviously suck at english i had 2 points 2!!!

            Bugs might not be noticed before release what about the ps3 beta testers they were suppose to report bugs, its not down to just Bethesda.

            it not unfinished an unfinished game is were the story stops halfway and there no sequel.

          • Dawid Bartel


  • ZAcH

    My suggestion to you sony folks is to buy the x720 when it comes out and get off of the dying sony consoles, they only have three noteworthy titles anyways. That is thinking ahead though. As for now, you just got a bum wrap. However unfortunate that may be, you can’t sit on your computers blaming Bethesda for a problem that’s also partially sonys fault. I have always loved Bethesda and their work, especially on TES series. Best RPG of all time imo. I was also thrilled that they got the rights to Fallout from Interplay because there is nobody who could have done a better job than they did. There are still more DLCs coming out for Skyrim and I’m stoked. I’ve been playing Skyrim since 11/10/11 (pre-release) and still play it, religiously! As for you would-be boycotters, don’t punish yourselves because that’s all you’re doing. Do you really think a handful of sony cry babies is going to help out your situation when Skyrim shattered records and has sales higher than most because I don’t think it’s even on their radar. Mainly because they know as I do that sony is failing (more like has failed) in the console wars and isn’t even worth publishing on anymore, not like they ever really were anyways. Another thing your punishing yourselves on with this “so called” boycott is Dishonered and Fallout 4 (Can’t wait). Dishonered is simply AMAZING!!! sooooooo addicting. Even if sony wasn’t failing as they are, when Windows 8 hits, the console wars are over, OVER! The reason for this is that they have fully integrated xbox live into windows meaning I can play Halo(Xbox) with someone playing Halo(PC). [ I just used Halo as an ex.]


    • mr titz

      You do realize that windows 8 will be xboxs downfall… OK just checking. No I will not be forced to go through 4 different xboxs again. PlayStation is and always will be NY main way of gaming!

    • derp

      Yeah if you like skyrim THAT much then plz stay on Xbox while the rest of us play real games. Dishonored sucked hard, but that was expected lol. Next week when your 3rd rrod happens. You’ll wish you had a ps

    • TrollArchStaff

      what i love is that you wrote this pointless essay probably just to get attention. ps3 is obviously the dominant system over xbox. all microsoft does is cry until they get what they want. sir, please, never write another one of these essays again, for you have failed. PS3 FTW!

    • Ratman bugle

      why get one when you can have both though, besides Halo was supposed to be a ps game too, till microsoft bought out bungie. Also xbox owners cry as much as ps3 owners.

  • Dante

    U know it says dlc on the case of the game so someone should sue them for false advertisement.

  • mac

    i am a xbox and ps3 owner because there are some games i cant play on xbox or ps3 but when something comes out for multi platform i always choose ps3 it my preference. so when i had the choice and they dont relese the same content its not really multi platform now is it. and now i dont want to start all my characters over and buy a new game just for dlc

    • ronin

      Serves you right you dumb schmuck. PoS3 has had the inferior versions of almost every multiplatform game.

  • Uniformflyer

    Me i’m a Xbox 360 and PS3 gamer and when it comes down to games like Skyrim I can’t lie to me PS3 just handles it better. Then the Xbox 360 we’ve been cheated told from the very beginning that we would get DLC content just like the 360 but here it is 5 months later and your still working on a glitch. All of a sudden they want their content to be perfect well it’s never been perfect and people on the 360 have complained about lags. You know what i smell complete bullshit and for that i will not by dishonored.A little advice to Arkane good game I’ve seen it but choose a different publisher next time.

    • spiritreaver

      Sadly Arkane is Bethesda’s sister company under the Zenimax brand, so they may not have a choice on who publishes their content.

  • Pizzed_off_PS3_ Owner

    because of this reason, i chose to buy all my bethesda products used either from gamestop or the local place where game companies dont get anything from the sales of the games

  • vivlar

    I didnt play oblivion so that’s passing my time until we hopefuly get dawnguard.


    Dawnguard will come to PS3, personally I’ll wait for a GOTY or simular version of Skyrim, which I will gladly pay full price for. Why? I’m not a whinny little baby crying because they did not get a cookie. Grow up.

  • 200693

    were not getting punished for choosing the wrong console its not our fault its having problems you should change the title

  • subject delta

    in my opinion i feel that even though its been wat THREE mouths Beth should be given more time there have always been problems but they have always come through so dawnguard will come out but stop acting like its the end of the world because its not out yet

    • casper13rocks

      only problems they have they cause them self by not suporting the ps3 system to start with they should make porting games against the law because its only the consumer who gets screwed by it

  • plko

    its been so long since i bought the playstation card that sony sent me a message saying its been a long time since i put in my code

  • Sorbo Joshua Sorbo

    The reason for the continued delay of a PS3 release of Dawnguard is hopefully due to the fact that Bethesda is re-coding numerous older parts of Skrim for PS3 so that they may fix performance problems with Dawnguard. They havent stated this publically because they are not sure if it will work. If this is the case, Bethesda you have my full support and patintce.

    • Model-1887

      No it’s that they are PORTING the xbox version into the ps3. Any NORMAL person would know that two rival companies would not put the same codings into their machines. Also the ps3 won’t respond correctly to a ported DLC and game. Instead of cheaply imitating the xbox version for the PS3 why didn’t they make Skyrim on the PS3’s engine separately?


    I can’t believe that after 6 years there are still people who sit here moaning that they should change to Xbox, every little thing that happens all you hear is “Sony this Sony that” Or “I should have got an Xbox blah blah” THIS IS BETHESDA’S FAULT NOT SONY’s! Also the phrase is ‘Cutting off your nose to spite your face’

  • Mike

    isn’t it cutting of your nose TO SPITE your face?

  • Bo

    New information only please, thank you.

  • ME

    Bethesda should get their mind straight. We were promised this for about 7 months now and guess what WE STILL DON’T HAVE DAWNGUARD! I don’t care if you have a contract with Microsoft if you release a game for multiple platforms you should care about each one at this point the game seems like it only should be for XBox especially with Hearthfire coming out. That is a huge expansion, it may not seem like it but I think it is. Bethesda what I’m basically saying is get your priorities straight and do something exclusive for PS3 because if you don’t you’re going to lose a lot of customers. Plus as TheChosenOne said it says on the back of the case in ALL CAPS ADD-ON CONTENT. Again, right now Skyrim feels like its only for XBox

  • Yankelea

    I decided if DLC wouldn’t come out before Christmas I’ll buy X-box even if I don’t like their controllers. :(

    • gaming loner

      Whatever, man ur a dumbass. nothing else to say.

    • Daniel Smith

      Get it on PC it’d be cheaper.

    • Hayden

      nah switch to the pc it will eventually kill the consol wars and come out dominant besides the pc has so much more abilities i mean have you ever tasted the grand monopoly of blizzard it its rts war with sid meyers civilization or the mmorpg wars with valve and steam? i mean it will win eventually but the consols will never die out they will only dimish just like sega and ateri have its bound 2 new consols will take there place

      and as a side note yes i know my spelling is bad on some names be a grammar nazi over it ill be modding sid meyers civilization 5

  • paarthurnax

    Just release it and patch it overtime like what you did with skyrim, i remember when it was hopelesley buggy.

  • humble 1

    I don’t trust Bethesda too make any more games for the ps3,I am not going to get rob again.False advertisment is illegal.

  • coolguy65

    i think its so funny how all you ps3 fags where like “they just letting xbox 360 players test it for us early :3” lol been out for months for us nothing for ps3 lolololol

    • coolguy66

      your so cool, can i have your babies, i’ll let them play CoD when they turn 5, just so they can call more ps3 owners fags(bundle of sticks).

    • Rob

      You Xbox fanboys aren’t exactly a good advert for the product, you know that?
      Does playing 360 turn people into obnoxious, immature children, or is that just Microsoft’s market?

  • Pablo

    Don’t you cut off your nose to spite your face, not despite your face ?

  • coolguy65

    i also think its pathetic that you ps3 owners would go to this extent to slag off a whole company because half of you would have no clue how hard it would be to hit your unresonable demands

    • spiritreaver

      Its sad when expecting product and service as advertised is considered unreasonable….

  • Marcel

    As a ps3 owner i will never buy any bethesda games again.

  • Thomas Rozema

    I love that when PC gamers complain about games, we’re acting like entitled spoiled brats according to the Console gamers. So are the Playstation gamers this too?

    • Conor

      If you actually had read the comments it’s xbox fanboys thats posting the childish comments.

  • solleyam

    People have short attention spans. I love Skyrim, but now that I’ve beaten the game I’m falling out of the habit of playing, opting for Borderlands 2 or something equally new instead. The longer Bethesda takes to release DLC for Skyrim, which would breathe new life into a game that’s falling by the wayside, the shorter that window of relevancy is. If Bethesda takes another three months to sort this all out, there is a chance their audience won’t care anymore.

    • cchiu

      ah but good sir, that’s what they want, they want peeps to lose interest so they can stop making excuses on *fixing*(non-existent) a *broken* (non-existent) dlc (what dlc?)

      • solleyam

        I doubt Bethesda really wants to lose this window of relevancy. They’ve made the product, Dawnguard and Hearthfire, and PS3 users want to buy it. But because Bethesda can’t get this product to the buyers, they are missing out on millions of dollars of potential profit.

  • Blake F.

    I’m happy Bethesda is here. They made some of the best games ever created, which are also some of my favorites…However, I make my stand not to buy anything with “Bethesda” stamped on it with two firm feet. Why? Because they screwed up and it shouldn’t go unpunished, period. That’s the way of the world, why should they have an exception? The developer of this Dishonored game will survive, they are a subsidiary anyway (and a good little developer, that makes good games). And is it cutting my nose off despite my face? Maybe…but it’s something I feel I must do, it makes me feel better. I once trusted Bethesda with my money/time/attention, because I KNEW they were going to be excellent. Now? I have second-thoughts. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to be loyal to them in the future, on the contrary, I can’t wait for that time to come about.

  • William Sonak

    I won’t buy any game Bethesda is involved with. Intell they give us a clear answer on the dlc. What the problem is, why they have be unable to fix it, and give us a probable date for release. If they can’t do that. Then a deadline for when they well be giving up. At lest then we will know. Company’s only understand profit margins. if you want then to change something. You have to cut that margin

  • Mugfacekilla

    Dudes xbox users pay for there membership and therefore get perks ps3 users do not

  • Mugafcekilla

    you ps3 H0mos dont deserve anything but the free membership you dnt pay for and ill go ahead and pay for the membership that cost and get DLC faster than you more often then you and cheaper (depending on your tenture and xbl rewards statas) XBL is superior and therefore gets what you want but cant have i cant stress how psn online suck compared to xbl our online dashboard has more features than yours by so much. we will always get or COD DLC quicker then you when you see most gameing commercials what logo do you see on the case at the end XBOX

    • Connor James Cruz

      ROFL, yes because i sooooooooo beg for COD, pffft. don’t get me wrong i liked COD……..back when i was a pre-teen. now that i am a “young adult” i have moved on to better FPS such as Arma or BF3. So what you pay for XBL whoopey doo. It doesn’t mean jack ****. We can pay for PS+ but wait you dont pay attention now do you? Just because it has XBOX on the case isn’t much for a point of argument, it just means that Microsoft paid them to do so nothing more. sorry for the long post

    • Fugacasetiller

      hmmmmm very interesting, however ps3 is here too stay just as xbox is too, the reason is cause of monopoly laws, xbox sprung up cause Ps was dominating the game market, there is no better system, only half-ass game developers who port instead of building on both systems

    • Jim

      No thanks, captain douchebag. We’ll continue to go ahead and keep our access to free online gaming, as well as our ability to utilize correct syntax, punctuation, and form proper sentences. We here at Sony actually prefer our superior intellect.

      • Iron Dragon

        I’d hardly call Arab slayers superior

  • ronin

    Serves you right you dumbass PoS3 N4Gtards. Screw you $ony and your entire dying pauperstation brand!

    • Syl

      Take a good look at the above comment, folks. This is what playing Xbox does to people. Truly a fate worse than death.

      • IainUzumaki

        I Laughed At This Comment So Much Lol… Anyway I Don’t See Why People Are Bitching About This…. Seriously Grow Up People And Stop Acting Like Kids… The Only Thing You Can Do Is Wait And See What Happens :)

        P.S Sony And Bethesda Are Legen..Wait For It………………Dary 😛

        Believe It x

  • Azham

    It would be nice if Bethesda bite the bullet and throw money at getting the dlc sorted. It would be even nicer if then nobody bought the dlc as they had burnt their bridges.

  • Kaelii

    Everyone, just GIVE UP on skyrim. In my opinion it’s a pretty boring game, and waiting months for dlc that is likely never going to be released? No.

    There are SO MANY better games on PS3!

  • Rob

    Judging by some comments here, I still think PS3 gamers got the better deal. Just look at the comments by Xbox gamers and you’ll see what I mean. Sure we don’t get Dawnguard, but at least our intellect stays intact. It looks like the 360 actually turns people into zombies with an irresistible compulsion to go out and mindlessly attack owners of other platforms with immature, homophobic remarks. I can only presume creating an army of brain dead slaves is Micro$oft’s latest dirty tactic to gain an edge over the competition.
    Stick with Sony, and stay human.

    • IainUzumaki

      Ohhhh Burrrrnn 😛 x

    • Iron Dragon

      Use of the word homophobic= gays poor attempts to appear intimidating

  • Jay


    PC Gamer here

  • casper

    If dawnguard eventually comes to ps3 we should get it for free or at least with a great discount!!!!!!

  • ryder4life22187

    makes me wonder how many of these people on here complaining they don’t have Dawnguard would actually buy it knowing that it is 20 bucks on xbox live

  • Dawnguard awesome

    What a great dlc. Loads of content and it really completed the game for me. And the updates that came with the game really set it off.

  • Dan

    Is not Bethesta’s fault it’s Sony for making such complex console. They shot themselves in the foot. That’s why most ports run better on Xbox 360. GTA 4,Skyrim, Borderlands,RE6,Black Ops just to name a few. Dawnguard is lots of fun btw