Assassin’s Creed 3: Fixation on weapons revisited

This past week has seen a decent amount of new details revealed for Assassin’s Creed 3, with the latest helping to feed our fixation on Connor’s weapons and combat skills thanks to a new official trailer for the UK. Having not seen the US version of this trailer we cannot say if it differs in any way, but we have seen in the past how marketing for the US has been very different as to not alienate their biggest market.

We already know most of the weapons that will be available to our protagonist, but it’s much better to see him in action with them, although we have to warn you that the footage is pretty gruesome at times – which we have to say just helps to bolster our belief that this game will be something special.

The weapons that Connor has to hand are extensive and it’s hard to choose a favorite, but we’re sure after watching the footage below you might be able to make up your own mind. Never before has a character been able to make use of weapons mixed with his unique fighting style as well.

In the trailer we are being warned of rebels that are attacking the Kings army, but it’s the mention of a fearless Assassin that has got the attention of the British Monarchy. It seems like a warning to the troops to be weary of this man, as he is not only deadly with a musket like the British army, but also with a range of other weapons as well.

A point is made about how deadly this Assassin is with his other weapons and there’s a final warning to those who are not able to bring the head of this deadly Assassin, they should be in fear of theirs.

Having already seen some of the weapons in action from previous games from the franchise, Assassin’s Creed 3 offers a greater choice, such as tomahawks, bow and arrows, firearms and also rope darts, but it’s the new combat system that grabbed our attention the most from the latest trailer.

Ubisoft are hoping that their gamble to offer greater support for the Wii U version of AC3 will pay off, as we recently discussed how the gameplay has been enhanced in order to make greater use of the GamePad. But will their gamble pay off?