Critiquing Dishonored: Worst complaints, but unplayable confuses

Even before Dishonored was released we knew that we were in for something a little special because of the options available to you, meaning that you are not forced to stick to a certain gameplan mapped out for you by the developers. However, by creating such a game there are always going to be certain areas where they do not meet players expectations.

A number of gamers have been critiquing Dishonored and in their list of worst complaints suggest that the game is unplayable, but we find this very hard to believe. Okay, we’re sure that there are a number of minor issues with the game, but none so major as to make it unplayable, unless you have something to share with us?

In a recent article it’s clear to see that one such issue that is at the top of their list of complaints is the River Krusts, as they are tough opponents. The developer did say that they thought long and hard about this foe, but felt because Corvo has not only strength and special abilities it would have been too simple to make River Krusts easy to overcome, so instead made them very tough in order for you to think strategically.

Early Dishonored reviews made a point of how great this new world was with its eerie atmosphere, but there have been a few comments to suggest that Dunwall lacks atmosphere and feels more like an abandoned movie set, which is not what the developer would have intended, would you agree with this?

Another complaint is in regards to the story itself, as we’ve heard from some gamers who suggest that it’s hard to try and feel some sort of emotion for a character that you have only met a few minutes before. However, one of the biggest complaints is in regards to the gameplay. As we mentioned above there is no set rule in playing this game, and it’s this that some gamers feel affects the gameplay aspect, as it makes them wonder if they are ever doing things in the correct way, is this a feeling that you share?

There have also been a few complaints in relation to the guards, as they seem to be able to detect you, even if you are hiding from them or they can notice a body that you know you have hidden well. Even taking these issues into account Dishonored is still a great game and is by no means unplayable. Do you have any issues with the game, or don’t you think there is anything wrong with Dishonored?

  • Nekhanimal

    Why wonder if you’re doing it the right way?
    Clearly these people haven’t quite grasped the concept of doing it how you want to