FIFA 13 servers down avoided following list of fixes

Those who purchased FIFA 13 a few weeks back were left feeling a little disappointed by the fact that EA’s latest title was hounded by a number of issues, along with the lack of feedback from the company. There were a number of problems ranging from glitches to freezing, but thankfully most of these issues were resolved a couple of days ago – well for those with the PC version at least.

If you have the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions then you should be getting the first FIFA 13 title update with all its fixes later this weekend. There was also maintenance scheduled for the early hours of this morning in Europe, but this has now been postponed, which means that players will not have to fear the dreaded message “servers down”. EA have yet to update us as to when they plan to do maintenance work, which is to resolve issues with the Auction House of FOFA Ultimate Team, error messages, Learderboards and also to the Sports Football Club app.

While it would have been nice to have these issues resolved as well, we’re pretty certain that the FIFA 13 update is of more importance to players, as some of them have been unable to even get in to play a match. Looking at the updates listed they will resolve almost all the issues that our readers have been complaining about, but EA have said that more updates will come later this month – so looks like EA were listening to us after all, but wanted to work on the issues at hand before making any kind of announcement.

EA have worked on the issues that players were experiencing the most, with the connection stability in the Online Seasons being one of the worst of them. Those of you who have been annoyed with the Career mode freezing will be pleased to know that this has also been rectified. All the fixes can be seen above.

It’s thought that getting these first round of updates out will help to make thousands of FIFA 13 players happier, and while they would have liked to have resolved some of the other issues it was far more important to get the game more playable. Looking at these first fixes it should give for a far better experience, just looking forward to seeing what the next round of updates will be.