Free PES 2013 DLC, also update crashing fix

Many Pro Evolution fans may feel that this year Konami were going to give EA’s FIFA a run for their money and even though they have produced another great game, recent statistics show that they have come out second best once again. With recent issues regarding game crashing PES 2013, fans will take solace in the fact that FIFA 13 has also accumulated a fair share of problems, in fact, this seems to be quite common nowadays.

Yesterday saw an online update for PES 2013 that adds new community features and updates the team rosters. The free DLC is reported on CVG, and they discuss the online match feature that adds a Widget system, which is ideal to use as a shortcut to gathering friends in this mode. With up to eight people to playing in a match simultaneously this feature also gives users the opportunity to concede matches at half time. In relation to this, Wednesday saw Konami announce news that the update has now been taken offline due to crashing issues and this statement can be seen over on Only Pro

They have stopped releasing the Data Pack 2 to investigate problems with crashing and freezing situations, and much like the Data Pack 1 those who have had an option file which has data imported from PES 2012, this new Data Pack 2 has made the PES 2013 game crash. Although they have acknowledged this problem, they are currently working hard for this to be rectified and the assure gamers that it will be re-issued once they have sorted this out.

With no release date given at present, a fix looks imminent and recent tweets have given a quick fix for now, which according to one user mentions that you should just delete the Edit Data file for now, and that should get you up and running again. Last month we spoke about the DLC that allows online players to ‘retire’ at half time and the idea of this content seemed to anger PES 2013 fans. What are you thoughts on being able to quit at half time?