Gathering of Forza Horizon reviews, the verdict

Forza Horizon is an open-world racing game that revolves around a fictitious festival called the Horizon Festival, set in Colorado, USA, this title will be a part of Turn 10’s long-running Forza Motorsport franchise, although it is regarded as more of a spin-off. As we eagerly await the new Forza Horizon game, we thought it would be a good idea to gather up some recent reviews to get an overall impression of what to expect.

We have heard plenty about the features involved in this game along with a great music background set around a festival season, so we are interested in what the final thoughts are, getting a verdict from various critics. Starting with respected site IGN, we get the impression that those who loved Forza 4 will be equally pleased with this, and car enthusiasts will find this game a decent addition to the world of racing titles.

Many gamers and critics will be quite skeptical about this genre so late on in the generation of car games, but Forza Horizon pushes all the boundaries. Classing it as an amazing experience, they also pick out the attention to detail, great audio design and the masses of events available. Overall, they award Forza Horizon with a brilliant score of 9.0.

In a review by, they give an in-depth account of a game that is beautifully presented, with plenty of features as well as a great racing title that Playground should be proud to call their own. Already taken in by other Forza games they feel that Horizon is an excellent experience ideal for newcomers and hardcore gamers alike.

Giant view Forza Horizon as a video game that has both elements of simulation and arcade racing in one title, which is a rare and refreshing experience with over 120 events to choose from there is plenty to keep players occupied. There is a familiar feel to other Forza titles, yet the open world aspect makes this more fun. Many fans will like the cockpit view and casual gamers will love the idea of gaining points for smashing through street signs and doing great turns.

Some may feel that the features available would not work in other games but the critic here says that they all fit together quite naturally, and overall their final verdict is along the lines of impressive. With just three reviews, we understand that Forza Horizon will be highly recommended for it 23rd of October release, so we intend to check this out for ourselves.

Before we leave you to contemplate how good this game sounds, we thought it would be worth mentioning our most recent Forza Horizon article, that spoke about how epic this game is, as well as efforts to try and pinpoint the demo release that has now been out for a few days. This will just be a small amount of what to expect, so let us know about your experience? Has the demo enticed you to get the full game?

  • Zach Williby

    After playing the demo, I can safely say my limited edition pre-order will not be canceled. For fans of the franchise, this is a great addition. For newcomers to the series, it has so many great elements and ways to make the driving aspect approacheable that it will be easy to pick up and gradually progress through. I am a hardcore Forza 1,2,3,4 fan and I can say this is a rightful addition to the franchise judging by the quality of the demo.

    • Rhodes

      I totally agree with you. I was completely baffled by some of the negative reactions to the demo.For me,it’s deffo the best demo I’ve downloaded, hands down. And now the reviews indicate that we’ve got an open World driving game of real quality. Can’t wait.

  • James1811

    I think Forza Horizon will do very well indeed:- it was a huge risk to move away from the familiar track environments but it’s a risk that s paid off with a sublime interpretation of road racing. I’ve never felt the arcade-orientated NFS or Test Drive games have delivered the quality of Gran Turismo or Forza but now Turn10 have plugged that looming gap in the market by taking a simulator to the streets with a serious game showcasing real life detailed environments.

    I have enjoyed a few of the Need for Speed games along with the Test Drive series but none have matched the quality and accuracy of Forza or GT – now we have a welcome alternative I’m sure will satisfy fans.

  • Zimmyman

    As a person who owns a v8 and can go street racing anytime I want, I find Forza horizons lack of realism, in the way of physics, and ramifications, (I mean cosmetic damage instead of simulated damage?) a real minus. I feel that the game also sends a poor message about driving, and racing in general. I think if Turn 10 would spend more time making their AI better racers and not just blockers and rammers, I think they could make this game much better. This game isn’t going to teach you anything useful, where as the last few installments of Forza were decent race sims.

    • Hazmid

      I don’t even think you have played the demo as your negative points sound more suited to gran turismo 5. (which even after all the 100s of bug fixes is still not right).

      Forza Horizons demo is excellent, I have pre ordered after playing it….

    • James1811

      ALL manufacturers who are contracted with Turn10 regarding car models opted out of real-time realism damage as the developers couldn’t guarantee that crashes and damage would reflect real life from a game that is classed a simulator. Polyphony Digital had the same issues with Gran Turismo. Minimal damage can be displayed but car manufactures don’t want unrealistic physics displayed that doesn’t reflect the real life safety of the cars. It’s always been a sensitive topic for car manufactures and games classed as sims with real life licenses have to adhere to wishes granted through exclusivity.

  • El Steevo

    Demo is awesome! I can’t wait. Never bought a game the day it came out until now.

    • El Steevo

      3 days!!!!