PS Vita Final Fantasy release possibility following interview

Fans of Final Fantasy games who feel that the PlayStation Vita requires more new titles will be pleased to know that the director has given some thought concerning a new release on the Vita in the future. This is not a definite, but it does sound promising, as a recently documented interview with Hajime Tabata proved to be quite productive.

Final Fantasy director Hajime Tabata spoke about his interest in developing a new title that is exclusive to the handheld due to the functionality of the touch screen. Highlighting this news, Gamespot report on his comments about the Vita being an impressive bit of hardware, and the experience of working with the PSP has given cause to contemplate a game for a larger device. From what the PlayStation Vita offers it is plain to see that this would be the ideal path for the makers of Final Fantasy to take, so we hope they get to work on this as soon as possible.

In other Final Fantasy news, Joystiq write about the existence of Final Fantasy XIV on the PlayStation 3, and show some screens as evidence of this game being apparent. The rebooted version of FFXIV “A Realm Reborn,” looks set to come out on both the PC and PS3, and Square Enix have recently released the first screenshots of the PlayStation version showing the new UI. This will give users the opportunity to customize their own button configurations, although it has been designed with traditional Final Fantasy controls as standard for that authentic RPG experience.

Keeping on the Final Fantasy topic, nearly six months ago we spoke about FF15 for both the Wii U and PS3, however, the reason we mentioned this was because some pre-E3 video of footage from Final Fantasy XV seemed to have been released by Square Enix with the intention of it being Final Fantasy Versus XIII. At the time, many viewers who saw the YouTube video disregarded it altogether branding it a fake, although there were a few sites that thought this was a very good job if it is real. Going back to the original source, would you like to see a new Final Fantasy game on the Vita?