Skyrim Dawnguard PS3 not blamed for poor Dishonored sales

Just last week we discussed how Bethesda had a reprieve from all the negative comments they were receiving in regards to the whole Skyrim Dawnguard for PS3 fiasco, as many gamers seemed happy to give Dishonored a go because Bethesda were only the publisher and not the ones developing the game. However, there have been reports that Dishonored sales have been pretty poor, and our first thought was becasue of the DLC issue, but that would be wrong.

Okay, there are still a small percentage of gamers taking the high ground and still refusing to buy any Bethesda games in protest because of the lack of Skyrim DLC support for the PlayStation 3, but this is just cutting their nose off to spite their face. One reason has been suggested to us is because of the $60 price tag, but this cannot be the main reason because most other games retail at the same price.

Another reason is the fact that you’re paying $60 for a game that in may cases lasts anywhere from 10 to 20 hours, whereas you pay just $20 for a DLC that lasts about the same amount of time. However, we still don’t believe that this is the main issue.

Personally we feel that sales are not as low as we assume because it has just taken Dishonored a little while to build its momentum, that and the fact that the only sales chart so far is a week out of date and did not include digital sales, as well as the fact that these are only for pre-orders alone. In the week since the game has been released there has been a decent amount of coverage, along with some very positive reviews. While we’re waiting for gaming charts to update we can see that Dishonored will move up the charts significantly becasue it’s showing to be the number 2 most popular game.

It would be such a shame to miss out on a game like Dishonored just because of the actions of Bethesda and the Skyrim DLC for the PS3 issues. Again we need to point out that they did not develop the game and it doesn’t even use the same engine, as it uses Unreal Engine 3, which we know does not suffer with performance issues on the PS3.

  • David

    Nope Bethesda just finally getting to know how it feels to be screwed over. Fact.

    • thomas90

      And how is it they’re getting screwed over? By people not buying Arcan Studios’ game? Yeah, way to ‘stick it to the man’. Now THAT’S a fact.

      • Blake F

        “The developer of this Dishonored game will survive, they are a subsidiary anyway (and a good little developer, that makes good games).” This is what I said in my last post. What that means is Arcan is the sister company. And Arcan+Bethesda are both part of a LARGER company, that means they get paid no matter what…funded. FACT

        • ninja

          Very factual indeed

          • HungryDragon

            Im getting drunk later. Fact

  • spiritreaver

    Sorry Mr. Chubb, this is not a case of ‘cutting off a nose to spite your face’. Cash is the only avenue of recourse left to PS3 Skyrim users. More specifically speaking with collective wallets and voicing displeasure by not purchasing Bethesda products for the foreseeable future.

    Sucks hard that Arkane won’t make quite as much money as they deserve to, but that’s just how it is.

    Without a doubt, sales of Dishonored will pick up as word of mouth spreads, scores are read and we head into the holiday season. But i am sure that sales on the PS3 will never be where Bethesda or Arkane would like and that is squarely on Bethesda.

  • adsehteb uoy kcuf

    What goes around comes around as bethesda has just found maybe now they can start focusin on giving us ps3 gamers our skyrim dlcs. Now you know how it feels bethesda

    • thomas90

      Are you illiterate or just stupid? Bethesda did NOT develop Dishonored. Arcan Studios did. Also, Bethesda Game Studios has always been (mainly) a PC game company, with small developer teams. Why should they put all their resources on developing PS3 games? I know you think it’s sad the DLC won’t come for the PS3, but come on, the console versions are so, so much inferior to the PC versions anyway. The graphics, the controller, not to mention the thousands of mods available, are just some elements why the PC version is far superior.

      • dickhead

        They make money from the sales stupid.

      • The Future of Sega

        Tell me something… are you affiliated with Bethesda? I just find it hard to believe that a 360/PC fanboy would waste their time arguing with upset PS3 users… unless you’re the root of the cause. Besides 360/PC fanboys already have Skyrim DLC… so why are you wasting your time here?

      • Richie

        They should put the time in cause they sold the game to ps3 users, if they want to cater to pc’s then dont sell the game to console users, if you do sell it those that buy it have the reasonable expectation that they will have the support and add-ons everyone else has. Your comment is ridiculous and dismissive in the extreme

  • Puck

    Puck dishonored and puck Bethesda softworks until dawnguard and hearthfire come free to the ps3. A p instead f

  • Haha

    I don’t support this game by pirating it hahaha screw Bethesda

    • thomas90

      Yeah, you go girl! :) Punish Arcan Studios for something you blame Bethesda for.

  • N David Brown

    Bethesda the publisher and Bethesda Softworks the gaming studio who developed Skyrim are different groups of people. Arkane Studios have made a stunning game – Dishonored is the most fun I’ve had playing a video game in the last 5 years! You should support them and voice your Skyrim concerns through online petitions and by contacting them. Arkane won’t survive without your financial support, and the only way we’ll get a Dishonored sequel – which surely any avid gamer will want after playing it – is to ensure it’s a commercial success.

    Also, without Bethesda we wouldn’t have Skyrim in the first place. It’s not their fault the PS3 has technical issues that other platforms don’t due to its odd and unique hardware architecture.

    • Model-1887

      It’s not SONY’s problem. It’s Bethesda’s problem. They were to lazy to build Skyrim separately on the PS3 engine and now they are trying to port the game from the xbox360. Who cares if Arkane lose sales. They chose the wrong publisher and Bethesda pretty much has their head up their own ass

    • MiLkWeEd1388

      wow do u even read or believe the crap u spew out ur mouth lol WOW!

      Model-1887 speaks gospel Bethesda needs to stop being lazy do it right the first time then u dont gotta go bac to keep fixing bugs that could of very well been avoided if Bethesda didnt take the easy way out by tryin to port a XBOX360 program on PS3. Get it together Bethesda or i can almost garantee that sales will continue to fall

    • spiritreaver

      Nope, Arkane WILL survive just fine. They are part of the Zenimax brand along with Bethesda, id Software, and many other companies; which all together were worth $1 billion plus last time i looked.

      Also, you really need to research a bit before spouting off. Even Bethesda themselves finally broke down and sullenly, admitted they are solely responsible for the whole PS3 Skyrim DLC fiasco.

    • cchiu

      to hell with arcane, they can burn in hell for all i care, that’s wut they get when they ask beth to publish it

      • Keith

        I find it hard to respect your opinion when you can’t take the time to spell your words right.

  • Keith

    Thats a shame, you’re the ones who will lose out in the end. I looked past my hatred for Bethesda, I’ve spent about thirty hours on the first three missions alone in Dishonored and by far this is the finest game I’ve ever played. I really hope you’ll come around soon, Skyrim was fun but Dishonored is better. And it be a shame if Arkane went under because they have made a fantastic game.

  • Julian Detlor

    Wow, that’s a lot of words for saying absolutely nothing.

  • TheDesolateWolf

    A small percentage? Cutting the nose…ah what a bunch of bullshit assumption. Is dishonored a good game? Perhaps, I wouldn’t know because I won’t buy it. Although I’m aware bethesda did not develop the game, I’m not taking chances for 60 dollars with anything that damn company has stamped their brand on. They’ve royally screwed up with their handeling of the ps3 skyrim dlc, so is it really any surprise of dishonored’s poor sales?

  • Concerned Gamer

    A little words of advice to Arkane choose a different publisher next time. Sadly they must suffer for Bethesda shortcomings.

    • thomas90

      And you suffer because you chose the inferior gaming platform. A little word of advice to you; pick the PC version next time you want to buy a game of Skyrim’s size.

      • Mark Williams

        A pc that can handle all of these superior features does not come cheap, an absolute minimum of a thousand dollars for something good. I would probably get everything I could on pc if I had a good one. Let’s not be a pc fanboy here…. For a great pc it costs four times what a console costs. Quit acting all high and mighty, we paid the same money for the game and they, as a studio, have a responsibility to provide the same content.

    • TrollHitsBridge

      Why is it always ironic when someone trying to be a white knight(“Bethesda must be punished” not saying you said that) has no problem punishing the wrong developer? that defeats the whole purpose of being a white knight

  • Harry Round

    I don’t care just bring the dlc out

  • PrinceOg

    Boycotting . . . Im not playing any . Any not even buying any bethesda related or made . I want dawnguard hearthfire n d new dlcs . I want d new dlcs b4 or at d same time as xbox

    • thomas90

      I think you should spend more time in school, and less on playing video games. Your grammar is awful.

      • Gaming Loner

        Honestly, why are you so butthurt? do u have nothing else to do then be a kiss ass for a company? you must be low on life. and please take ur stupid comments and shove it, no one cares about what you say or think. ur comments doesn’t mean crap to anybody

        • Gaming Loner

          Hi my name is Gaming Loner and ill be playing with your weiners today.

  • Tara Stahler

    I was never really interested in Dishonored; the implication of not buying the game for Bethesda is just a bonus

  • Reece

    You guys are all just nobheads, why are you doing this? Dishonored’s made by Arkane NOT Bethesda. Its an amazing game, you lot are losing out. Why punish bethesda anyway? Without them we wouldnt have Skyrim. So you Bethesda haters can f*** off. Give them a break, they are trying there best. Just think of all the amazing games they’ve made (Fallout, Oblivion etc). Would you rather Bethesda not exist? You would never play skyrim or fallout then would you, so f*** off. We Love You Bethesda….

    • ReeceKiller

      You’ll shut your mouth now!

      • Reece

        Whats up ?? Cant face the truth???

        • GuestKiller

          Shut your ass!

          • GuestKiller’s Killer

            ^14 yr old trolling at its worst

    • Frank

      Well, there is Rockstar Games, Valve, DICE, Treyarch, Ubisoft, Avalanch, hell- even Mojang at least they still exist.

    • Aaron Roberts

      We do love you, Bethesda!

  • DragonSlayer

    aint buyin it either

    • thomas90

      Funfact: Did you know, Bethesda did not, I repeat NOT, develop Dishonored? Your loss, not Bethesda’s.

      • bradford1994

        Even if they didn’t developed the game their name is on it. And so long as we don’t buy anything with their name on it will hurt bethesda and that’s all that paople are trying not because of their mistakes.

  • Blake F

    I’m happy Bethesda is here. They made some of the best games ever created, which are also some of my favorites…However, I make my stand not to buy anything with “Bethesda” stamped on it with two firm feet. Why? Because they screwed up and it shouldn’t go unpunished, period. That’s the way of the world, why should they have an exception? The developer of this Dishonored game will survive, they are a subsidiary anyway (and a good little developer, that makes good games). And is it cutting my nose off to spite my face? Maybe…but it’s something I feel I must do, it makes me feel better. I once trusted Bethesda with my money/time/attention, because I KNEW they were going to be excellent. Now? I have second-thoughts. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to be loyal to them in the future, on the contrary, I can’t wait for that time to come about.

  • thomas90

    Seriously? Not buying ANY Bethesda games because you’re pissed you’re not getting DLC for the PS3? People actually do that? Wow, that’s a whole new level of bitchiness. Well, by all means, go ahead. Don’t buy any Bethesda games. You’re the one missing out. I promise you.

    • Shayne

      I pirate them to enjoy them actually. I’m not missing out on anything, I’m enjoying Dishonored more than you because I didn’t even have to pay for it. Bethesda is suffering from this, as the majority of the money paid for Dishonored will go to the bigger company.

  • Nick Wohlers

    Its true besides the fact im eagerly waitinh for results ondawgaurd dishonored is an amazing game and a great distraction from my wait on dawnguard news

  • James

    Thomas90- Take your PC fan boy arguments to a different forum. We play how ans what we want. So suck it.

  • TooMuchButthurt

    The majority of comments I see here are about PS3 fanboys getting butthurt about the lack of DLC support for Skyrim. Let me get this straight, you people are trying to do what? Discourage a developer for making a good game like this? and to think you would happily buy crap like CoD and support their crap to encourage it further?

    Xbox and PC fanboys didn’t even complain when PS3 got timed exclusives on BF3 yet when Xbox gets a timed exclusive on anything, the Sony Defense Force went all out. Damn SDF is probably the most whiniest, most ungrateful arse holes in the world. Forgive me for saying this but fanboyism of anything is just purely ignorant and immature, and I hope you idiotic PC, Xbox and PS3 fanboys just go die in a hole somewhere so the world would become better.

    • Mike

      It’s not about the timed exclusive, fuckhead. It’s about it having been MONTHS since the DLC came out on PC. PC and Xbox players didn’t complain about BF3 because they actually got the content when they were supposed to.

  • snoopie

    One word RAGE. That was my reason for not buying dishonored. Also dlc is fun but 90 hours in skyrim was fun but Iwas done no trophies to conqure.

  • Jetsfan99

    the dawguard relese is not their fault, its just that they wernt able to make it compatable.
    also there are, in most game studios, that deal with different games so they might have about 5 sections and 3 working on the problem. so you shouldnt realy say its their fault.
    (though they should just do tweeking to the story to make it compatable)

    • spiritreaver

      Actually, Bethesda DID say its their fault. That smarmy little Pete Hines owned up to it on his twitter feed recently.

      • HungryDragon

        He only said that to appease you. I say things that arent true to make other people happy all the time.

  • William Sonak

    I won’t buy any game Bethesda is involved with. Intell they give us a clear answer on the dlc. What the problem is, why they have be unable to fix it, and give us a probable date for release. If they can’t do that. Then a deadline for when they well be giving up. At lest then we will know. Company’s only understand profit margins. if you want then to change something. You have to cut that margin

  • Mr z

    In my opinion u guys are all being very childish about this sorry but Bethesda doesn’t exist simply to cater to ur every whim just because they messed up once and it sucks I really feel for u doesn’t mean that u should write off one of the best companies out there because of an issue they are having a lot of trouble solving I don’t think people should be punished because they can’t fix a problem and don’t even try and say they did this on purpose because that’s ridiculous

    • TuxedoCartman

      “In my opinion u guys are all being very childish…” I’m sorry, but you lost the argument right there. If you don’t have a third-grader’s understanding of the English language, please refrain from calling others “childish”. Or keep at it, whatever… it’s good for a laugh, and only makes those of us posting arguments as to just why Bethesda has screwed up seem that much more intelligent as a result.

  • Rahzen

    Oy. I think the most important thing we need to do is stop using phrases like “butthurt” and “fanboy”. Everyone loses when those phrases are typed without a sense of irony. Oh yeah, take Dishonored on its own merits, not the shortcomings of its publisher.

  • Something 2 say

    Bethesda, Bethesda. What have I done to you to treat me so disrespectfully? I go to Twitter and say; “Why isn’t Dawnguard on PS3?” But you cannot answer me with respect, you do not value my friendship. Instead you insult me further with the likes of Pete Hines as his answers are a “f*** you” to us PS3 owners. Why haven’t you confessed the PS3 version is broken at the beginning of this affair? Instead of delaying the broken PS3 port to have it fixed you released it anyway. You spurned my loyalty out of greed, for money. I won’t let it happen EVER again, hence I’m not buying anything your brand is attached to.

  • Patrick Florian

    It’s just sad how many people are gonna miss out on an amazing game bc of what Bethesda did. I understand the reason, I own Skyrim on PS3, I am in Bethesda-hatred mode, always keep checking for news on the dlc, and everything. I’m pissed. But Arkane Studios shouldn’t suffer because of it, especially since they are bringing a new franchise that has amazing potential to flourish, and is truly something we need in this generation of gaming, where the stealth and decision-making genres are dying out. I hate to be supporting BS, but I want Arkane Studios to do well, make other great games, make sequels to Dishonored, and make enough money where they don’t need Bethesda to be its publisher. Don’t hurt Arkane, hurt BS when the next game it makes comes out. That’s what needs to be boycotted, not this.

  • Maxmillian

    I don’t care if Bethesda didn’t make the game they published it. So therefore a big F-U to Bethesda courtesy of a disgruntled playstation owner, who didn’t get to enjoy the $ 60 shity GOTY skyrim. Also to the idiots who complain that Arkane studio made it not Bethesda … we know and we don’t care.

  • Satan

    I’ll but this game the day dawnguard and hearthfire are released on ps3.
    Me and 3 other friends infact, as well as countless others I’ve seen online.

  • John

    Trust me, these poor sales ARE because of Skyrim.
    I’m not buying it becaus of tht. Same for my cousin.

  • Kamikaze Drew


  • gelgrithe

    I am not buying it til they fix their first problem- And Arcan Studios’ could have went with something else- Bethesda is on my ban list.

  • Daniel Smith

    Number 2? What’s the most popular game then?

  • Hahahaha

    Haha, what? I’m pretty sure it IS the main issue.

    I didn’t want Dishonored, but I was curious until I heard Bethesda was part of it.

    I’m never buying it because BETHESDA F*CKED US.

    And they made it obvious that they don’t give a sh*t.

    As if the Xbox exclusivity wasn’t enough. I am unbelievably disappointed.

    Skyrim was the only game I’ve preordered in years.

    I’ll buy any future Bethesda products used, if at all.

    F*ck Bethesda acting like we’re f*cking stupid with their “I don’t know” bullsh*t.

    Microsoft has them bought and paid for. Hope that d*ck tastes nice, Bethesda.

    Thank god for RockStar, who Bethesda can’t hold a candle to in terms of ANYTHING.

  • Shayne

    If I buy Dishonored, half that money goes to Bethesda and the other half Arkane. Why would I give Bethesda my money? I pirated the game and am enjoying it that way. Until Bethesda realizes that they screwed up when they signed that pathetic contract with M$, I’m not giving them a cent.

  • kai2

    Is this article a joke? Many of us PS3 users will never buy from Bethesda again. The idea that we’re missing anything in a 20 hour/$60 game is ridiculous. And the argument that a boycott hurts the developer more than Bethesda is a great “company line.” Bethesda has made itself toxic. Dance with the devil and you get burned.

  • The Future of Sega

    I’ve read some rumors online that Anonymous and some seriously pissed off PS3 users are planning to cyber attack Bethesda for screwing them over. Looks like you really messed up this time Bethesda…

    I also heard that a $300 million dollar lawsuit is being formed for the breach of Good Sales Act by Bethesda… *opens a bag of popcorn and enjoys the fireworks*

  • Cheeser

    Most of you guys have no clue what you’re talking about, but love to argue about it anyway. And all based on an article that says sales are poor while acknowledging sales data isn’t out yet. This is all ridiculous.

  • kai2

    DISHONORED is the perfect title for Bethesda’s new PS3 release. From my still-fatally-broken OBLIVION GOTY to a barely functioning SKYRIM with no dlc and Pete Hines’ condescension, i feel DISHONORED.

  • Gary

    I find this argument so funny ppl r jumping to the conclusions that its the skyrim dlc for ps3 but what is the sales on Xbox and pc has anyone not begun to think that maybe the games such as Fifa and pes and future games like medal of honor call of duty and ac3 being realsed soon maybe ppl r keeping there money for that. dishonored has taken a blow because of the skyrim fiasco but its not a game I was planning on buying even if Igot the skyrim dlc ppl who r saying they r boycotting Bethesda r talking rubbish I’m sure once fallout or skyrim2 or whatever comes out in sure these ppl will be preordering these titles

  • Aaron Roberts

    Guys…guys…guys…don’t you see how ridiculous you all sound? Why are you hating on Bethesda because of something THEY CAN’T HELP. They don’t want to shirk releasing their DLC. They don’t hate the PS3. They can’t help it. I’m sure they are putting in their best effort to solving the DLC issues. Bethesda doesn’t care about systems. They only give the XBOX the DLC exclusively for 30 days because Microsoft pays them more money. Don’t take it out on Arcan Studios because they have SOMETHING to do with Bethesda. This boycott of Bethesda products is petty. LET IT GO. Besides, the PS3 isn’t the center of the gaming universe. Bethesda shouldn’t have to put the PS3 above everything else. Give Dishonored a chance.

  • thomas90bethesdakissas

    kiss ass

    • Aaron Roberts

      Yes I am.

  • Aaron Roberts

    Would you people just stop with this nonsense? Hating Bethesda and wishing them ill will because a gaming company didn’t hand feed you DLC this ONE time is ridiculous. They’re not treating their PS3 players badly. It’s called technology, it has glitches. They aren’t intentionally not providing PS3 players DLC. These things happen. Punishing a game company for a game that they PUBLISHED, not made, published, is a waste of time. Bethesda spent 5 years making Skyrim, the least we can do is show them a little gratitude.

    • star0cean44

      Oh what, now we have no right to complain now?
      If the game I was playing turned out to be THIS faulty, then I would at least be hesitant to buy any of their crap anymore.