Constructing Black Ops 2 Zombies Mode weapons visualized

With just over a month left until Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is available we expect there will be plenty more teasers to some in the weeks leading up to its release, although the zombie mode is starting to accumulate more details. We understand the zombie aspect of the game will be a draw, so there is an obligation to let gamers in on any information that comes to light.

Some recently revealed images for Treyarch show pictures of some weapon construction items that can be collected throughout the zombie mode in Black Ops 2. The chance to visualize these fully can be seen on the Examiner website, as they inform readers that these items can be gathered to earn the chance to create authentic and powerful weapons like the Zombie Shield. In a slideshow collection of 20, you may find some other screenshots from the video game that you may not have seen before.

In relation to the highly anticipated zombie mode, Gameranx give us the impression plenty of surprises are store for this part of the game and Activision’s Director of Brand Development Jay Puryear, comments about how fans will find out for themselves. Without wanting to divulge too much information he insists that the lack of details leading up to the release is beneficial for keeping the suspense of the surprises involved.

He emphasizes how gamers will be required to discover the surprises, so all that is mentioned at the moment is that there will be a few twist and turns. The environment will be much bigger than before along with plenty of focus surrounding the bus, which can be used in strategic ways. In our most recent zombie post, we spoke about new Black Ops 2 campaign and multiplayer gameplay contained within this mode. We already know there will be a Theater mode as well as 3D support, but the new loadout system is interesting as players will have to turn up to each mission with specific equipment that you need to keep hold of throughout the various challenges. What other improvements do you feel could be implemented into Black Op 2?