GTA 5 news restriction, including known release date

Rockstar still hold the cards when it comes to details in regards to Grand Theft Auto 5, but we already know that this will be about to change next month when a magazine publication will be allowed to share with us what they have learned about this latest game from the popular franchise. We’re even told that the GTA V release date is also known and will be shared with us in November as well.

Most gamers are very desperate for any GTA 5 news and even though we’re promised new details in the December issue of GI, many fans expect that news will be leaked before hand, but not by Game Informer as they are in lockdown (as reported here) so will be unable to share details sooner than planned. We know what the Internet is like and how eager individuals are to share details with fans, and this could prove too much for some and want to feed the fans with what information they have, but would this be fair?

Over the past few days Executive Producer of Gaming Informer has been hounded by the public to share with them what he knows, but you can clearly see on his Twitter page that his hands are tied. While this will be a tough pill to swallow for those who have been scouring the Internet everyday for any morsel of information, at least we can take comfort in the fact that we should have a much clearer picture of Grand Theft Auto V next month.

However, we’re pretty sure that Rockstar will offer more information on the game on their website before the December issue of Gaming Informer is released in November. For those who have found the wait unbearable and have lost interest a little, then we’re certain that this has given you a fresh new purpose to ride it out for at least another month – come on we’re going to finally get most of the details we have been waiting on, including that elusive release date.

Let’s hope we get to learn who the protagonist will be, how large the map will be, the story and if we will finally be able to interact with our surroundings more, meaning being able to enter people’s houses. Grand Theft Auto V has such huge potential and we’re sure that Rockstar will not let us down.

  • Bobby

    this game beter be the best game i ever played for making me wait till 2013 and searchng info every 3 days. that list is ff7(storywise/emotion, unlikely) shadow of the collosus (emotion, gameplay) uhh kinda way of the samurai 3(fast past gameplay button mashing) mother flower beter have included some real good stuff because now i have to get gold.

    • Holden Zenator

      I agree Lol it should be the best game I’ve ever played too, I was checking everyday for 7 months for info but gave up and now check 2 times a week.

    • Megadave

      The higher the bar is set, the more disappointed you will be. just look at duke nukem

      • Andrew

        I wonder if releasing the trailer a year ago will produce that effect on people.

  • Shahriarzadeh

    Every time i search GTA V on Google, i get the same shitty news (no news) again and again on different website. If you guys have anything important to say then fine, else stop writing shitty articles

    • heart

      I agree with you,especially when the title has something like “GTA V release date!” then it becomes all the more disappointing!

      • Omar Sebastian Zebibo

        It clearly says ‘GTA 5 news RESTRICTIONS, including known release date’ – It’s not their fault people have ‘selective reading’. They are just doing their part for their loyal readers as are all the other websites.

        • Mark

          Yea then people don’t have to read it

          • Jack Phillips

            should people need to read the title twice tho?

  • Isaac

    On Saturday, Shops near me were finally allowing pre orders of Grand Theft Auto V. The queues were out of the door for pre orders. Few hours later, other shops began to copy and allow pre orders!

    Preordered mine on Saturday 😀

  • Ichibod

    Can you say $300 collector’s edition? Rockstar can do that if they wanted to and I wouldn’t be suprised if they did… manange to get that much money out of me for one game. Damn!

  • James Green

    Every time I have searched GTA 5 on google this website along with Gamer has by far the most stupid pointless articles relating to GTA 5, as for the idiot who wrote this particular article I believe it’s December the info will be released so that’s NOT next month you IDIOT!! Also you done this article the other day only you worded it different!! All you are proving is that you know F**K All about GTA 5!! I think someone is just after some web hits!!

    • Alan S Harper

      the magazines december issue releases the month prior (november) seeing as were in october this definitly is next month, fifa 13 is out yet its 2012, weird world!! im a human yet i make love to farm animals?!! strange stuff

  • Not Buying GTAV

    In my honest opinion, they should have never released the trailer in November 2011 if they knew it would take another year and a half to complete the game. That is just bad business. There are a lot of people, including myself who are just mad at the lack of information. We went almost 1 year on just a teaser trailer alone before they released a FEW lousy screenshots. Im fed up with waiting and rockstar has lost a customer because of their poor business choices.

    • Ryan

      You know damn well you’re buying this game. You wouldn’t be on this webpage commenting if you weren’t still interested. Get over yourself kid.

      • f*ck you idiot

        just because you’re getting the game doesn’t mean everyone will you self-centered c*nt.
        people have a mind of there own unlike you trolls who think the same

  • lol

    LIKE this comment if you want to **** me


  • Yak

    God damn people it’s a game. Go outside and enjoy life for awhile. You act like GTA5 consumes your entire life and that you deserve to know everything. Have fun anticipating the arrival. Look forward to next month. Rockstar needs to take their time and do this game right. I’m in no rush.

    • bash

      i agree with you go out and live ur life nomatter whatuno urgonna buy this game no matter how long it takes just get a grip of yourselves and wait

      • The Don

        Learn how to spell before you judge other people lol

  • david

    I hope the main character is not 50 which is what i read somewhere hopefully the character will be between the ages 27 to 37 or 39 to 40 at the most. Also it would be good if we had tattoos with haircut options. Body building and mussels would be good to have like in San Andres.

    • Guest

      Who gives a S&^* about getting gay ass tattos or haircuts?!!? What the F^%$.

  • kevin salinas

    They have a realease date for the release date yo dang.

  • Flipcup

    I hope dude realises you have been able to go into certain houses, and even so, im pretty sure i havent seen all there is.

  • Craig

    I think that gta 5 will be a surprise the date I think will be Christmas Day.