PS4 incorporation of Gaikai predicted

Sony’s recent acquisition of Gaikai, the cloud-gaming company has given many reason to believe this could be with the intention of bringing it to their next generation console. A newly created website for Gaikai has plenty of information about the setup and there are suggestions this could be seen on the highly anticipated PlayStation 4.

Apparently, Gaikai will incorporate a streaming service that are time sensitive to gaming platforms with the expectation to deliver high quality gaming content and graphics. Reporting how the PS4 will use this service Examiner also pick out some details from the Gaikai site, like reasons why they were acquired by Sony and their reputation as the fastest interactive cloud-streaming platform in the world. The company has not divulged too much information about their relationship with Sony or the next gen console, but they do concede they have some interesting things planned for the future of their cohesion with Sony.

With some gamers skeptical about the future of this, a few feel that reaction based games would encounter issues in comparison to where the nearest server farm is, others expect this will be done with the intention of allowing a large amount of 1st and 3rd party devices to play and stream Sony’s back catalog. In other news, Eastern Morning Herald reports on how the Nintendo Wii U will stand up against the likes of the PS4 and Xbox 720. Highlighting the release date of Nintendo’s new console, they also mention how much time their system will have on the market prior to the next gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

This is expected to give them a substantial lead over their competitors who are still yet to announce their next generation systems, although this may be a blessing, this could also be a big risk. There is a feeling that Sony and Microsoft are conceding this time to produce something that will be superior to Nintendo’s Wii U system and then raise the bar even further. Reggie Fils-Aime president of Nintendo, America, has stressed how confident they are about the Wii U being a viable performer on the market for quite some time after its release, although he does mention that the company may have to adapt and overcome any new things that the other next gen consoles may bring to the table.

Going back to the original source, do you think the Gaikai will have little impact on the PlayStation 4? How do you think the Wii U will fair once Sony and Microsoft bring out their new consoles?