Play WWE 13 two weeks early, locations listed

With only two weeks to go before WWE 13 is released those wanting to check out the game prior to this time may be lucky enough to live in a region that could give you access to the demo before October 30. From now, the WWE 13 demo is accessible for participating Best Buy stores, so it is well worth checking out if your area is on the list.

A deal with WWE Games and Best Buy stores, will allow gamers to check out the new WWE title where demo stations have been setup across the country. Those interested in whether their local Best Buy is participating would be wise to head over to the THQ website and find out where your nearest demo experience is with and extensive list. Obviously, there are many gamers in various regions of the world that this does not apply to, and many from the likes of England and Canada are concerned to see they are not involved and suggest this should be available via PSN and Xbox Live for both PS3 and Xbox users to experience.

In other WWE news, Videogamer report on the Stone Cod Steve Austin Collector’s Edition selling out at GAME Stores across the country. This has recently been announced by THQ, which is a shame for those of you who were intending to get hold of that hand-signed autograph collectable art card from the man himself. Other pre-order incentives are still available from selected retailers and those who go through GAME or Gamestation will be able to get an exclusive CM Punk t-shirt with the Champion on the front in his iconic pose, although this offer is only available in-store. is doing a Prima WWE 13 Attitude Era Digital Guide and HMV are offering the exclusive WWE 13 ‘Live The Revolution’ Wrist Band. Keeping on the subject of WWE 13, last week we wrote a post about the creative suite improving arena customization, and before that we spoke about the roster and those superstars missing in action, asking our readers about who they feel should be included in the actual game, regardless of any upcoming DLC. Today we are asking whether you are one of the lucky ones that will be able to play the demo prior to its release? If so let us know about your experience.