Third Skyrim DLC: Dragonborn irrelevant to PS3 owners

If you have the PS3 version of Skyrim then you’re not going to be happy with rumors that Bethesda are already working on the third Skyrim DLC, which if rumors are correct is to be called Dragonborn. As you would expect this has not been made official, but just what The Elder Scrolls V PC players have unearthed while scouring the filenames in the most recent update.

While it’s clear that PS3 owners are angry at how they have been treated, it’s not like they are allowing this to consume them, as there are still many other games available to them. However, it will still upset them knowing that Bethesda are working on yet another expansion pack rather than using all their resources to try to rectify the issues they have with the PlayStation 3 version of Skyrim.

In the files that we mentioned above (seen here), it’s plausible that the new Skyrim DLC could be named Dragonborn and will not only allow you to mount dragons, but could return you to Morrowind as well, which as we know was the setting for The Elder Scrolls III. It was also reported that Zenimax trademarked the name Dragonborn earlier this year as well, which also led to rumors of future DLC.

While Skyrim Dragonborn DLC is great news (if true) for those with the PC or Xbox 360 versions, it’s yet more pain for those with a PlayStation 3. They could have to watch on the sidelines while rival platform users enjoy their third expansion pack, or maybe by the time the next DLC is released the PS3 version could be released as part of a special edition 3 pack deal – let’s not hold our breath?

Some gamers would rather contain their excitement on such news until Bethesda has made it official, but let’s imagine for one moment that it is true, just imagine being able to explore Morrowind and compare what it used to look like back in 2002.

However, the most interesting part of this rumor is how you could ride your own dragon, which would certainly make the world of Skyrim feel a whole lot smaller as you soar through the sky and get a birds eye view of the place you have called home for almost a year, well if you have been that committed to the game that is.

  • Allen Heffley

    Pretty much pissed at Bethesda so much i’m not buying any of their games. PS3 version sold extreamly well and they just pissed all over those customers that made them so much money. Also they should have developed for the PS3 version and ported to the 360. Sure it’s harder but they are making millions upon millions with this and it’s a better game for all platforms when developing for PS3 and porting to the others.

    • Turial

      That’s because ps3 is a mediocre platform. Want the real skyrim experience? Buy an Xbox and quit your bitching. Play Stations are entertainment units, Xboxs are gaming consoles, end of story, hence why Bethesda put more effort into the Xbox version and struck a deal with Microsoft. Bethesda are a smart company, you should be smart too.

      • RevelentDark

        Lol Xbox the real Skyrim experience, that’s a good joke. Unless you can somehow download mods on your Xbox, which no-one else can, the PC version is still superior.

        • Turial

          Not really, does PC have hearthfire?… Let me take the time to answer that for you, no. And player made content does not make it the real experience, developer made content does. Hence why as I said, the Xbox rises above the rest. Anyone on the Internet can voice their opinion, I however am simply stating the truth.

          • MuffinMan

            Actually, PC does have Hearthfire. And player made content ads more to the experience (if it is well made, making it THE superior system). And besides “real expierience”? Video Games were not meant to be real in the first place.

          • Jimmy2shoes

            Plus we had everything in Hearthfire and MORE on PC way before they released it, thanks to the modding community lol. XBOX fan kid fails hard. (Turial).

          • Baron Meliadus

            you say ‘modding community’ i say ‘bunch of jobless thieves’

          • mc david

            Yes, PC has hearthfire. PC also has “build your own home” mod , which is basically the mod that inspired Bethesda to release Hearthfire where you can build your abode from stratch. I’m not even going to mention steam or the nexus as it causes a massive amount of butthurt amongst console players.

            Also on the same subject, both the PS3 and Xbox are entertainment units. PC is much less kitten which is why many PC gamers moan at developers about the “low” quality of games that are being released at the moment.

            Basically PC = Formula1 and PS3/Xbox = nana crossing the road.

          • Skyler Koch

            pc= formula one = a lie. pc is only faster if you’ve spent over 3 times as much as a ps3 or xbox not including all the other costs to upgrade it when a new game like crysis2/bf3 comes out and your machine is inferior again the only ones who play pc are those who work with them live in there parents basement or have excess cash to upgrade a comp every year

          • Juancho

            Yes you have to spend a lot more in a PC than in a console, but you don`t have to upgrade every year, buy a high end PC every 4 years, buy it with a high end videocard, in the mid-term (2 years after you bought your PC), upgrade your video card, and you will run 90% of the games in high or very high.

            Also Bethesda games are meant to be played in PC, you have the advantages of the console (Bethesda games are marvelous but because the are huge, the tend to have a lot of bugs in the initial release, you found those bugs specially in the side quests, with console you can fix those quests without having to wait later patches), you have BETTER graphics, and finally you have the advantages of the modding community.

            PS: I own a nice PC and a Xbox360, the first one for games common to both platforms, the second ones for the exclusives (I love Halo and Gears of War), and the split screen multiplayer with friends.

          • Syl

            You’re an arrogant fool, THAT’S the truth. The PS3 is a superior console to the Xbox, but it is harder to develop for because of its split memory. That doesn’t make it mediocre, it makes the developers who think they can just port Xbox games over to it mediocre.
            And PC DOES have Hearthfire and is superior to both consoles. So shut up and stop embarrassing yourself you clueless little fanboy.

        • Jonathan Smith-Blake

          Actually you can mod on the 360 its called not being a dumbass if you think modding console games is impossible you are quite naive i mod elder scrolls and fallout games all the time its quite a lot of fun actually and far more challenging and engaging as console modders dont have cute little construction sets and tools handed to them

          • chiffmonkey

            That’s like liking having one leg, because it’s more challenging than having two.

        • chiff

          Exactly! PC is impractical for most but undeniably the best platform, capable of demonstrating peak performance, allowing customization of settings, console commands and mods, at the expense of requiring costly hardware, a certain amount of tech-savvy and not having the casual-friendly native controller support for many games. Consoles fulfil a different need – something that runs games EASILY.

      • dblazin1980

        and you seem to be a very narrow minded selfish and shallow prick…clearly a troll in disguise…both are gaming entertainment systems period but your take clearly lacks the mental muscle to comprehend the the bigger picture…the bridge says its missing run along…

        • Turial

          PS3 fanboy alert. I was stating simple fact, your the one calling people names, who’s really the troll here?

          • MuffinMan

            You are the troll. You are calling someone a fanboy when you are the one saying “Buy an Xbox and quit bitching”. “Xbox rises above the rest”. And ending all of what you have said with a simple “I however am simply stating the truth”.

        • RJ

          He’s in disguise?

      • MuffinMan

        If PS3 is mediocre, then Xbox is less than a trash can. Seriously, PS3 has better games and free flawless online experience. Xbox can’t run the games PS3 runs without crashing.

        • Turial

          I do believe a remember a certain hacking of the Play Station Network not too long ago. You don’t pay for your service because it is average. Xbox Live Gold user pay for a premium service, with far better features. As for better games every game that has been exclusive to Xbox has far beaten Ps3 exclusives in sales records. Halo? Gears of War? Ring any bells? You and your friends here in the comment section can go play God of War or something like that while I replay Dawnguard and Hearthfire, they are both very enjoyable :)

          • MuffinMan

            And with premium service you get what? Online play and group chat? PS3 can do that. As for better games, halo, gears of war, the Xbox exclusives are just COD copies (with some exceptions of course). And the sales don’t necessarily talk about the quality of the game, just look at how poor Skyrim performs. So have fun playing your two new bugs called dawnguard and hearthfire, many, and I say MANY Xbox and PC users have reported game crashing problems since they downloaded the expansions, and many more regretted buying does, so yeah, me and my friends will go have fun with our more original games.

          • Dean Cooper

            Not a single crash from me, playing on PC. Oh thats right, modders fixed it maybe a day after release. I own pretty much every console released in the past 20 years and between them all the PC is far superior to anything Sony or Microsoft could push out as a console. As for the price, hate to break it to you but I only paid £400 for my computer and it can run battlefield 3 one one screen with Skyrim on another with no problems (not that I’d need to, just stress testing). Considering the PS3 had a starting price tag of £425 I’d say I got a better deal, I mean it’s cheap now but that’s not the point.

            No matter what argument you come up with, it is an opinion, so is mine. Having 360, ps3 and PC I can quite easily say this is as neutral an argument as any, I play all three, enjoy all three and out of the three the ps3 is still my least liked platform. The games on it which are exclusive are boring to me, there is the odd one I enjoy though. The 360 is the middle child, I like the exclusives on there (Halo is not a COD clone, want to go there and we’d have to go back to the very first FPS (According to Wikipedia is Maze War)). The online is a lot better on 360 in security, community and features, yes you have to pay but you get a lot of similar features to the PSN version (PSPlus) of paid content. The 360 has a lot of problems keeping up with graphics of course as it isn’t as powerful, but pretty much everything else I find better.

            Which brings me to PC, supreme ruler of the gaming world. If you are serious about games and not just pathetic shooters (which I enjoy but its something a hate to love), then you have a PC, Skyrim isn’t the only game with mods, if a game is on PC then it is open to mods (most anyway), whether that is in the form of retextures, enhanced gameplay features or all the way to total conversions then they are available for pretty much all the games you would want to use them on. I mean any game you play on a console was primarily developed using a PC (if you think otherwise then you are very naive) and like it or not, graphics will always be better on a PC. Before anyone brings up controls, PS3 and 360 controllers can both be used on PC, along with a large variety of other input devices.

            All in all, they are all good for something, just depends what games you like in the end. If you disagree then that’s your choice, fact is that your opinion is not going to be the same as everyone else’s and arguing about it is pointless and childish.

      • Looking4fools

        Want the REAL experience, get it on a PC.

        • HungryDragon

          yes we know.. you pc elitists only post that dozens of times a day…..for fucks sake

          • cchiu

            actually i own a ps3 and i play skyrim on ps3 and i agree,except i run a mac not a retarted pc

        • Wii

          Hey guys! what about me?

          • Ps3, Xbox360, Pc

            Lol ……. Shut up Wii, you’re a family console. We don’t respect you. :-b. Just joking.

        • Fulminata

          Ive always felt a little jealous of PC users. You guys get to create whatever you want and throw it into the game.

      • Griffin

        I see nothing wrong with having a PS3. We all prefer a different system. I’m a PS3 player, but I enjoy playing XBOX 360 as well.

      • AM

        Actually if you were smart you would know; The PS3 is actually the more powerful platform, the reason the DLC works fine for XBOX is because the producers are to lazy to make a code for the PS3 instead they port it to the PS3, which causes it to not work.

  • cheesepuffs555

    Really passed of just want dawnguard

  • Baron Meliadus

    That’s what you all get for buying a sony playstation. Go get a real console! A Wii would be better!! Sony should just give up! Want proof? Halo 4. The most hotly anticipated game of the year including PS3 and PC titles and its ONLY on Xbox 360! Sorry PS owners, ya’ll got robbed!

    • Hybrid_Sausage

      Except The Last Of Us won Most Anticipated game at E3, and is a PS3 exclusive. Should note, not a Sony fanboy, just stating facts from E3.

    • Rob

      Halo. That’s the best you can do? We’ve done without Halo since the first one came out, haven’t missed it either. Back to your bridge now, I think some goats are trying to cross it.

    • Jerkn_ 4_your_mom

      Got Robbed from Red light of death

  • Jan

    Im not a tech freak but even i know that a dragon mounted dlc would require enormous amounts of power in order to keep the resolution “alright” while flying…thats why im nearly positive that the ps3 will never get a dlc like that, since they cant even get dawnguard or hearthfire on the ps3

  • Daniel

    Even if bethseda releases this bullshit DLC for PS3, me as an elders scroll fan have totally lost the love for the game. Just because of this delay, it has ruined it for me. I can no longer enjoy sky rim. Im moving on to other games now…….

  • dongiveadamn

    You’re all immatures fighting over consoles. Ahahahaha. I own a PS3 abd always loved playstation. I like how rverybody cries how good their consoles are. Ahahahaha. I loved seeing/reading cyberblood bath. You guys are all stupid.

    • Karl

      Insulting a console is like insulting someone’s manhood in the gaming community.

  • Wallemest

    Indeed. Why are they making PS3 users wait this much, while they could simply put every damn one of their employees to make sure it comes out on the Playstation 3! Simply ridiculous!

    • Dave

      They know they’ve lost a lot of the ps3 market so they’re focussing on keeping their Xbox and pc customers. It’s all about the moneys to them.

  • pancakes:)

    Actually there is a line in the coding that suggests ps3 users will get at least one DLC ($DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT_PS3 DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT) so all hope is not lost :)

  • Guest

    I believe they actually found mention of PS3 DLC in the path’s file, along with the new Dragonborn DLC stuff.

  • bubz

    Played skyrim on xbox, sold xbox. bought a ps3, nothing new here, got a good pc. cant stop playing it, PC’s are superior

  • Chiff

    I think the key point is, why can’t all Dragonborns play Dragonborn, despite being the Dragonborn?