Tweet suggests Skyrim Dawnguard PS3 release still possible

A few days ago the Skyrim 1.8 update was released in beta form and as we well know hidden in the code was found that not only hints that a new DLC named Dragonborn could be on the way but so is Skyrim Dawnguard for the PS3, which we also discussed a few days ago.

There has been a constant fear that Bethesda were going to announce that they are unable to resolve the issues, which is stopping them from releasing new content to the PlayStation, but a recent tweet from the company has given us new hope. You can see in the image below that they are working on more DLC for all of their Skyrim fans, so it’s clear to see that they have not given up just yet.

They also understand that some of their customers have had to be very patient and are very pleased that they have been. Okay, there are a great number of PS3 owners still unhappy with the fact that they have had to wait for such a long time, and have expressed their anger. It’s great that they have acknowledged that some Skyrim fans are still bitter, but we’re sure that if a release date for Skyrim Dawnguard for the PlayStation 3 was announced soon most of the anger would subside – well that and rewarding them for such a long wait.

We do find it funny that a number of recent comments have suggested that if rumors of the next DLC being called Dragonborn are true then it would only be fair for it to be a PS3 exclusive, while those with an Xbox 360 and PC would have to wait.

While this sounds like a good idea speaking as a PlayStation 3 owner myself, these comments do come over as a little bitter – but we can certainly sympathize. It’s not going to happen for two reasons, the first is why would they want to alienate two platforms at once and second there’s the whole exclusivity deal with Microsoft. Although, we’re told that this deal ending after Hearthfire.

Do you really think that Bethesda are now much closer to releasing Skyrim DLC on the PS3, or do you think that we are reading too much into it once again?

  • Troy

    You took a lot out of that tweet. Granted, it is quite ambiguous though.

    I’d proof-read those last few paragraphs as they either contradict themselves or introduce a bias. This is my first time reading this website so I’m not sure if bias is a thing that happens here or not.

    I very much doubt that the rumoured DLC will be a Playstation 3 exclusive as it’s not viable in a business sense for Bethesda. Perhaps a timed exclusive, if any exclusivity is to be involved?

  • casper13rocks

    microsoft only had a exclusivity deal for the 1st 2 dlc’s not all dlc there is no way any content should be exclisive to any one platform skyrim is a multi platform game all content should be given to all platforms at same time or not at all no1 should miss out bathesda need to learn eaqual rights law cover all form of law and need to treat all customers fairly if bathesda truly have a fix for ps3 insight where the press reliase as for them working on content for fans you be hard presst to find any fans amoung ps3 owners untill dlc is released for them

  • Juge

    I think they shud give ps3 users DG for free it’s been nearly a year they desever to be reimbursed in sumway

    • Not Here

      Not for free, that’s silly. They’re a business, they’re not going to spend all this time working on something just to give it away (although long-term they might make some profit by winning customers back, I doubt the suits at Zenimax will see it that way).
      But there SHOULD be a discount, for sure. That’s assuming we ever see Dawnguard, which IMO is still very unlikely. I just hope this latest rumour is true and DragonBorn turns out to be good enough to make up for the DG fiasco.

  • Kim

    They should offer a GOTY edition for 10$ or
    for free to any PS3 owner, in exchange for their copy of Skyrim.

    And after Dragonborn, they should stop
    development of Skyrim and concentrate on Fallout 4 or TES6.

  • Patrick Florian

    I don’t think us PS3 users should get anything for free, except perhaps Heathfire, but most of us would be happy with a good discount for the DLC. Maybe bundle Dragonborn (if it is real) with the other 2 for a discounted price, Or just announce that a GOTY Edition is coming with everything. I’d wait for that instead. However, if Dragonborn is real, all I can say is that it damn better come to PS3 no matter what, especially if we can mount dragons.

  • John

    I think they must be close to adding DLC to the PS3. Either this third DLC or all. The code found in the 1.8 patch will add the DLC menu to the main menu screen. Why add this option if they are not going to add some kind of DLC? However this whole Exclusive and “Free” DLC talk is crazy. They are not going to spend all this time making the DLC available to give it away, and unless Sony ponied up some $$$ I don’t see the third one being a timed exclusive. I’m frustrated too, being a PS3 owner but all the free and exclusive talk is just wishful thinking, be prepared to be disappointed again if you are banking on either one of them.

  • Azhan

    It will be interesting to see if all the “porting to PS3” issues coincidently resolved for the third DLC which just happens to be the first DLC that Microsoft don’t get as an exclusive.

    • Adam

      Hurray for conspiracy theories!

  • Mahmahgah


  • bethesdasuckass

    There isn’t going to be any dlc for the ps3. They wrote a poor engine and they’re a microsoft shop now anyway, they aren’t going to givw fair time to any other platform. boycott dishonored and every other zenimax title and you might see some results.

  • Givingtwo Cents

    I’m warming up for GTA 5 already by playing GTA 4 and their decent DLCs, I just came by to see how Bethesda is messing around with the PS3 people. Skyrim is my last Bethesda game I’ll purchase. Not worth being perpetually annoyed by this clueless company. Bethesda is never going to improved, that’s a promise.

  • Just a Month

    I know you worship microsoft Bethesda but now that the first 2 came out you can put the Dragonborn dlc on only PS3 for a month and then Xbox and PC, will that not violate your contract?

  • Rogest Webb IV

    for some reason i feel less angry

  • cchiu

    i bet they are just saying that to calm people down, and soon they will say oops it can’t be done, goodbye and have a good day

  • SirPoopyPants

    I would stop my boycotting of skyrim IF DragonBorn was exclusive for the ps3 and Dawnguard and Hearthfire are at a reduced price.

  • Arya

    Honestly, at this point i just want Dawnguard so bad! iv had enough of doing miscellaneous quests lol

  • Connor Beggs

    Why did you realise dawnguard on Xbox if you hadnot got it ready for ps3. I’m a ps3 player myself and Skyrim is my favourite game I am not to angry with what has occurred because I understand that it’s probely hard to code for ps3 but I think we’d all be happy for just a bit more feedback than just one or two sentences.

    • Adam

      They released it on XBox because it was ready to go. Not releasing it would have been giving the XBox community a good kicking because the PS3 has problems. Where’s the sense in that?

  • TuxedoCartman

    I don’t get why talk of making Dragonborn a PS3 exclusive is supposed to make us PS3 owners happy. Speaking as one such person, I can say from experience it sucks to have content for the same game available on one system, but not another. I don’t want XBox owners to suffer, I just want to play new DLC in a timely manner. If anything, my hatred of Bethesda would only intensify if they were to screw over a whole new set of gamers just to cover for their own incompetence.

  • Matchbox

    I havent played Skyrim since this entire fiasco has started, as I’d already done most every major thing possible. I’d hoped that the Dawnguard DLC would revitalize my love for the game, but now, I cant even bring myself to want to play it. I’m so disgusted and disappointed in Bethesda, not to mention bitter and contemptuous. I’m also shocked to see so many PS3 owners willing or even excited to pay half or full price for the DLC, just so they would have it. I’m apalled that you would lie down and take the bullshit Bethesda shoves down your throat, and be like, “That’s life”. Well I’m telling you that’s not how this is going to go. Bethesda, whether or not its good for buisness, will release Dawnguard for free to PS3 owners, will release Hearthfire for 1/3 the price to PS3 owners, and will give DragonBorn to the PS3 exclusively for atleast 30 days. If this doesnt happen, then I shall personally start a group to boycott Bethesda and trash it and all its subsidiaries, until the company metaphorically burns to the ground. Then, I’ll smother their still smoldering ashes with their own spewed bullshit.

    • dr1zzt

      U mad bro?

    • Wat

      Yes, I’m sure you, “Matchbox the Random Internet Drama Queen” are the one calling the shots in all this. I look forward to seeing the enormous and highly significant consequences of your group’s actions when this silly list of demands is entirely ignored.

  • DocterRaptor37

    As long as we get it on XBOX360 at the same time as PC.