BioShock Infinite pre-order bonus: In-Game items

Although BioShock Infinite isn’t scheduled to release until February 26th, 2014, those who pre-order their copy will get the opportunity to play the spin-off puzzle game known as BioShock Infinite: Industrial Revolution, and start earning in-game items from yesterday. Reserving next year’s title through participating retailers will give players access to this prior to the release of BioShock Infinite, which is great news for those frustrated with the game’s delay.

Industrial Revolution will give gamers the chance to play out the role of a factory worker based in the sky-city of Columbia, and the increasingly difficult puzzles will allow players to find out more about the two warring factions in the game. In an article on Electronic Theatre, they mention the pre-order incentive that lets the user earn in-game rewards over the course of about fifty free to play puzzles.

In addition, Gaming Blend has accumulated some screenshots of this aspect of the game, and the images show players editing a blueprint, as the focus of the game is to link two cogs from either end of the machine by using separate parts. As far as earning in-game items is concerned they inform players that they can unlock three exclusive power-ups and these are known as Sugar Rush, Fleet Feet and Handyman Nemesis, furthermore there is also cash to be obtained.

Only yesterday, we spoke about a new BioShock Infinite trailer release and touched briefly on the Industrial Revolution spin-off. The 90-second trailer lets us in on this ambitious game showing great scenes and locations as well as the various ways to use the Sky-Hook, along with shots of Elizabeth in combat. Have you reserved your copy of BioShock Infinite? If so let us know your thoughts on the flash-based puzzle game on offer.