Early PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale reviews

Although we expected PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale to come out this month the game is currently scheduled for a November 2012 release, so to get an insight into what is involved in the upcoming crossover fighting title, we are looking at the lucky ones that have had the opportunity to get beta access. With a couple of popular gaming sites dieing to give their perspective of the game we thought this would be the best way to get an overall early impression prior to its release.

We can understand how the initial response to this game was that it is similar to what Nintendo done with Super Smash Bros. series, with third party characters from relative console games, and the basis of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is viewed as near enough identical by Video Game Writers. In their review of their beta experience, they mention how Ratchet and Clank seemed to be a swap for Mario and Luigi, set in various mixed IPs from the world of PlayStation.

Informing their readers that the beta is public for anyone who has a PlayStation Plus account, they recommend that those with the opportunity, should check it out themselves, as this is ideal for gamers who love brawlers and especially titles like Super Smash Bros. They do emphasis that the there are concerns about the balancing of character strengths and if this is not apparent in the final game they feel that patches may end up available to address any issues. The amount of characters accessible in the beta is limited as well as the areas and items, and they look forward to its arrival, although they do suggest players try it out for their own opinion.

Giving their impression, Stick Skills are glad to see someone else trying out this style of introducing characters from various IP’s, and the combination of them involves some exciting personalities. Not divulging too much due to this being in beta, they inform gamers that what they experienced was not fully representative of the final game. Giving their thoughts they feel this is a game that grows on you and the initial experience was not brilliant. Once they got to know about the attacks, they realized that these do not do that much damage, although this is the ideal way to build up the meter in order to execute the killing Super Attack.

They also mention that the characters involved have some balancing issues and the likes of Kratos and General Radec seem to have an advantage over the small personalities. The combat could be better and the stages seem like a mix that takes away the identity of the actual titles they are in. Generally, there is plenty of potential and the final game may have more to keep the critic amused. Looking at the views from their various employees that have experienced this beta, the opportunity to play this on the Vita is a bonus and this game is expected to be an exciting game for all Sony fans.

Back in April, we looked at some of the obscure characters in PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale and at that point we were speculating a few that we thought might be involved. We also asked our readers what characters they would like to see, and some great suggestions came from this including Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Ezio from Assassins Creed and Dragonborn from Skyrim were highlighted along with a Final Fantasy character. Who else would you like to see? If you have experienced this beta with your PlayStation Plus account, let us in on your impression.

  • http://twitter.com/Glide445 Eugene Helfrick

    The beta is good fun. It plays nothing like SSB though. I really think this is the mistake people make. Its more like Dissidia than anything else. In both games, its about building to that final hit, and you can do this in a million different ways. I think once people get to play the full game, it will grow on them. The balance is actually really good once you learn how to play. Right now, people just dont know how to do damage, and counter Kratos and Radec. Hopefully they can learn fast before they just give up.