Forza Horizon review harmony, almost perfect

With Forza Horizon releasing today in America we thought some impressions of the game would be a good way to get an overall perspective of what the general opinion is, and it seems that a review harmony, has given us reason to believe Forza Horizon almost perfect. We got a good understanding of what is expected with many views on the demo, so today we are ready to briefly run through a few verdicts for the Xbox exclusive title.

Those who loved Burnout Paradise are expected to love this as it adds to that experience with real-world handling and amazing scenery, although those who have just stopped playing Forza Motorsport 4 quizzical of whether this is a dumbed down version may be intersed to know this is highly recommended by Forbes. In their extensive review they highlight so many great features that we feel it would be wise to condense their final thoughts. They mentioned the Kinect being ideal for a useful voice-activated GPS, as this feature gives the user a chance to concentrate on the road.

This is viewed as a great open-ended racing game that will make you feel an attachment to the car you drive and the roads you travel on, and a score of 9 out of 10 shows how much they enjoyed their Forza Horizon experience. A review by Chron spoke about the driving physics being really good, the graphics are regarded as absolutely gorgeous with some breath-taking environments, although the minigame that unlocks rare cars is reminiscent of Test Drive Unlimited 2, which is also viewed as a cool feature.

Recommending Forza Horizon as a definite buy, they would like to see the opportunity for players and their friends being able to cruise for fun, without having to compete in different events. VG Today awards an excellent 10 out of 10 and commends the work done by Playground Games to create a new enjoyable direction for Forza giving the franchise the chance to break free of the refined driving we are familiar with. Horizon still feels very much like a Forza title, with great driving physics, and the open world aspect looks set to be serious competition for Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

A couple of weeks back we wrote about the Forza Horizon demo release and mentioned how many who have experienced this feel it is going to be epic in every way. In fact, one of our readers commented how they spent the whole day playing the demo, as soon as it came out and their experience was overwhelming, regarding it as the best demo ever downloaded. When you hear someone talk like that about a demo, you can’t help but think this game is really worth mentioning. Have the reviews encouraged you to contemplate purchasing Forza Horizon?