iPad 4G graphics-intensive games are fluid

It was a done deal that Apple was going to announce a new iPad Mini today, and they did not let us down. The new smaller tablet makes sense and will make things much tougher for rival tablets of a similar size. However, not everything Apple announced went down well, because they have also unveiled a fourth-generation iPad just 6 months after the third-generation released.

Apple will have you believe that a newer model was needed in order to keep up the pressure on their rivals, but I have another theory – and it’s not that graphics-intensive games are fluid. I believe that Apple has rushed this other model out because they know how much income they can make on the new Lightning connector, as they know that their customers will have to purchase an adapter or two in order to make some of their third-party devices to work. Then again there are not that many accessories for the iPad, and what ones you do use are more than likely wireless, so you won’t be forced into purchasing the newer iPad just to future-proof yourself with the Lightning connector – our advcie would be to hold off and not bother, unless you have a much older iPad that is.

Maybe I’m reading far too much into it, but we’re sure that disgruntled third-generation iPad owners will have their own views, and we bet they’re not positive ones? Having said that, this might not be the fail that many of us are thinking, because the current iPad could have suffered in terms of sales during the Holiday Season because it would not have had the Lightning connector like the iPad Mini and the iPhone 5.

Anyway let’s not get too hung up on the negatives, because there have been a few changes made to the new (newer) iPad that will make it even better for the gamer. The current version of the iPad (which is no longer available to purchase on the Apple Store) had the A5X chip, whereas the new iPad 4G has the A6X chip, which is said to have twice the CPU and Graphics performance. You will notice the difference when you come to open and run apps, as everything will feel more responsive, and when you throw in the Retina display you truly get an awesome gaming experience.

Do you feel that Apple has let you down, or should we stop moaning and consider that many other industries launch new products on a regular basis?

  • Taylor A

    I’m a little ticked about this, yeah. I don’t see any need for Apple to break their regular, once a year release schedule for iPad’s. I went and bought one of the third generation ones (my first iPad, so I wasn’t upgrading) because I figured I’d get a year out of it, and with the switch to quad-core graphics (not processor, which I was aware of), I thought it’d be great for running intensive programs. I’m not saying it’s ancient, or that Apple’s even implying such (especially since the Mini runs on the A5 chips, not even the A5X), but I feel a little betrayed, especially since this isn’t really a new, NEW iPad. The processor and graphics are faster, yes, and there’s the lightning connector and that Wifi thing, but I wish they had just waited a little longer to release the third gen iPad instead. Seriously. I started saving up for an iPad 3 when the iPad 2 came out because I wanted to wait for a retina display and a better camera, so it seemed perfect to get one six months ago. Sorry, I’m just blowing off steam. Business is business, but I kind of wish now that I had just waited for one of the Windows 8 tablets, instead.

  • http://www.luvvitt.com/ LUVVITT

    I was really interested to this iPad mini. I bought it in March this year. Obviously a good product of Apple. Features and quality are really amazing.