Latest 0x10c video, awaiting gameplay from Minecraft creator

The latest 0x10c video for space-Minecraft gives gamers some insight of what a multiplayer aspect could look like if friends wanted to join in the experience. Minecraft is a popular first person sandbox title originally created by Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson, and Notch has recently shared his latest test footage, so we are interested to know whether this will be introduced to the gameplay.

As we wait for more on this from the Minecraft creator, he does inform gamers that the bot character is just a placeholder and highlight his expectations that there will be a negative response about this, along with the intermittent flickering, although this is just an initial concept. Some gamers’ feel that he should have held back until actual gameplay can be shown, as many think this looks rubbish at present, which could put people off. Even enthusiastic fans have said this has caused their excitement to die off and this should not have been revealed, as this is not regarded as gameplay footage.

Those interested to hear comments from Notch in connection to the new 0x10c footage will be able to find out about his ambitions for the game on the PC Gamer website. With continuous rumors from fans, about what his next game may be, they discuss how the developers at Mojang are still experimenting with 0x10c, and Notch has only just made the decision to add textures. Giving gamers the opportunity to take control of a person inside a ship there is plenty of ambition with this project, which will involve player-creation and resource gathering that has made this title such a success.

Last week we wrote about the Minecraft 1.8.2 update for Xbox 360 and we highlighted the new features and fixes this brings to the game. Additionally our post about the Xbox 360 dashboard update also mentioned that no specific download time was available for the Minecraft update. By now, many gamers should have experienced this update, so we are intrigued to know whether this brought the fixes to your satisfaction as well as new features. To check out the footage for yourself we have embedded the 0x10c video below.