Assassin’s creed 3 review fails to mention bugs

With just a day to go until Assassin’s Creed III is released in the US, it comes as no surprise that a review has been released early. While we cannot take one review as the basis of what the overall impression of the game is, we can’t help be positive of its 10 out of 10 perfect review score. However, we do have a small issue with this, because it makes no mention of a few reported bugs and what is being described as a horrible ending.

The first Assassin’s Creed 3 review is courtesy of Italy’s XBox 360 Magazine and made a point of praising its combat system, the navel battles and also how immersive the environments are. It’s for these reasons why many critics are suggesting that this is the best from the AC franchise to date.

Once more reviews for Ubisoft’s latest title hits the Internet then we’re certain that it will not be all positive and will be more critical of what some gamers have been experiencing. Some gamers have already got their hands on Assassin’s Creed 3 a day early and they have noted how buggy the game is, and this is not an isolated case either.

However, just remember that you are not really meant to be playing the game just yet, and also the fact that a day 1 patch will help to rectify these bugs. Although this does concern us that developers are still shipping out buggy games to retailers in the first place.

We’re told that the bugs are similar to what we have experienced with previous Assassin’s Creed 3 titles, although those early players have not been too specific. They have said that the ending is bad and is on par with the Mass Effect 3 ending, but they have not elaborated as to not spoil things. We’ve already seen the first 20 minutes or so of gameplay footage leaked on YouTube, and how some gamers did not wish to watch, as they did not want to spoil their experience.

Those of you in the UK will have to wait until Wednesday to get your hands on AC3, and we have already seen that the top three supermarkets vary in prices.

Update: Earlier today we had informed you that Assassin’s Creed 3 had been suffering from several bugs, but at that time it was not known what these were. Since then another review has come to light and has focused on these bugs, which have not only been affecting the AI but also the gameplay, graphics and also the camera angles as well. As to the horrible ending I did not want to spoil anything for the readers, although someone has already done this in the comments.

  • Cole Sibley

    Bad ending in a assassin creed game…what else is new?

    • Alex

      assassins creed revelations had an amazing ending!

    • Chris

      So your defense of critics glossing over glaring glitches and bugs in their so-called “reviews” is by citing another game where critics glossed over glaring glitches and bugs. Good job on that one, mate.

  • matt

    Not a surprise I was looking forward to this title. But I’m not going to buy this yet to be honest I think this game doesn’t look as good as I thought it would. But devs putting out buggy games os stpuid

    • Marcin

      I wasn’t going to buy this game until I saw some walkthroughs. This may be the best Assassins Creed yet, it’s got so much new things and despite the ending (which I have seen and am disappointed by) it really is a master piece!

  • Andy

    I am playing this already and not noticed much in the way of bugs. I am about a third of the way into the story and it is awesome. The gameplay is far more fluid, the graphics are superb and the combat system has been improved beyond anything i expected. Cant comment on the end because I am not there yet.

  • guy

    This is the dumbest article I’ve ever read. “The review made no mention of… what is being described as a horrible ending.” Seriously? You might as well have said “I’ve never played the game myself, and I’ve only heard brief spoilers about an ending, but I’m going to take issue with the perfect review because of that.”

    • 506dude

      I agree, these people are totally stupid. I think they are just jealous of what a good game is, and that they cannot make it.

      • Russell Gorall

        How do you know the game is good?

    • Russell Gorall

      If you can’t handle opinions the Internet is a dangerous place.

  • Keith Hammons

    Ooooh navel battles – oranges or belly buttons?

  • Raymond

    Navel battles? Stopped reading, sorry.

    • Bob

      same lol

  • Matty

    Bad ending for Connor or Desmond? Or both?

  • Kurt Reif

    The ending is considered bad because Desmond needs to make a decision on whether or not to die to save the world. He is killed by Juno or Minerva or something or other. The reason this is still a better ending then ME3: 1. ME3 never introduced anything remotely to a god. AC has alluded to god from the beginning and introduced these bad character plots in the second game (along with the third and fourth). 2. No one cares about Desmond. Desmond was most likely introduced to explain why computer characters popped in and the buildings had problems loading.

    • Nick

      Thanks for ruining the game

    • Nick

      Thanks for ruinin the game

      • Daniel Heartland

        I swear, Desmond’s story only freaking leads you to that conclusion in 5 different ways in AC:R alone.

    • the_migulator

      Way to drop a SPOILER ALERT in your comment, we all appreciate it.

      • Russell Gorall

        It is a pop franchise series with a game put out every year. If you pay attention to this, don’t ruin Madden 14 for me.

        • the_migulator

          Comparing the AC franchise to Madden is laughable. The only thing they have in common is that they both are a yearly title. That’s it. Madden is a sports simulation whereas AC is a single player, story based franchise.

          Nice try though.

    • Ryan Kesler

      Christ, yet another trilogy where the author feels it’s necessary to kill the hero at the end of it, how original. Whatever happened to “and they all lived happily ever after”?

    • Patrick Defiantgiant Malone

      shut up

  • Sam

    in the UK will it come out on the midnight after the 30th then? like the very start of halloween?

  • Togoso

    I’ve played about two hours of the came on Xbox and wow is it buggy. This is after a 25 Mb (I think it was something like that, defo lowish double figures) day one patch.


    A) When you have to rescue the guy from the fort, your companion follows, except he doesn’t climb. Instead runs right into the baddies, forcing you to follow him setting off all the alarms.

    B) When fleeing the slaves, the officers can detect you. Except the can spot you through walls and one managed to prod me out of a hay cart from 50 yards away. He went through the animation and everything. Except I couldn’t knife him. What made the whole thing really funny is on the way there, while driving the cart, all the slaves in the cage kept falling through onto the road. When we got there, there was no one left in the cart.

    C) Sometimes (actually quite a bit) in combat, you press the buttons and nothing happens. He just stands there. Shooting (or reloading to be precise) I found tricky as it was about 50% chance that he would actually reload. Also I had two guns once thinking that might help. It didn’t. It was if the second rifle was not there. One shot —load. Couldn’t use the other musket.

    D) Camera has a mind of its own. Particularly at important moments when you are often fighting blind and the camera will not change.

    I admit I’m not the greatest at the game, but I don’t mind if I make a mistake, but I can’t stand it when I have to restart a level because of bugs. Which has happened too often.

    Loved the previous games, this one has not lived up to expectations, and although I’ve played a few hours, I can not believe the bugs are only on those few levels.

    I’ll give it some more time, as the game looks awesome, and it does look like the story will develop well, it just seems to have lost the smoothness of the previous games.

    PS I do find it annoying that they seem to ignore the problems with this game and yet pounce on Warfighter (and so they should). Warfighter was worse and the story and plot sucked, but these bugs do affect gameplay quite a bit.

  • Kman

    After watching some walkthroughs, the story is great so far and as for the glitches? They are just bugs in the Animus!

    • gamernerd101

      Ruining immersion for the sake of immersion doesn’t make sense. Regardless of their purpose it’s silly to argue for glitches unless they’re properly invoked and it doesn’t sound like they are.

  • Nicholas A. Stokes

    oh god ppl i dont wanna here yall cry like masseffect fanboys cause if we get a dlc ending ill flip lol its as simple as either desmond fucked up or theres more to the story ubisoft said that desmonds story was a trilogy not just the series ending at 3 that means there can be more

  • ace

    U cant judge the ending of ac3 as it is really only a chapter ending. we dont know how the whole story ends. that would be like stopping the godfather after vito corleone is killed. you would say that movie sucks. But u gota let the whole thing play out to get the full picture

  • Russell Gorall

    The best review money can buy.

  • Me


    I’ll go find a ‘credible’ website, then. KTHXBAI

  • Satan’s Disciple

    DESMOND DIES AT THE END OF AC3,Good riddance he was such a lame ass character.

    • Shayne

      Gayfag, put a spoiler warning at the start and go stick your thumb up your ass.

  • HBX

    lots of bugs. Stuck in walls, sound problems, in a naval battle my ship turned upside down in water then flipped the other way while the crew was untouched, and lots more… But the game is still great despite the issues.