PS3 update 4.31 fixes Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD

After turning on the PlayStation 3 the other day there seemed to be a SingStar icon that I may have missed before, and not owning the game myself wondered what the point of this is. Last night, update 4.31 was issued to sort out fixes to the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD, which is another pointless update as far as I am concerned, although this is not mandatory.

The optional 4.31 firmware update is expected to deal mainly with issues regarding Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD, so those expecting the update to give you the option to move the SingStar icon or add new security measures will probably be ignoring the 4.31. According to an article on The Sixth Axis a Sony rep has suggested that we keep our systems updated with the latest firmware, as they are expected to further improve overall system stability, thus assisting the users online entertainment experience.

Last week we highlighted the arrival of update 4.30 on the PS3 and this was implemented to introduce several changes regarding the way Trophies are displayed, and the Trophy Collection will now reside under PlayStation Network on the XMB. This is ideal for those who have collected them through the PlayStation Vita games, as this will give users the opportunity to view their Trophy level and progress at the same time. We also hit on some suggestions made by the public about more advanced updates in the future like being able to download in background while playing Blu-Ray DVDs.

In addition, our last Sony post spoke about how a PS3 hack could force early PlayStation 4 release, with some hoping that something good can come from this, like an early release of the PS4. We referred to the leak of the LV0 PlayStation 3 encryption keys as opening up Pandora’s box, and the firmware update 4.30 was expected to deal with the leaking of these keys, although cannot see this working for long as Sony’s console can now be easily decrypted. On the bright side, this hack would have been more disruptive earlier in the PS3’s life cycle, so this could give Sony more reason to bring us the PS4 sooner than expected. Returning to the original source, do you download these updates regardless of what they are?

  • MarkG

    “Sony’s console can now be easily decrypted” Utter nonsense.

    Firstly you need a console running firmware 3.55 to use this. Secondly, Sony can change the way modules link invalidating anything gone before.

    The MTLDR key leak was FAR more serious, and they closed that hold quickly enough. This is trivial by comparison.