Skyrim Dragonborn DLC Armor, Weapons and more visualized

Although this only concerns Xbox owners at the moment, the new Dragonborn DLC will give fans of Skyrim the chance to extend their Elder Scrolls V experience and revisit the popular game. In a recently revealed trailer concerning this content, plenty of hidden details have been discovered this includes armor, weapons, new locations and architecture.

The upcoming DLC is the third to be issued and the officially released trailer shows some great images of what is on offer with the new Dragonborn content. Supplying pictures of various aspects involved in the DLC Gaming Bolt extensively look at what is available with everything from armor and weapons to new locations and much more. On their site, images of Solstheim and Dunmeri architecture can be seen, along with new armor in action that looks like Morag Tong. A new enemy has also been highlighted in Apocrypha and we get the notion that players will be able to use their weapons and powers while riding a dragon.

In other Dragonborn news, our most recent article spoke about the backlash from PC and PS3 users, as it seems that PC owners are also being left in the dark about DLC. We expect the Dragonborn will be available on the PC at some point, but not details have come from Bethesda informing them of this. As far as PlayStation 3 users are concerned this is yet another blow as this will be the third DLC that is unavailable to them and the recent trailer has just rubbed salt into the wounds.

With this in mind, our previous post mentioned the DLC release announcement, and how the thought of this making its way to the PlayStation is just wishful thinking. We reiterate that the back of the game cover states DLC will be accessible, yet there is still no sign of this, giving many gamers reason to give up hope. It would be common courtesy for Bethesda to show some communication over this matter, but their stance is continuously antagonizing PlayStation 3 owners, and now those with PC versions of the game. Not taking anything away from the lucky Xbox gamers, would you like some justification for the lack of DLC on your platform?

  • Gary

    It’s not really their fault that they are having so many problems with the DLC for the PS3. At the end of this, it just seemed like the author was just bashing Bethesda just because he could.

    A reason why they have been having so much trouble with the DLC on the PS3 is because of the software on the PS3 itself. They have already had a lot of trouble just getting the main Skyrim game to play on it. I have the Xbox version, and that was, and still is, glitchy at points. I can’t imagine how bad it must have been on the PS3. Since it is the software on the PS3 doing something, they can’t really do much. Even Sony has been trying to help them, since I am sure they get a small cut of the money the DLC gets.

    You also have to keep in mind, the longer they with hold the DLC the more money they lose. They want to get the DLC out as fast as possible, but sometimes it can get tricky and one simple glitch could break the game, delete all of your saves, things like that.

    So just give them time and stop bashing on them. Though… do keep asking when the DLC for the PS3 will come out, so they will hurry up a bit. It is still unfair to PS3 players of this game.

    But… for the DLC not coming out for the PC? At least not yet? There really shouldn’t be any real reason for that…

    • TheOnlineGamer

      Than why the hell did Betheda port the PS3 version from the XBOX version. Let’s face it, Bethesda only made a PS3 version to make sales and they hardly put much effort to fix the game. I do coding and I know it’s hard but the made the biggest mistake by not making a full-on PS3 version that is uniquely coded for its hardware capabilities. Dragonborn will not come out and much of it was due to hasty and fatal decisions made by Bethesda.

      • BoyHitsTroll

        Fatal? Wtf? Smh

    • dastinkygamer

      you say all this but they tell us that hearthfire will be released for ps3 and so far we have nothing, they say we have technical difficulties then tell us if it is fixable or not fixable. If not fixable I’ll at least know

      • dastinkygamer

        Jesus that looked less confusing when i posted it

  • Yes

    I’m not sure I would describe X-box gamers as ‘lucky’. I’d rather play Skyrim on PC and have all the mods than play on my X-Box just to get the dlc early.

    • Slop Williams

      Luckier than having a Mac that can’t play Skyrim.

      • Woozley

        Macs can play Skyrim, just search for a port.

        • Tehknomahn

          or you can just bootcamp windows

  • Jon Snow

    Yes I wish that I had these DLC on my ps3. If there are probs, fine I can under stand that, but the fact that we are being left in the dark and have no information regarding it. But I shall wait and see, but not hopefully.

  • PS3 awesome

    Now I lost hope all DLCs for skyrim to come out for PS3

  • scott still

    Check twitter they’ve just updated progress on ps3 and PC

  • Someone

    Guys here is a perfect fact; PS3 has difficulties with the things Bethesda use to make there games, Really guys believe me, PS3 has some “things” that mess up the game , Bethesda is more used to making Xbox 360 games since they have the things that can work better with there games.

  • Eldon

    I own an xbox, and I own this game for xbox. I love this game, and I’ve loved Bethesda’s work, but this is really pissing me off. PS3 and PC gamers should be getting this stuff too at the same time. Come on Bethesda, get it together.

  • Joe

    i think it is better because pc has console commands while xbox doesn’t