Diablo 3 rewarded with impending expansion release

Recent figures concerning the popular Diablo 3 title show that over 10 million copies have been sold so far, making it the top selling game in North America and Europe when it comes to digital and retail sales. In addition to this, there has also been news of an expansion in the works, adding longevity to this highly addictive action role-playing game.

Since Blizzard’s Diablo 3 launched back in May it was recorded that 3.5 million gamers grabbed hold of this within the first 24 hours, and NPD stated one million retail copies were sold throughout the month of May. In an article on Jostiq, they highlight Activision earnings call yesterday along with news of an impending expansion release, although we are yet to find out a date when this will arrive. Mike Morhaime the president of Blizzard Entertainment mentioned the expansion planned for Diablo 3 during the call, but gave no other information regarding a timeline for when is can be expected.

In other Blizzard related news and we’re not talking about the current weather status in the US. World of Warcraft subscriber figures have gone back over the target of 10 million according to a post on The Next Web. This is down to the Mists of Pandaria launch and although Blizzard has failed to release enough content in the past, this expansion seems to have accumulated plenty of interest keeping players entertained for quite some time. When it comes to MMO games the pricing has become an issue, as the continuing amount of quality free-to-play titles has become more appealing than having to pay $15 per month after already purchasing a game that could be anywhere up to $100.

Going back to Diablo 3, last month we spoke about the 1.05 patch going live and this aims to provide an increased challenge and rewards, giving users the opportunity to apply 10 levels of Monster Power, which not only make the game harder, but also more rewarding. In relation to an impending expansion release, what are you expecting?