Black Ops 2 iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and Galaxy S3 cases

What better way to celebrate next week’s release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 than with a variety of different phone cases, to prove your dedication to the eagerly awaited shooter. Appealing to fans with various mobiles those owning Apple iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 can customize their phones with the new game image that could be the ideal Christmas gift for that CoD fanatic.

Sporting the Black Ops 2 logo, the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 are very similar in design with variations of the size of the soldier. In an article on Phones Review they highlight the cases on offer and the differences between them. The Black Ops 2 Galaxy S3 case is different to that found with the iPhone versions, as this only has the logo as opposed to the soldier, yet both sets of phone cases have hard outer shells with a soft insert to fit your phone snuggly, along with a screen protector.

No pricing details have been given at the moment or a release date, although with the imminent launch of the game we can expect more information will come very soon. When it comes to new features involved in the upcoming title, our previous article mentioned Black Ops 2 innovation with live streaming. This will give gamers the opportunity to stream live gameplay straight from their consoles to YouTube, allowing Xbox 360 and PS3 users to put their multiplayer League Play games on the net with the inclusion of their own webcam and audio commentary during their experience.

In addition, we recently spoke about more reveals from the game and the zombie mode boss made from electric seems to be an intriguing new aspect to Black Ops 2. Coming from user chromastone10 on Reddit, the boss seems to appear once you initiate the power switch, and transforms from an electric hovering ball into a figure that shoots bolts of electric at your player. This could be one of the many surprises promised by Activision, and the zombie mode is what many gamers are looking forward to, so we hope we haven’t spoiled anything for you. Going back to the original source, are you intending to get a Black Ops 2 phone case to compliment the upcoming game?

  • MJulie

    Actually was thinking of putting my favourite show (Mad Men) on my Samsung Galaxy s3! But not sure which website to choose and design it on…not that there is so many. Only came across Zazzle that would be capable or caseable. Anyone have any experience with those? Thanks