GTA V map size revealed from scan images

As we contemplate more Grand Theft Auto 5 information to be revealed over the next couple of weeks, it seems that the map size will be considerably bigger than previous installments, and this information has been gathered from scan images. While we wait patiently for the second GTA V trailer to release, we are hoping that gameplay will be on offer, because all of the other relative details concerning the game are already starting to come out.

Apparently, the new GTA 5 map will be bigger than San Andreas, Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV put together, although there has been reports that this edition will not have the option to purchase properties, which sounds a bit strange considering the massive map that is offer. In an article on DSO Gaming they document this aspect of the game, along with news that players will be able to explore and discover underwater sections of Los Santos. When it comes to the engine involved in GTA V, Rockstar has promised better vehicle handling, physics with cars hold the road more efficiently, and the lighting and shading effects have seen vast improvements.

Everything from trucks, bikes, dirtbikes, planes, ATVs, helicopters and jet skis will be found in GTA 5, as well as numerous side missions containing yoga, triathlons, tennis, and golf. Animals will also have a place with dogs jumping up at fences and barking to warn off trespassers, although we don’t know to what extent these will be involved, so we expect to hear more on this via Game Informer’s latest issue and next Wednesday’s second trailer release.

Looking at some of the details that have become available, Gaming Everything show some scan images of GTA V and the map is one that has been pinpointed, as this seems to be bigger than we first imagined, although this will be ideal for the congestion of three characters. Only yesterday, we mentioned the three protagonists known as Trevor, Michael and Franklin and with each one having their own personality, motivation, and skillset, plenty of customization is expected.

Furthermore, it has come to light that the story mode will not have a playable female character, which is a shame as switching between the two genders would a great addition to those Heist missions. What do think about the involvement of three main protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V?

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    Great idea. Sounds like it’s going to add a whole new dimension to the series. Don’t know how in reality it will play out but the concept of it is forward thinking.