Black Ops 2 freezing problems, fix incoming

It seems that the old issue with games freezing the moment they are released has struck once again, as the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Black Ops 2 are suffering freezing problems. That’s not the only issue because some PS3 owners are also experiencing connectivity issues as well, but you’ll be pleased to learn that a fix is incoming.

Unlike EA and the issue with FIFA 13 a little while back Activision is aware of the situation and has been on Twitter just to ease fans minds, by letting them know that they are working on a fix. This still does no excuse the fact that more and more games are being released when they are laden with bugs.

Okay, we know that many gamers will say that it’s day one and we should give the developer the benefit of the doubt, but when you consider that this has been months (if not more) in the making, then you would expect the biggest game of the year to release without a hitch.

When it comes to connectivity we should cut them some slack because servers will be under a huge amount of strain as gamers will all be trying to access the online content mostly at the same time, which you should then realize will cause a bottle neck. However, how come it’s only the PlayStation 3 version that is experiencing this issue?

We’re also hearing that PC users have also be experiencing a few issues, but the advice being given is to make certain that all your drivers are fully up-to-date.

Going back to the PS3 version of Call of Duty Black Ops 2, we have also tried on many occasions to play the game following 1.02 patch and during our time our gameplay just kept freezing. We’re certain that Activision will not take too long to issue an update 1.03, for you to download, so for now you’ll just have to persevere.

  • saim22

    I hope they finally fix it. At one point the whole game froze whilst joining a team death match and i had to switch my ps3 off and back on. Then i couldn’t even click on the team death match or anything else because it kept giving me an error . I hope its fixed by double xp weekend.

  • Aaron

    So with the double XP weekend in a few days & players can’t get online to play…
    It’s getting beyond a joke that developers rush out unfinished games to cash in, then release fixes – are we really to believe they did not know about the problems before release ….. Of course they did, they have our cash now, what’s the rush ???

    • kevin

      and they wont let you return games which is bull its making me mad i spent $60 and cannot use all the features im just about done with game consoles

  • fukoff

    screw this shi& Pay this money and cant even play wow i look forward to free maps or money back that they better provide,

  • Robert

    I cant even get into a game right now it throws me off and gives me an error message WTF !!

    • lp

      me too.its getting really frustrating. i was only able to play two matches today

  • Wonk.

    Nice work. Hope the greedy developers who just expected to be able to ship a car without wheels end up getting the same quality with the purchases they are excited to get. Just because you can patch it, does not make it ok.

  • Blake

    F U C K ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Douglas

    you guys are unreal. everyone thinks you can cover every
    little bug before release, they can catch a lot dont get me wrong but a lot of
    stuff wont be caught until you release it to the public and you have 1M+ users
    online thru different consoles. No matter what game you play there will be
    bugs, its only an issue if the company sits back and doesn’t do anything about
    it. This is whats wrong with people these days they think everything is should
    be perfect, grow up and stop complaining about every little thing. If you don’t
    like what Treyarch and activision or any company for that matter, STOP USING

    • Steve

      I see what your saying but it was never this bad on mw2 or mw3 so people expect it to be near perfect because we know the technology to handle such a demanding multi player game is there but black ops (1 and now 2) just don’t seem to use it.

      • metalk2u

        I waited in the snow in canada for the midnight release, got to level 38 and havnt been able to play since 3 last night. Thats hours of time they’ve had to fix this problem or at LEAST inform their customers what the problem is and how long it will take to fix, but they dont because they wanna sell more copies. I will never forget this and will likley never buy an activision game again! BATTLEFIELD FOR THE WIN!!

        • kevin

          battlefield was no better man, i had to wait 3 hours to get the hd update for it then when that was done it kept booting me ou of games and the campaign wouldnt load right, i sold it and got call of duty mw3 much better but bo2 is not looking good right now, treyarch messed this one up not activision

    • D

      Doug, u waste of space. No one can play online – simple! But somehow we should expect this??! How about u get real

    • BearManPig

      they got over 2 years for debugging and testing this product… they make a BILLION which each cod and you are telling that we should be ok with this? dumbass

    • Wanker

      Lol, so it’s ok to release a game for £40 which does not work ?, it’s not a little bug or graphic glich… Tell you what…. Go and spend your hard earned cash on something but don’t worry if its fucked, they will sort it in a week or so….

    • Treyarch/Activision Failed

      FACT: They choose not to do a massive open beta before the actual release, hence causing the release to be the beta. There is no reason that this should be happening now. Also on another note, why are they so cheap as to not have dedicated servers? No excuses that it is too expensive… The profits from this game will be in the BILLIONS!

    • kevin

      my first day i couldnt get online, now i cannot play the campaign, or zombies without it freezing. I paid good money for this game and i want to use all of the features a minor glitch or bug would be ok, this is a major fault that may ruin some hard drives, if it freezes like mine has with the hard drive loading something

  • kenny

    WTF i bought this game on tuesday evening played till 2 in the morning got to level 28 and can no longer acess online game keeps telling me error cannot conect to online servers they had better sort it b4 2moz afternoon or i am taking the game back what a load of b*****ks

  • D81

    I’ve had to power down 15-20 times… hopefully this doesn’t damage the machine. I can’t even get a game started online… I’m done trying.

    • kevin

      mine will do online fine it freezes mine up while the hard drive is trying to load a campaign mission and may mess up my hd if it does activision can bet their asses they will be buying me a new ps3!

  • plz help

    my black ops 2 for xbox 360 wont load the maps plz help i got 2 copys and non of them work

  • treyarchfails

    190$ dollars spent and I cant even play the game it freezes at start up, give me my money back!!!

  • JJ

    i wouldn’t even mind it if i couldn’t play multiplayer for a few days but not able to even start the game is pretty annoying, i got it at midnight and havent played it once because it freezes on start up… the people getting mad cause you havent been able to play online get a life -_-

    • Matt

      So multiplayer people must get a life, but campaign people are totally cool?

  • boat

    Its ridiculous when the campaign keeps freezing. Im on the panama level and it keeps freezing on the first cut scene. Treyarc, pull your finger out and test the game before you release it.

  • noah

    It seems like they are trying to get us ps3 users to convert to xbox by giving us inferior gameplay

  • Shawn

    stop crying over Double xp all I hear is I better get my double xp just get over it or play league play damn and my ends been fine until today but I am not worried cause I know it will get fixed just stop crying.

  • Ray

    Go to the better business bureau site and write a bad report on activision. Companies hate when they’re bbb score drops.

  • Micromegas

    towards the pursuit of progress, not perfection…

  • Micromegas

    talk about first world problems, your video game freezing will be fixed within a couple weeks, lets remember youre their beef and if you dont give your cows fresh grass, you have no meat when it comes slaughter time. imagine if governments solved problems that affected millions of people within the same time frame. If youre really mad, maybe you would sell your video game in protest or perhaps not buy another, go ahead the gate is open. But the farmer has fresh grass…..


  • paul

    well if they done a beta on ps3 and xbox this problem would have been sorted b4 release simple and why is it ppl with good internet speeds like my self always host and get terrible games when they host lag comansation needs turning down i know u got have it in the game but im sure they could turn it down

  • Piperdoog

    Have the XBOX one and finished a level and now nothing… Black screen. I’m taking it back!

  • Avtarios

    This is some Bull Shit…I had about 10 hour of total play time and 18 hours of Down Time… This is of the GAYS!!!!

    • Matthew Andrew Trotter

      Well atleast you got to play online!

  • Avtarios

    Even Black Ops 1 is down!!!! WTF!!!! DAMN YOU !!!!

  • Armoured farmer

    Sort this crap out !!! Money grabbers…

  • kev

    this is bs i need a patch 1.4 today or game gone back and getting a xbox-halo 4

  • rustykillsu1

    i have been playing black ops2 from day 1 and was ok but for sum reason it has just started to freeze on me cant even play the game of line now i can play all my other games no probs eg.. fallout3  /new vagas/ sleeping dogs / mw3 / mw2 / mw1/ world at war / skyrim / battlefeild 3 / fifa 12 / resident evil 6 / black ops 1 / and so on all play with no probs at all but black ops 2 just wont play gutted was working but just wont work now ??? and yes the disc is perfect wats going on wast of 50 quid