GTA V ending and game length explained

It has recently come to our attention that Grand Theft Auto V will have multiple endings, which may be an ideal way to get the most out of the three protagonists, but we are not sure as to what extent this will be implemented. In addition, we have been informed that the main story alone is similar in size to that experienced in Red Dead Redemption, so in comparison to the long story involved in GTA IV, we get the impression gamers will be more likely to complete this title.

The latest comments from Dan Houser on the length of the game mentions that this version will not be as long as the last, as many gamers found the Grand Theft Auto IV story far too long with many admitting they never finished it. Going by the time compared to RDR it seems that GTA 5 will be around 25-30 hours and documenting this information received by Houser, GTA also highlight that there will be plenty of secondary things to do, which is good news for those who intend to complete this within the time mentioned.

As little snippets of information continue to be revealed Houser answers questions like what other platforms this will made available, and the Wii U has not been entertained yet, although the PC version is expected to come out sometime after the Xbox and PS3 editions. Apparently from what has been divulged, players will not be able to switch between characters while they are in free roam or wanted, however, they are still working on this element, so suggestions of being able to escape from police with all three together would be a nice touch.

Many GTA enthusiasts out there may feel that the length of the previous title was not that long and the addition of more protagonists would complement a longer game. Others are more concerned with information on what we will be able to do, and whether tanks and extensive cheats will be on offer, such as flying cars, (in fact flying players would be fun). In-depth customization is another aspect of GTA V that gamers want to see, with more added to both player and vehicle elements.

Last week we looked at previous comments by Houser defending Rockstar’s decision to continue work with the current gen consoles, as they have a familiar understanding of the limitations involved, although we are also under the impression that they would making a game for the new systems if they were expected anytime soon. Since the news of the next gen consoles will take over a new enhanced form of gaming, many developers have been discussing how much life is left in the current systems, but many people will disagree, with the feeling that the potential of the next gen has been a long time coming.

Going back to the original news, did you find GTA IV too long? Alternatively, do you feel the length of the last game would be preferred in Grand Theft Auto V?

  • FaizanAliNaqvi

    No PC Version :(

    • Search And Destroy

      Just pirate the 360 version,that’s what I’ll do because they(R*)are acting like stuck up as*holes.And I planned on BUYING both 360 and PC version tsk,tsk,tsk…

      • FaizanAliNaqvi

        Agreed but the problem is i dont have that X360 thats why i have a PC in the first place.

        • Search And Destroy

          I only use my IDIOTBOX360 as a pirating platform for games which are not made available on PC due to arrogance of some game developers.

          • Egotisti_Cal

            PC version is confirmed.
            Players CAN switch during free roam, just not WHILE wanted. Jesus.

  • Guest

    nort. it was chilled length. I dont care


    No GTA IV was not that long at all, I would love a long story but the main thing I care about is things to do in free roam, replayability!!! =)

    • Vershawn Lock

      With the power of the internet we can change game content on the fly.

  • JM

    “Apparently from what has been divulged, players will not be able to switch between characters while they are in free roam” — this can’t be right???

    • Peter Whittaker

      Its not right at all, they already said that you would be able to. In fact a few things mentioned in this article seem to be a bit dodgy :

  • joe

    no the story was not long i want a longer one with more fun things to do in free roam

  • Rowan Stanley

    we want longer, 100+ missions worth, make it longer

  • suvam

    actually the thing with gta 4 was that it has repeatative missions which bored people and they felt it was long……..if gta 5 has 200 + missions also,it wont be a prob if only the missions structures are awesum

  • Stew

    i think it’s a bad idea to make it for PC. not from a financial P.O.V, but from a gaming P.O.V. simply, the game will be too big and a super-computer would be below the minimum system requirements from what we’ve seen so far.

    • BestInTheWorld

      Computers can handle games alot better than consoles, so GTA V would be no problem.

      • you’renotsmartareyou

        only high powered computers. you seriously think that a games console is not as good at playing games than a computer?

        • BigPetes

          Consoles are years behind even a mid-range computer.

          • Michael Perkins

            ok so why cant my laptop which was state of the art at the time gta IV came out run it, but I can pop the xbox360 version into my xbox360 and it works perfectly?

    • suvam

      If the game is optimised well then it wnt be a problem…..consoles have 6 to 7 yrs old hardware


    I dont think GTA IV was that long

    • Meghraj Baria

      Yea, i started the game at 1 PM and it was completed by 9 PM… i was surprised that it was smaller in time than mw3

  • BestInTheWorld

    I have no idea how long the story was in GTA IV because i never finished it, but i think alot of people didnt finish it because it was very repetetive in what you did. It was all “drive here, kill him, drive back”.
    “players will not be able to switch between characters while they are in free roam or wanted”, i think you miss interpreted this because it has been revealed that we can switch players in free roam but not while wanted.

  • Qasim Hussain

    thats stupid i must have finished the game atleast 10 times

  • LucasO11

    I really hope they think this through and make it at least quite longer than RDR, cuz there were just 53 missions I guess, cmon man

  • blab

    I agree GTA iv got boring so i spent my time running riot and online in death matches , would prefer this with amazing online capabilities

  • jordan

    I could have easily finished GTA 4 in 2 days so it wasnt that long, we want story mode that goes on forever!


    WTF !!! WE NEED A LONGER STORY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GTAfan

    25-30 hours is fine but I want more side missions and activities

  • Roman Bellic

    Flying cars? Are you serious? One of the reasons I loved GTA IV so much was because it lacked some of the outlandish crap that you could do in say, Saints Row III. Excuse me if the humour is more subtle and the cars require more finite handling. I like it that way.

    • Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson

      Take it you’ve never used that cheat code in GTA San Andreas?

    • yo hoe

      saints row III dose not have flying cars

    • The true Roman Bellic

      Then just dont play crazy.. the beauty of gta is the ability for players to do whatever they please! even if the player likes to be boring… ;P

  • Mike

    Gta 4 wasn’t long at all.

  • rocco

    gta 4 had 94 missions and san andreas had 104. they literally gave us one trailer in nov ’11 and the first pictures didnt give us nothing. dan houser better have been under guessing it. cause to be the best gta game they gotta have the most story missions. cuase they already got the biggest map and detail. hopefully they didnt sacrifice the length of the game for detail and the length of the map. i wouldnt care cuz im buying this game. But the storyline is important to me. Anyone else? Cuz everyone beats the gta 4 story

  • rocco

    i would absolutely be happy if they gave us like 105-120 missions and i would be happy as hell. But most likely not i know

  • Dawid Bartel

    Oh we pay the same amount of money..for the shorter campaign because of some dickwits who haven’t completed the game. It’s up to them isn’t?! It’s like as if you would be getting a new car and would have to pay the same price but you wouldn’t drive as long because it would break more as most drivers “won’t be driving that long as they did in the other models, therefore they didn’t experience the full driving…” Pathetic.

  • TT

    Gta 4 was not at all long..
    And a story line big enough as gta sanandreas would be nice!

  • Michael Perkins

    i felt that GTA San Andreas took longer to finish than did IV. That said, characters like Kate are really annoying. no matter what you do, you don’t get the girl?

  • Zup

    I don’t think the lenght of the mission line in GTA 4 is why many players stopped playing, I think it’s the repetition that bored some players. The lenght of the game can never be long enough as long as the missions stay interesting and varied! I Finished GTA 4 and it was good, however I thought that previous GTA games had more original missions. It doesn’t always have to be about the shooting and escaping the police!. Keep things original and creative and surely more players will finish the game!

  • grpeephole303

    GTA IV was not long at all. it was perfect length for a game. People who didnt complete it just didnt like Nikos story.

  • d don

    they need to sort out being able to switch between the protagonists in free roam or what’s the point and i know you can’t change bodies but hair cut and tattoo would be nice and also Trevor looks like a crack head so i wonder if we will be able to take drugs not just alcohol ( the game is an 18 after all ).


    GTA 4 was not long at all! i beat the game 3 times in a month. We need a storyline like GTA SA. I think the storyline should be longer so we won’t get bored quick.

  • Dumksgaz

    Houser actually said that you can change protagonist at any time in free roam, probably not when you are wanted though. And there might be slight changes yet.

  • Wtf man

    I just read more and more disapointments with the game. Stop taking away from games and add more. What they need to do is allow players to make critical decisions that could change the ending or events that happen in the world. Make me CEO. Promise i would make the company billions. But obvisously we have morons in the head chairs.

  • Dlee13

    I think most people found GTA IV long due to the repetitiveness of the missions, I’m sure if the main game missions where as interesting as the DLC mission the game would of seemed shorter!
    I personally love a long story and I’m happy GTA V will be longer than most games but I’d still love it to be even longer!

  • Daniel wilber

    Gta iv was to short and I hope gta v will be interesting like gta sa cuz the game was long and was very good the best story mode in gta yet

  • Daniel wilber

    Why cant the story mode be longer billions of ppl are buying the game rockstar should be asking what do we want in the game its more amount of cash that you all are paying but rockstar is makeing times the amou/t if u just put what we want like flying cars longer story mode and better cheats like sa and an entertaining story mode!!!!

  • Daniel wilber

    New generations of consoles I cant tell what happen to gta v on the wii u and ps vita ya know andwhat about red dead redemption not on the ps vita pc or wii u

  • Daniel wilber

    I mean if rockstar knows billions of ppl will buy gta v for ps vita and pc why dont they do it ???!!

  • Givingtwo Cents

    There should be side missions of buying real estates that generates goons and income. Then get enough NPCs to elect the characters into corrupted offices.