Greater GTA V mission variety tackles tediousness

Plenty of new information about Grand Theft Auto V has been revealed over the last week and the second trailer has given us cause for more questions to be answered. One of them concerns the promise of greater mission variety in GTA 5, as the last game involved too much repetitive action regarding the tediousness of having to continually drive to a location, enacting what has been demanded, to then return to the original location to save your progress.

It seems that Rockstar has let us in on the way some missions are played, and in many cases only one protagonist will be required, while others will involve two or three, mixing up the play. In an in-depth article on Tech 2, they mention the game having an inventory system and plenty of the missions involved will be in preparation for bigger ones, resulting in larger heists that are more complex. As far as the inventory is concerned, each player will have their own, with their money and progress, although the developers give us the impression this will be addressed further down the line.

Apparently, the game can’t be completed with just one character and there will be plenty of underwater areas to discover and explore. Additionally, the only characters that could return from previous games may come from GTA IV and adding to that, multiple endings will be on offer. Last week we spoke about the GTA V ending and game length, as we understand this title will not take as long as the previous one, although many gamers feel that those who didn’t complete GTA IV got bored with the story.

With three protagonists, Grand Theft Auto 5 should be the same if not longer than its predecessors, as many fans feel that they would be more likely to persevere with the story this time around. The good news is that there will be a fair amount of secondary things to do according to Dan Houser, so those with targets to complete this within a certain time, will still have plenty to be getting on with. Those wanting extensive answers to some of your burning questions may be interested in what IGN report as plenty of insight comes via Rockstar’s Dan Houser, in regards to the new characters, improvements, changes and GTA V in general.

Do you feel that feedback about the tediousness and repetitive actions has given Rockstar reason to change and enhance this experience with three characters? On the other hand, will you be expecting the same old familiar feel that has made Grand Theft Auto such a popular franchise?

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