Lack of Skyrim PS3 DLC update put into perspective

As we continue to highlight the lack of Skyrim DLC for PS3 owners, many suggestions on ways to handle the ongoing issue have come from gamers, with expectations of some form of compensation. With responses regarding a discount for all three downloadables from Bethesda along with a heartfelt apology, and the wait for the first content has amounted in many people expecting constant updates about the state of play reassuring gamers that there is hope.

There have also been some rare reactions on the side Bethesda, because those having to wait longer for their DLC have not exactly been deceived and although it is not ideal to keep one console hanging on, there is a feeling that it will become available. With this in mind, a large majority of PlayStation 3 owners will disagree feeling hard done by, and deservedly so, even if Bethesda are working to rectify this problem.

With the use of the word, discrimination and deception there have been suggestions that this is a bit too strong, although we have empathy for those fans who are finding this whole ordeal tiresome, as more updates on whether it is or isn’t coming out would give gamers some reassurance that they have not given up on PS3 owners. Only the other day we spoke about the latest 1.8 update for the Xbox 360 along with Dragonborn eye candy has infuriated PS3 gamers even more, as nothing has been stated about this arriving on the Sony console.

We recently heard that the PS3 compatibility issues are nearly resolved, so while we wait for further updates, we discussed whether one DLC would be preferred over another. In an article on Product Reviews, they mention how PlayStation 3 owners are demanding the truth about Skyrim Dawnguard DLC, as we are under the impression content will land soon for the Sony console, but we are still unsure if this will include Dawnguard or Dragonborn. The demand for the DLC also comes with the expectation of clearer communication, and we are interested to know if you are an Xbox or PC owner with compassion for PS3 gamers?

  • MadCow

    PS3 owner here, and though I’m not as rabidly hate-filled as some regards the lack of updates and communications, I am seriously considering purchasing the XBox deal (with Skyrim download). The one thing holding me back right now is the 100’s of hours already invested in the PS3 game and character that I would lose. Murphy’s Law tells me that as soon as I switch, the DLC content for PS3 will be announced :)
    However, there are more important things in life, especially this week, to be thankful for.

    • Azure Djinn

      I also have several hundred hours into my PS3 character however 2 months ago after realizing the DLCs were not going to be available anytime soon I purchased it used for my XBOX. Now I also have well over 100 hours into the new character having enjoyed both Dawnguard and Hearthfire. I am NOT giving up on my PS3 character and when new content becomes available for the PS3 I fully plan on enjoying it as well. Those of us that love the game, even with its flaws have played more than one characters trying different attributes anyways so what’s the difference if it’s on two different consoles?
      Your off the hook MadCow I tested out Murphy’s Law with no effect.

      • Aaron Roberts

        Wow! I must say, you two have had the best response to the whole ordeal than anyone I have ever seen. I’m glad you two are not filled with blind anger over this. I. too, bought an Xbox after seeing that the DLC may not be coming to the PS3, and I’ve been enjoying this character almost as much as my PS3 character. You two show that there is still hope for the PS3 community when it comes to Skyrim.

        • MuffinMan


        • Fred Ferraro

          Not everyone can just up and buy a new system for one game, I mean that is really a crazy thing to suggest for most people. My brother has an xbox 360 and I suppose I could buy Skyrim for that and play it all over again. However I have 240 hours into one character on the ps3 and I had just started a new one so my DLC experience wouldn’t be too easy… though I shelved the game while waiting and in the mean time played all the Resistance’s, Uncharted’s and COD’s and replaying Fallout New Vegas for the legion (don’t even get me start on new vegas and that fact that it freezes literally every 20 minutes in my older 180 hour save)… Looking for something new to fill the time while I wait for the Skyrim DLC… maybe I’ll replay Oblivion as well…

    • Allen Heffley

      Xbox sucks though. Why the hell would you buy a 360? Almost everyone has a PC, throw a graphics card in it and sound card and you can probably play this game on it.
      Xbox is pay to play junk. Don’t support pay to play, xbox gamers have to pay to play and pay for online passes and such. And M$ gives nothing for your $300 every 5 year subscription. They just allow you to access the internet you already paid for on the overpriced xbox console. There is no reason it should be that much, no blu ray, no browser, pay to play, no true exclusives (all best on pc)

      • TechNoirBard

        It’s been many years sense a Sound Card boosted FPS in a game, but I still agree with you. My friends HP (2.6ghz Athalon x4, 4gb ram, 8800gt) almost plays this game as well as my Hp workstation (Stupid strong 12core).

      • casper13rocks

        any one paying to some one other then there network provider for acsess to there own internet is a compleat moron so no chance of ever buying a xbost im not dumb enuff to pay net acsess twice pc gameing suxx a$$ because keybored / mouse control majorly sux controlpad is only way to sit bk and realy enjoy a game and as i like my picture quality to be perfect theres no chance of xbox dvd quality would ever cut it ps3 is awsome bethesda just incompertant fools giveing microft everything while ignoring ps3 fanbase

      • The Only Dovahkiin

        Sony may need to start charging for their crappy Internet anyway. Currently the company is losing money when providing free Internet. The Xbox 360 version and PS3 versions would mainly be different in the shader. Not much else would be different. However everyone here is raising a valid point about just porting it from Xbox to ps3. Ps3 has more core processors than Xbox. So really they would need to build both of them separately. But bethesda didn’t. I’ve got almost all their games and won’t ever stop buying them. I’ve never found games that hold up to the standards set by Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3, or Fallout New Vegas.

        • Nah man

          Crappy? Must have been your internet. Mine is perfectly fine and so are all the other PS3ers I know. Sony is losing money not because of allowing free accounts, but because their PS3ers cost too much to make. Because they wish to give the world a system that would crap out on you on stupid reasons, they suffer from it because it costs too much.

          However, I agree with your later part. Bethesda makes some really good games and I can hardly find any other producing so many good games at once, besides Naughtydog, and Ubisoft…sometimes.

  • QuantumBreed

    this seems to have been going on since oblivion and fallout. several dlc was withheld from the ps3 release of oblivion and it was nigh a year and 5 o was it 6 DLC later that the fallout DLC became available. to me it seems Bethesda prefers xbox and pc and kinda strings us PS3 users along for fun.

    • Jacob

      ikr, people forget the massive issue with fallout 3 they just never even mentioned ps3. Bethesda must prefer xbox and pc; pc because of the mod community and xbox for god knows why

      • casper13rocks

        as far as i see the mod comunity actuly brake the teams and conditions of use because it is basicly pireted softwear not produced by the releaeing game comperny there for all moded versions should technichly be bloked from acsess on steam but thats were they get these mods so much for regulasion and law bethsdea do as they plz

        • Jacob

          i thought they released the mod tools for it?

          • Fred Ferraro

            they do. And for clarity the favor the PC because that is where the elder scrolls started… the xbox gets lucky because its essentially a less powerful PC and Microsoft pays for the exclusivity (or so I hear)

    • casper13rocks

      try round 12 lots of dlc maid oblivion while ps3 got 2 nights of the 9 and shimering isle ps3 players were also told to go by oblivion again if they wanted dlc or to just miss out same will happen here you watch ps3 wont see all dlc and what we do get we will have to buy game of the year editon of skyrim when its released we might be lucky to play it by xmass 2013

      • Fred Ferraro

        Yeah its bs that ps3 users only got a fraction of the oblivion dlc

  • Gary

    This whole ordeal has completely changed my view on Bethesda and I find it hard to play any of their games without a hint of anger. What has possibly annoyed me most is the effect this has had on ps3. I’m not sure whether Sony deserves any sort of blame for this but as far as I can tell this is purely Bethesda’s fault (feel free to correct me on that) and yet Bethesda has not really suffered, rather Sony has. I know a large number of people who are turning their backs on Sony because Bethesda can’t get there act togther. I did hear something about a problem with black ops on playstation suggesting it is the consoles fault but I always heard that has already been fixed. Where as it took quite a few updates until Bethesda finally fixed there problem. I guess my point is, try not to give up on playstation because of Bethesda, it doesn’t deserve it. I have filled the DLC void by playing Assassins creed 3 which comes with an exclusive free hour if gameplay on PS3. It still has lots too offer, so think twice before switching

    • blob the bob

      Well from what I heard the problems fr Black Ops 2 for the PS3 had also affected xbox360…maybe not to the same degree but sill was in attendance.

    • Michael Griffiths

      Agreed. We have Assassins Creed 3 and Black Ops 2. Both are great and have none of the issues seen with Skyrim. Bethesda is the only developer who has games that crash my PS3. I have never had that problem with any other game studio.

  • Mr.?

    I’m just gonna say that if the game was made correctly for the playstation in the first place Bethesda wouldn’t have a problem with ps3 users Hines wouldn’t be under constant tweet attacks and we the ps3 users would happily be enjoying a great game. As it has been said before we aren’t angry about the 30day exclusivity for the Xbox, it’s the fact that we want real answers and we are not getting them. They haven’t really explained what the problem was in the first place. But I’m trying to be patient and I’m hoping at least for a holiday release

    • Ps3 is sheet

      It’s because the ps3 is S*it compared to the PC and Xbox

      • Doc

        Do your homework before you make any more comments. Maybe if you actually look at the results coming from each system you would realize that the problem does not lie there. Get your head out of your @$$ and go somewhere else to cobble up a feeling of superiority over others.

        • Viper

          dude i thing you need your juice box its ass not @$$ GAAAAYYY

      • Allen Heffley

        dumb ass.
        PS3 is the best, if Bethesda developed for the superior PS3 and ported to the low tech 360 then everyone in both worlds lives happier.
        Bethesda needs to give 1 of the 3 DLC for free.

        • anonymous ps3 user

          I completely agree, but with 1 exception. Hearthfire. We don’t want them to give us only a 5$ dlc for free instead of something like dawnguard. but otherwise i completely agree with you.! ps3 ftw!

        • BoyHitsTroll

          You’ll take what they give you

      • Troll_BusterXD

        Oh for God sake GET AN EDUCATION, in terms on Hardware, the PC’s are first, PS3’s are second and the Xbox is Last, yes thats right… Last. The reason this all kicked off in the first place is because game dev. port from the lowest console up, so the lowest console can run the game, the Xbox… But when they ported Skyrim to the PS3 is wasnt configured right because of the shared graphics so its technically Bethesda’s fault but there fixing it. Any way I have no problem with Xbox apart from RRoD but in superiority, the PS3 is better. Enjoy Troll

      • anonymous ps3 user

        ps3 is better than the X-box 3-shizzy. for life. read troll_buster’s comment.

        • Lycaon1900

          Naw ps3 sucks monkey balls

          • MuffinMan

            Nice one you troller.

      • casper13rocks

        its cause the cheap pricks ported to ps3 from xbox insted of programing it for the ps3 properly in the first place thats why they have trouble with ps3 porting to a non compatible system dose nothing but cause trouble but they dont care about quilty at gltchthesda they just want it out the door for proffit

        • Hungry Dragon

          It was ported from the PC not xbox

      • blob the bob

        you clearly haven’t played ps3 you little annoying fanboi, why don’t you learn the facts before you open your muth because ps3 is much better than the 360, and for pc…can’t really say it’s that much better since pc has been around for 20+yrs and this is as far as they have gotten compared to a console…look at the facts

    • blob the bob

      I agree 100% if they had done it right the first time there wouldn’t have been any of this, but the fact they refuse to get it together shows their lack of interest in ps3 system and seeing to it that us gamers of the ps3 community is satisfied.

  • Nick S.

    “Murphy’s Law tells me that as soon as I switch, the DLC content for PS3 will be announced :)”

    So, you’re the one holding everything up? For goodness sake, man, hurry up and go get that Xbox! Move this to the top of your “more important things in life” list of priorities! Have you no compassion? While you’re out, wash your car. We need some more rain

  • Ps3 user

    Ps3 user – How could they of made the entire 200 hour + game on ps3 but not a 10 hour dlc on ps3 or a simple making a house thing on ps3 -damn you bethesda

  • Xbox loather

    Ps3 owner here…. Xbox users believe there console is superior when in fact this is not the case as a matter of fact ps3 surpasses xbox in all manner with an exception to wifi speed. I have owned all three consoles and am very glad i traded up for a ps3. All i really expect bethesda should do after they sort this out is to give us exculsive dlc and make xbox and pc wait for a year to get it. That alone would make me feel so much better im so tired of hearing die hard ms fans talkin crap aboutt the ps3. Even if it were some exclusive armour or sumthin. All i really wanna say is xbox die hards are all children ages 10 to 15 who freak out whenever somethin is exclusive elsewhere. Beside ive played and owned skyrim for all three and xbox clearly had the lowest quality graphics and the same is true for all 3rd party whores. Bethesda better give us first dibs on dragonborn as well.

    • Doc

      Haha… You still have hope that we’ll get the dragonborn DLC at all… that’s silly, yet oddly reassuring at the same time.

    • Multi-System user

      Agreed. I have had Xboxs, Xbox 360s and every single Playstation system and can fairly say that PS systems > Xbox in terms of hardware etc etc. As said above, the exception is wifi. But if you use wired, the speed is amazing on PS3.

      I am very happy that I decided to buy a PS3. At first I wasn’t going to, then I heard about Skyrim and considered, then bought. Other system users who haven’t tried it yet should try renting one or playing at a friends. The games are amazing, the graphics, the speed and more.

  • Arden

    Sadly I’m a PS3 owner, not to be disheartened by the lack of communication or the long release. I prefer for something that works to come out of this wait rather than having to deal with game killing glitches, until then I’ve made due with putting my Skyrim play on hiatus, after all there are other interesting games out there I can pick up in the interum.

  • Daniel Smith

    ‘As we continue to highlight the lack of Skyrim DLC for PS3 owners…’ Read as: We’ve been jacking off in our mothers’ dresses all weekend so are going to rehash the same story we’ve been doing since Dawnguard’s 30 day exclusivity expired. Thankfully there are actually some websites passing out actual news, it just involves swimming through crap like this to get to it.

  • John-F39

    I would be happy with any DLC for SKYRIM PS3 :-) The idea of mounted dragons sounds awesome! I’m excited about this dragonborn DLC releasing December 4th! I’m not mad or jealous of Xbox or PC users because I know the wait is well worth it and maybe sony will throw in a discount :-)

  • I want my DLC!

    Dawnguard is LONG overdue. It’s really getting ridiculous. Bethesda really needs to hire new coders or take lessons from Rockstar, Ubisoft or Naughty Dog….

  • kurt

    How did they not recognise it as a problem earlier? Would they not start on the dlc almost immediately after the release of the game if not before?

  • Anonymous ps3 user

    Personally, I think that at least SOME form of compensation (wallet-wise) would be preferred by all ps3 users. I believe that dawnguard should at least be free, or at least a discount on the rest of the dlcs. It’s unfair to the gamers out there to have to wait this long for anything, but Bethesda has to weigh the options…. discount and loyalty or full price and potential alienation…. decisions, decisions…

  • Strifeman

    Everyone, do yourselves a favor, and instea of forking out money for an Xbox to play the dlc, just sell the damn game and buy assassins creed 3. Whether or not you’re particular to this kinda game, that’s what I did and i must say I’m pretty happy. I’m sick and tired of waiting for Bethesda. The ps3 is a great system with many great games, and I’d rather spend my time playing them then waiting for the Xbox-favoring Bethesda to grow a pair

    • Avid PS3er & Skyrimer

      I’m sorry, that makes little to no sense. Skyrim, regardless of DLC, is still an amazing game. And having AC3 (which kinda disappointed me), I still think this way. To sell a good game like Skyrim because DLC kinks are turning out to be harder to “unkink” than they anticipated is a rather childish reaction.

      If you worked on any video game before, you most likely would not feel this way. Having been a programer and a game developer, I personally know just how hard it is to unkink problems in games. It takes a massive amount of time and patience. And if you don’t have those two things, everything falls apart and people would only complain about how there are kinks in the DLC they cried about not getting soon enough.

      So really, the point of my post is that it was stupid selling your Skyrim copy for AC3. It really was.

  • casper13rocks

    its been more then 2 weeks since they stated that were also close to release of new content to ps3 but in recent post by gstaff they say they have no information my opinion is you cant be close to anything without some info atleat the name of what is to come could and should be stated along with a days weeks month estimet on how long if the y cant give this at all there statement on being close was nothing but lies and there state they care for all fans lies the only thing bethesda seem to care about is how much can they suck up to microsoft

  • computertech5

    your all morons ps3 would be the best system if the stupid encryption software was programmed better (that is why dawngaurd doesnt work yet). graphics are better because of the blue ray disk and if u dotn play on 1080p it looks way worse then xbox. overall the systems are the same.

  • Strifeman

    Everyone, do yourselves a favor, and instead of forking out money for an Xbox, just sell the damn game and buy assassins creed 3. whether or not you’re particular to those kind of games, the fact remains that the ps3 is a great system with many other great games besides skyrim, and i am done waiting for the Xbox-favoring Bethesda to adhere to the “Add-on Content” label on the back of the game’s case.

  • That guy

    The world doesn’t revolve around the ps3 why would they stop everything just to put dlc to ps3. It isn’t their main source of income why stop developing dlc and just assign a team to fix it.

    • Me.?

      If that’s the case why make it for ps3 when u kno ps3 users are going to buy the game. The fact is whatever problems should’ve been fixed by now. Doesn’t make sense that its been five months now and there’s still no type of content out at all. And ps3 may not be their main source of income but it still makes them money no the less so cut the bs no one ever said the world revolves around us ps3 users anyway we just want wat we paid for

  • ninja

    For those of you who say they are glad they have an X-box or bought an X-box to play the dlc, good for you. Im not going to go get one just to play a few games. Mainly because I don’t have the money to buy one(gotta love the college life). I don’t really mind x-box that much but I have been a playstation guy my whole life. I will just keep waiting and hoping.

  • simon perry

    how it should be handled from now on for bethesda games: make the PS3 version FIRST, optimise for PS3 hardware, then port it to XBOX and PC and then optimise the ports for the latters


    PS3 might be more powerful but that doesn’t change the fact that PS3 owners are FAGS!

  • casper13rocks

    as per useal everything for xbox and go F%$K yaself ps3 tnx bethesda i love you equal and fair treatment to all your customers well i award bethesda a complamentry dildo so they can go F^%K themself

  • Avid PS3er & Skyrimer

    I’m a PS3 owner and purchased the PS3 solely for Skyrim, and even ordered it the day it came out. I’m disappointed that we haven’t heard anything on the DLC for Skryim, especially since they announced Dragonborn (something I want really, really bad), but I have invested all my time on my characters for PS3 and I would hate knowing that we will never get DLC or even thinking about switching over to a system I have had TERRIBLE luck with (three of them broke from red rings of death!).

    My brothers, thankfully, have an Xbox and Skyrim. I’ve tried playing on it. It is too slow (and uglier) for my tastes and I would honestly hate starting over on a system I kinda hate.

    I hope Bethesda fixes the problems, and that Sony doesn’t continue to lose people because of it.


    I’m also disappointed that Elder Scrolls Online will only be for PCs. Bah! My luck!

  • wesley

    If all the DLC isn’t released for the PS3 i won’t be buying any of it. I don’t want some crappy consolation download in lieu the content that everyone else is privy to. As it stands i will probably wait a year before i purchase any new Bethesda games… long enough to see whether they actually function.

  • Michael Griffiths

    “With the use of the word, discrimination and deception there have been suggestions that this is a bit too strong,”… I disagree. Those words best describe how I feel.

  • Negative Nancy

    Call bethesda and complain

  • Johhny rebel

    301-926-8300 bethesda. Call em.