PS4 hardware dictated by Xbox 720

Speculation surrounding details of the upcoming PlayStation 4 console could mean the Xbox 720 may dictate the hardware capacity, and the initial memory of the Sony system could be enhanced to keep up with Microsoft’s next gen console. In addition, the PS4 name we are commonly using doesn’t look to be the actual title, as the number used is not entirely lucky in Japan, so it looks like it will be called Orbis.

The word Orbis like the Vita derives from the Latin, meaning of circle, orb, rotation or something resembling a round object, although we are still not totally convinced this will not be changed in due time. Other information about the Sony console is reported on Gaming Bolt, including news that the PlayStation 4 will probably have 4GB of memory, however this could also end up as 8GB, and this may depend on what the Xbox 720 has. If this is legitimate, Sony may consider adapting the same as what Microsoft is offering.

In addition, the news of no backwards compatibility seems to back up reports that have been going around for sometime, and many gamers are upset by this, although many classic games will become available through cloud gaming setup Gaikai. Other rumors concerning the price mention around 400 to 500 Euros of your region’s equivalent, amounting to an initial loss by Sony. Last week we spoke about the Xbox 720 and PS4 free-to-play debate, as this has been suggested as a way to move forward according to Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli.

Considering the success of this element in PC and mobile gaming, many developers are paying close attention to this aspect, as the next gen consoles could be the last of their kind, and this could be the key to future gaming. Prior to this, we wrote about the new Orbis dev kit release close to final spec and this version is expected to been seen in January. Apparently, this could amount to four versions of the dev kit, with one containing just a graphics card; another will be a “modified PC,” and the third at the beginning of the New Year, along with the expectation of a fourth in the summer.

Do you feel the new PlayStation Orbis will end up having 8GB of memory? On the other hand, what’s your opinion on the lack of backwards compatibility?

  • PS_Trooper

    It’ll probably end up being 8 GB. 4GB isn’t much these days. My laptop is 8 GB RAM and it cost me £300 only. The more RAM PS4 will have the longer it’ll live I gues.

    • BATMAN

      You cannot compare your laptop RAM with console RAM, consoles are modded and tweaked for the best performance possible with budget in mind. It runs much faster than the stuff you wedge into your computer which is why you get stunning results with Halo 4 on just 512mb RAM… PLUS we all know it’s not so much the capacity of the memory, it also requires a high speed with a motherboard to match. Much like a stick of newer DDR3 RAM say 1GB has the potential to out perform a 2GB DDR2.

      • Dale Walford

        Well, consoles will always have an upper hand on PC’s because Consoles don’t have to haul around the weight of windows. And for all the PC fanboys that blurt about power and visuals, I still maintain you can’t buy a PC Base unit that will cost less that a PS3/360 and deliver the same performance.

  • kile

    LOL it won’t be called Orbis hahah are you crazy

  • Ed

    “PS4 hardware dictated by Xbox 720”

    If it’s true then It’s amazing that Sony have lost so much ground MS. MS came in with a long term plan and it’s working.

    Can’t help noticing their have been No PS3 console exclusives this year apart from the just released and poorly received Mario type game and one other both aimed at the more casual gamer wheres MS have released Forza Horizon, Halo 4, The Witcher 2 and of course a clever scoop by them was getting Minecraft.