Assassin’s Creed 4 to evolve on the PS4 and Xbox 720

The popularity surrounding Assassin’s Creed 3 and the franchise in general has given us cause to contemplate what could be expected on the next generation consoles for Assassin’s Creed 4. The recently released hit Ubisoft title has seen some great improvements to the series, and we are interested how they can build upon this successful title with their next installment, which will no doubt be on the next-gen consoles.

There have been suggestions there will probably be a spin-off or semi-sequel revolving around the current game’s timeline, but we are intrigued how this franchise will evolve on the so called PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720. In an article on CVG, they wonder what could be in store for the series once the next gen consoles make an appearance and questions are asked what we would like to see in a proper Assassin’s Creed sequel. Scripted missions may need looking into, as a spine of this would be ideal to push the story, but more imagination and enthralling assassinations are expected.

Games like Dishonored and Hitman have been mentioned as the player is presented with a target, but how you take them out is a more imaginative process. Additionally, larger cities would be advantageous for free roam discovery and a deeper customization is also discussed, along with better side missions and less collectables. One of the main requests is a longer development giving the developers chance to obtain feedback from gamers and produce an epic encounter.

Some suggestions have come in the form of locations and there is a large majority of gamers that would like to see an old London setting, AC3 has probably opened up doors for more naval battles for other wars of the past. The Napoleonic times and Paris during the French Revolution are also decent ideas. With France and England featuring highly as recommendations, some have also thrown China into the mix as well as the expectation of stealthier missions.

Unleash The Fanboy continue the locations debate and a list popular settings including Egypt and India have been documented including a modern day setting, but personally Victorian London sounds like my favorite with Revolutionary France coming a close second, although a stretch between the two countries would also open up both environments, even though this would really expand the scale. The London streets sound like the ideal playground and the Victorian era could be the best possible choice, adding a creepier darker tone to the series and the buildings would be decent vantage points.

When it comes to our anticipation about the next gen capabilities our recent post highlights how the PS4 hardware could be dictated by the Xbox 720, as there are reasons to believe that the initial 4GB of memory that has been reported, will probably end up as 8GB, and this could be defined by what Microsoft’s next console is donning. This is just speculation at the moment with added rumors suggesting the PlayStation 4 will sell for the equivalent of 400 to 500 Euros, so an initial loss is expected. Returning to the original source, what would you like to see in Assassin’s Creed 4? Alternatively, does the setting of Victorian London seem like the best location to you?

  • Iceycold

    sooo that’s not news at all; just idle speculation. You’ve no proof AC IV is even next-gen bound!

  • Jared Sbrocco

    If it was in Victorian England they could have stuff about the childworkforce and maybe the templars having to do with it as well as the expansion of the british empire. They could also have Jack the Ripper as an assassin who went crazy.

  • Dwight

    I strongly disagree with pushing the series further into the future. The 1700’s is as far as I think it should go. I would be into france or london, just earlier, between 1000-1600.